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  1. Looks like you have a very meal focused goals wanna become my meal buddie? i'm searching someone to share my meals with, cause i often exagerate with portions. Also i discovered that the best way to not drink calories is to avoid completely juices, cola and all that stuff You can't drink it if you don't buy it
  2. I feel motivated when i wake up that early and i feel that i'm ahead of everyone thank you for supporting me! 29/02/2018 Day 2 ok. i'm very short on time cause here is almost 12pm, and i need to wake up at 04:50 tomorrow. Today was a good day, i eaten 4 very good meals but i ate some bisquits as well. For the creativity part i played with my little sister and we made a drawing Also i went to the gym, not an impressive workout but there is a saying "The only bad workout is the one who didn't happened" so i feel pretty good. Unfortunately the girl wasn't there
  3. 28/02/2018 Day 1 Woke up at 5:05 am but i wasn't planning on getting up early today. But tomorrow i will wake up at 4.59AM As for the physical activity i have actually done nothing today, but with the extra work is pretty difficult to work out after 20 hours of activity. My nutrition was poor today, i also ate lots of fruit, not really thinking about what i was going to eat. But i got some creativity today started a new book called "FUTURE" which i will read for 15 minutes before going to bed, since i heard that reading a novel is the best thing to do before bedtime.
  4. I'm back and ready to nuke! So guys, i joined the rebellion one year ago but i have never managed to complete more than one challenge. I'm here again trying to improve my life, which is pretty depressing and sad, as it pains me to admit. Something quick about me : i'm a 23 years old male that lived the childhood like an hermit, and there i think the majority of my problems are born. I have made a tremendous amount of progress in these years, going from a hermit to someone who is considered to be the crazyhead of my workplace for my entusiasm and good madness. However i seem to
  5. Good luck man, 600 lbs are a lot. Start with simple things like walking, then you might try running for short periods of time it will be worth the effort!
  6. Some time ago i completed a challenge on this forum. After that month i had some kind of crash / motiovation problems and i went back ,doing almost no progress at all. I like this community, and i like the idea of having mates for my challenges since my family doesn't really support me and my "friends" make fun of me when i try to improve my life. I'm unhappy and i need to challenge myself because boredom is the worst feeling that someone can experience ( i'm trying to find a purpose in life, many attempts were made but i'm still searching ) so i will partecipate to this forum a lot, sinc
  7. What do you mean by design? Because i'm trying to learn how to draw, it would be coll see some ideas
  8. 14/06/2017 1) 4:55 am done! tomorrow aiming for 4:50 am 2) 15m of running and a fast chest workout. I'm ill so i can say this is a good result
  9. Many good intentions and ideas and a very poor realization. I have made this topic something like 2 weeks ago and i still haven't done nothing....well...let's do it! LEEEEEEROOOOOOOYYYYY JEEEEEEENKIIIIINSSS [1] Get up early : 11:05 pm, i have to wake up at 5 am. I don't have the strenght to write something cool and good looking right now so i will keep it simple : wake up at 4:55 am. I have already done this kind of challenge with success, but then suddenly o dropped like 1-2 months ago. The lesson : Everyone need a reason and a goal otherwise you will fail on the
  10. Hello everyone! I had a very bad time in this period but i'm still here, trying to improve and to learn. As many have said: "Not failure, feedback!". 11:05 pm right now in italy, i have to wake up not later than 5:00 am so i will just set my tomorrow goal at 04:30 am and i will upgrade this topic later ( tomorrow ) Good luck to everyone who is reading this
  11. This wasn't definetly a good challenge
  12. made my day <3 DAY 4 : Thursday 23/03/2017 1] House of the rising sun : i'm writting this at 05:06 am, i find much easier to use the forum in the morning. Cooked some lentis, woke up at 04:20, nothing special happened [2] Clean Eating : 2 healty meals, i can feel the difference in my energy levels during the day [3] Power overwhelming : i need to change this in something easier,there is no way i can accomplish this goal [4] Running around the world : 33m of running, is becoming easier [5] Everyone can cook : so,
  13. your goals with the family are great, i'm trying to spend more time with my little sister too
  14. DAY 3 : Wednesday 22/03/2017 1] House of the rising sun : still struggling with my morning routine, maybe i should makea clear agenda on what to do [2] Clean Eating : 2 healty meals, not bad but i need to eat better or all this cardio won't have any effect [3] Power overwhelming : damn, i barelly have the time to sleep, i still thinking of how stick this in my routine [4] Running around the world : the same infernal monday workout, but it was easier [5] Everyone can cook : decided to spend time with my little sister instead of
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