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  1. Hahahaha, yeah, let's call it BuJo better. I googled it; it's funny because it's basically what I was doing without knowing what it was. But now I have some tips on how to improve it. Thanks!!
  2. Hahaha. Everybody hates the Lannisters but Jamie and Tyrion are one of my favourite characters. And, dammit, Cercei too, I love villains. Yeah, I was thinking of starting the challenge straight away but I'm still unsure about some goals, so Week 0 is perfect for testing. May I ask what is a Bujo? Never heard of that.
  3. Thanks for your responses, guys. I'm not even sure if I have a character page and don't know how to check. I'm keeping track the old fashioned way: I keep a journal with a colour code (that's why my goals have colours assigned) and I write my XP there too. Should I get a character page too? I'll take this week as a transition week between my current challenge and my past one. I'll still try to accomplish my first challenge's goals and some of my new one but without tracking. I'm still trying to work out what works for me and what doesn't, and I thought a pressure-free week might be
  4. I'll be following your challenge. I'm battling with anxiety and depression too and I know how that feels. I had the same problem with my SO, she's incredibly supporting but sometimes my anxiety was just too much and didn't know how to act to cheer me up and that made me both sad and mad with her without a reason. Since I started here, in my September challenge, I'm feeling much much better. I hope I can support you during your challenge, it looks pretty solid to me. A nice schedule full of activities but with some time to rest is really necessary for people that are in a situation
  5. Uhh, sorry I haven't seen this before. I just finished my first challenge today successfully (check old challenges 1 on my signature). I'm quite happy, feeling much better although I still struggle some days with my anxiety, but this is definitely helping a lot. I have a new challenge, but I guess you already know because I've seen you commenting it. See you around!
  6. Nice goals, I like the idea of 15 minutes of study a day. How do you make the most of your 15 minutes? When I was studying it was really hard for me to study for short periods of time, I needed at least 45-60 minutes just to focus on what I was doing and not getting distracted, and then I could study for hours as long as I didn't take any break. I know is not the best way to do it, and any tip would be helpful. I think I'll start studying something for my next challenge -language? history?-, I miss it sometimes. If you have any doubt about Spanish, you can ask me.
  7. That's exactly what I'm trying to do. I'm battling with a minor depression-anxiety and this 3 are equally important to feel better.
  8. My challenge comes to an end today. I thought it was going to be a bit more difficult to follow, as even though my goals were not that hard I had 6 separate goals to follow (and to remember to follow). I'm more aware now of what I need, what makes me feel better and what I have to improve for my next challenge. I braced myself for this coming winter, and now everybody is going to hear me roar. So, here we go for the last time: 1) START RUNNING: I ran only twice this week. I was supposed to run today but I try to accommodate my schedule so I can run with my partner at least once a w
  9. Hello everybody! My last (and first!) challenge was a success and I want to keep leveling up my life this way. I am still not sure about my goals for my next challenge, I'll edit this post later, but I think I will keep some of my last challenge's goals and try new ones. I liked how my challenge worked, with fixed goals that give me XP depending on how I perform and I want to stick to that. This challenge allows me to get a max of 100 XP (25 every week), and I though it would be funny to add some bonus stages to collect extra XP. Here are my goals: 1) A LANNISTER ALWAYS
  10. I was recently thinking about writing a bucket list with things to achieve before I turn 30, i.e. in 3 years, then I discovered this forum that gave me the inspiration I needed. Fitness quests - Be able to run 5K - Finish the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge - Run a 5K race - Run a 10K race - Run a half-marathon - Start Roller Derby lessons Travel quests - Visit Japan - Visit Edinburgh - Visit Lake District - Visit somewhere where you can see the Milky Way Life quests - Get my Bachelor's Degree (completed
  11. Week 3 finished!! 1) START RUNNING: I ran 4 times this week! It's hard to put on my running clothes and go out when it's raining and cold but the feeling after that is sooooo good. I made a habit of going out for a run, stretching using a full body stretching video I found on YouTube that works for me and do some meditation before heading to the shower. Total points this week (3/4): 10 XP (running 3 times). 2) FRESH AIR: Just as last week, I went out every day of the week. Compared to 3-4 straight days staying at home and doing NOTHING, this feels much better.
  12. I hope you smashed your run. =D I haven't signed up for a race yet, because it's my first time running (well, I tried it a few years ago but wasn't motivated) and I have never been able to run for more than 8 minutes. My plan is to join one of the ParkRuns they do every Saturday in a nearby park in a few weeks and run 5k every other week there. It's not an 'official race' but it's a good training, I think, and it will help me with my anxiety too. If it goes alright my goal is to train and run for a charity in one of the 10K Great Runs in the UK.
  13. Hello! I've been vegetarian for 11 years now, while I was still in high-school. I wanted to become a vegetarian since I was a kid but my mum wouldn't let me until I turned 16, as she thought at that age I was old enough to choose. It was a piece of cake for me because I really never liked meat that much and I always hated fish, although my mum tried to trick me the first months by slipping some chopped meat into her meals and trying to convince me that it wasn't. Mums... Anyway, my reasons when I was a kid were I loved animals and I couldn't imagine why we needed to kill them to
  14. Hello! I just saw this post. ´How are you doing with C25K? Did you make it? I started C25K program four weeks ago. I've never ran in my life, I tried a few years ago but I lacked the motivation and a good planning so I dropped after a couple of weeks. Right now I am more motivated than ever and I think I am doing well. My partner started running too with C25K but she found the approach not motivational enough and couldn't improve with it, so she switched to Zombies Run 5K training and she's really enjoying it. I think the success in a specific program depends on your motivation
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