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  1. Thanks a million! Support welcome and ass-kicking graciously accepted. Looking forward to getting my can in gear and making some serious training progress rather than contentedly skipping along tra-la-la.
  2. Greetings fellow Scoutlings, I am a brand new newbie to this site, as in, yes, I just joined today. Since I have a competitive streak a mile wide and an overachiever streak 3 miles wide (why settle for 1), I have decided to not only jump from the frying pan into the fire, but to leap from said fire and extinguish myself in a boiling pot of water. My goals for this 4 week challenge shall read thusly: 1. Fitness: I have a marathon training plan. I am in week two of the said plan. I will stick with said plan. Every run, every REST DAY!!!! (I fail epically when it co
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