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  1. kidschala

    K's First Challenge...In a While

    Thank you for the link and the congrats! Crunching my numbers, the site shows a BMR of 1812, with suggested "cutting" calories of 1675, figured for a sedentary lifestyle (which is what I pretty much have — desk job, lots of sitting hobbies, etc.). I'm eating somewhere between 1600 and 2000 calories every day, generally in the 1800 calorie range, and burning between 2100 and 3000, depending on my activity level for the day. I'm not feeling faint, hungry, or deprived (I also don't have a list of off-limits foods or anything like that), so that's a good thing, but I worry that that could suggest metabolic sluggishness. I'm also not hitting the macro counts I'd like, but I'm trying not to change everything all at once. I also haven't decided on a guild for the next challenge. I'm not entirely sure what my goals will be just yet. I'm starting strength training again next week, so at least one of my goals will have to do with that, I'm sure, which could put me in ranger, monk, or warrior, I guess?
  2. kidschala

    K's First Challenge...In a While

    Ack, so sorry to be so late responding to this. Life got in the way, in a big way. My base calorie intake is 1290, plus whatever I burn off in exercise. I started tracking food intake when the challenge began, but it was a bit lower (around 1200 or 1230, I can't remember which) for the first week or so. I think I was getting ahead of myself in terms of weight loss, because I'm down 7.6 lbs as of May 13. However, having my metabolism slow down due to undereating was a legitimate concern (and still is). I've been trying to eat the 1290 + exercise + ~100 calories every day, just to make sure it doesn't slow down. I'm also trying to work out earlier in the day, as opposed to 10 PM, to try to get all the afterburn effects I can. The total lack of rest day planning was a failure on my part. I've had to take several total rest days over the last few weeks, simply because I felt like my body was about to give out. Moving into next week and the start of the next challenge, I'm going to be more lenient about incorporating rest into my workout schedule. Thanks so much for this thoughtful response! I'm sorry I didn't get to it sooner.
  3. Greetings and salutations, This isn't my first challenge, but it is the first one I've made in a while, so I'm labelling myself as a newb and a filthy casual this go-round. I'm a recent returner to NF (there's some about me at the bottom here, if you're interested), and I'm looking forward to getting back on track with my fitness journey. All encouragement is appreciated! Cheers! — K. MAIN QUEST: to build a sustainable habit of healthful activities that will assist me in reaching my longterm goal of ~100 lb weight loss, better cardiovascular health, eventual Ranger membership SIDE QUESTS: Get at least 30 active minutes in every day Days Achieved: 21/28 Days Failed: 4/28 Drink at least 3L of water every day Days Achieved: 20/28 Days Failed: 5/28 Log food in MyFitnessPal every day Days Achieved: 22/28 Days Failed: 3/28 Finish up my last semester of grad school ACHIEVED ADDITIONAL INFO: I'm not setting up any hard weight loss goals for this challenge, but I do want to track myself and stay accountable. HW: 237.2 CW: 228.8 (13 May) GW: 135 I'll add measurements on 4-week challenge #2! For more info, check out my NF character: