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  1. Hey Unix, I've just been viewing your progress spread sheet. Nice work on keeping those weeks green! Also, I admire that you're tracking your expenses. I hate looking at finances. You can do this! We both started around the same time, and I hope we both stick around a long time to see each other transform into our best selves. Stay strong!

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    2. Kratos


      I do. I don't use it much though. My discord is the same as here: thealienthing

    3. Unix


      if you don't use it there is no point 😧 its just that i am making a server for better decision making and i wanted you to join :D 

    4. Kratos


      Oh I got no problems with discord. If I have a reason (like communicating with NF pals), I'll be checking in all the time. I never check online old school forums like these any more, except for NF because I like it here a lot! Send me an invite and I'll hop on!


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