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  1. I use Habitica for just about everything, and lately, I've found that I'm just checking everything off without doing any of the things I said I would. I guess that's why I've been so unproductive the past two days. So today, my only focus was redefining what it is that I want to do. And with that, I created fewer tasks, and put more of what I want to do in the mix. "I also broke stuff like 'study' down into a checklist, so that I can focus on one step at a time. Currently my focuses are cleaning and studying.
  2. Sorry it's been a day or two, guys. Honestly, I didn't get that much done yesterday or today, but I'm trying again tomorrow. I'm just worn out and burnt out with work, so tomorrow will be a better day.
  3. codex213

    And I'm Off!

    Thanks! Age of Pandora does take quite a bit! It's honestly a bit intimidating, but that's part of what makes it desirable for me....so that I can say I have conquered it.
  4. Okay, so looking over my plan for today, it got changed a little. I got an introductory email from my Sociology professor, so that put school at the forefront of my mind again. I did accomplish quite a bit, though. I know it's early, but let's face it: I'm not going to get a whole lot done at 2AM. Here's what went down today: Went to church Cleaning routine Laundry Work Here's what tomorrow looks like: Study for two hours Cleaning routine Workout (AoP ch. 2) Work at 4 When I do my daily review later, I may add more to it.
  5. So, it's a little later than usual (I kind of forgot about this thread for a minute), BUT today was super productive! Here's what I got accomplished: Completed my study plan (I have chapter 1 notes ready 10 days before school starts!) Did my cleaning routine with my fiancée Took a shower (sometimes with depression and anxiety, it's the little wins) Walked the puppy Got a haircut Hung out with a friend Here's what I would have done differently: Stayed more on task with the study schedule I would have liked to do some meal planning, but I can d
  6. This is Luna! Sorry for the bad picture quality...she is notoriously hard to take pictures of.
  7. I always have a list of what I need, but have never thought about a list of things to stay away from! I'll have to try that, since we end up going off list more than we probably should. I'm looking into meal planning, because I work such erratic hours that I almost have to cook well in advance. I currently have 4 days of rest, just because it is so new to me still. And it totally is a great sensation!
  8. It is now day 2. My legs are screaming at me, but I'm almost relishing it. It means that I'm achieving something. Today got off to a rocky start (I woke up later than intended), but there is still hope for it. I will be doing laundry, getting my hair cut, studying, and possibly grocery shopping. We got the puppy a new harness, so the walk should be easier. I will check back in at the end of the day.
  9. codex213

    And I'm Off!

    Yeah! Day 1 was pretty intense for someone who went from never working out to doing that Sent from my SM-J320V using Tapatalk
  10. codex213

    And I'm Off!

    I actually have my daily Battle Plan here, but if you want to bug me here too, that works for me. More accountability is welcome
  11. Hi! What days are you planning on working out? So far, I'm planning to start with Monday, Wednesday, and Friday workout sessions, with today being my first (because if I can workout on Friday, surely I can make it through a Monday!). I am still a newbie at meditation, too, so that may be good for both of us, just to check in with how our sessions are going. I am perfectly okay with online pestering!
  12. So, the first day of battle is finished. A quick recap: I was going to do a lot of things, like beginning my workout routine, committing to and starting a cleaning schedule, hammer out and use a study schedule, walk the dog, and go grocery shopping. I didn't do too terribly bad, either. Here's what I accomplished: Chapter 1 of Age of Pandora workout (all 5 sets. My legs hate me.) Commit to a cleaning schedule (but did not start on it. Delegated it to tomorrow instead) Hammer out and use a study schedule (chunking my time really helped with this, and I was able t
  13. Today, I will: Begin Age of Pandora workout (link here) Commit to a cleaning schedule (and start on it) Hammer out a study schedule Begin using said study schedule Walk the dog Go grocery shopping (and buy healthy things) I will check back in after work to let you all know how my first day went!
  14. Hey! So this will probably be a little different from everyone else's Battle Plan, because it works best for me if I tell you what I'm going to do and then check in later to see if I actually did it. I also go in early (and get off early), so my post won't be until later, when I have had time to accomplish everything (hopefully) on my daily Battle Plan. And let me just say, too, that it won't be strictly fitness and food tracking, either. I like general accountability, so there will be other things in here as well. With that said, let's go!
  15. Hello! I am looking for a fitness partner, either online or in my area. I am looking mainly to do bodyweight exercises, but I am also a complete newbie at working out. I would also like to start doing yoga and meditating, so if you're up for the challenge, we could be great sidekicks!
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