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  1. Small, really small accomplishment but I managed to have one soda today plus I got in a good 10 minutes doing beginner yoga! I already feel a little better and more energetic! I can't wait till I make this a regular thing! 

  2. So since I'm new and this is my first time getting really serious about loosing weight and just feeling more energized and healthy every day, I have decided to set small goals for this 4 week challenge. I know they are pretty small compared to some of everyone else's but It's a huge step for me in the right direction. 1: Cut soda. I find myself constantly reaching for soda when water is definitely the best option. By the end of these four weeks I aim to have soda consumption under control and be drinking way more water. 2: Do Yoga for half an hour every day. Since I honestly haven't worked out seriously ever in my life I am going to start small. My goal is at the end of these weeks to be comfortable doing half and hour every day and moving up to hopefully an hour a day. 3: Set aside meditation time. I have a very busy college life and it makes me super stressed about everything plus I'm long distancing a relationship while I'm at college. I am out of every and reach for carbs or sugars to boost my energy. My goal is that the meditation helps me organize my thoughts and help me just relax. If anyone has tips on how to meditate well I am definitely open to suggestions! Small goals, but the overall one of this week is to stick with what I said I would do and really start to make a change.
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