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  1. Fortunately, I'm aiming more for 'fit' than 'ripped', and seeing enough progress to keep myself motivated. You're right about the secondary areas of improvement, though. The desk workout's still going well, and the co-workers don't even bat an eye at it, which is nice. I'm thinking of trying your suggestion about mixing it up, if only because I'm racking up some serious fatigue with so much activity and so little recovery between. My seated posture definitely sucks; I hunch unconsciously due to my monitors being on desk-level and my body being that of a rather tall, lanky bastard. I may track down a few reams of printer paper today to give them a bit of lift. And proper form for lifting, always. I actually find myself enjoying picking them when I know I'm doing everything right. That alone's a fair workout, most days. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement, @Raincloak!
  2. Time for another quasi-semi-annualish respawn. I've got a trip coming up in July that I'm, well...not looking to get into shape for, precisely. More accurately, I'm looking to use it as a motivation for general, overall improvement of myself. Or, rather, my Self. The trip's to the beach, and I'd like to transition from this (admittedly studly) skinny-fat dadbod into something I'd be comfortable with exposing. I went back to the Rebel Fitness Guide's Basic Training for a couple of days, but haven't been able to prioritize workouts at home. I've two toddlers to take care of, a novel I'm working on, a guitar I'm trying to learn, and housework to all keep up on. Coupled with nights that are guaranteed to be interrupted at least twice by insomniac half-pints, it doesn't really make for a convenient workout environment. So, I've been making due at work. Every half hour, it's twenty squats, ten push-ups, and ten dips, with the occasional plank thrown in. I'll also do a bit of yoga at the desk, to discourage muscle stiffness and soreness, though that's only been for the last couple of days. I've also incorporated a bit of intermittent fasting and a commitment to better eating overall. My meals are almost always meat and vegetables, with the only indulgence being a bit of milk in my coffee. I've cut alcohol (almost) entirely out, and have done fairly well resisting even a bite of dessert at most family shindigs. Things are good, but things could be better. I'm not sure if my desk workout is as optimal as it could be. It doesn't really allow for a warm-up or cool-down, and it seems that it may be too frequent. It doesn't leave me terribly sore or anything (though that tenth push-up can sometimes be a real effort), but I'm not sure if it allows time enough for recovery. Additionally, I've a tightness in my lower back that I'd like to incorporate something to help with. So...advice and suggestions? Food, movement, motivation, anything really is welcome. Thanks.
  3. Hey, Rebels! Need some advice with this one. My mum recently remarried a great guy in terrible shape, who's working his tail off to fix pretty much everything at all in his old farmhouse all by himself. Due to an accident he had some years ago, his back is in a bad way, to such a degree that most days he doesn't even want to get out of bed. Now, I'm aware that just staying in bed all day will only make things worse for him, and that the best way to improve his situation is with a bit of physical therapy of some sort. Likely starting with some low-impact, simple work. But hell if I know what to truly recommend. This seems like the kind of situation that someone with a bit more experience and education than I have should handle. So...any routines or particular exercises anyone would suggest I send his way? He's moderately overweight (more comfortable than necessarily obese), nearing his 60's, and, like I said before, a great guy. I'd like to help him out before all of this starts to put a strain on his relationship with my mum. Thanks a bunch, and have a great night!
  4. While I hate re-posting collections that feel like overhyped clickbait (lookin' at you, BuzzFeed!), AND hate the inevitable backlash that comes from pretty much anything I do on any online community/message board ever (yep, one of THOSE days), I came across this and thought this would be a good place to not only share it, but to disseminate and discuss the points and suggestions made throughout it. Because what is the internet for, if not arguing with folks that you actually kind of agree with? http://pulptastic.com/24-must-see-diagrams-will-make-eating-healthy-super-easy/
  5. But guyyyyy~yyyyys! I'm TIRED! Seriously. Like all the time. Between a two year old, an eight month old, an hour commute each way to and from work, and time to pretty much make a (usually healthy) supper before crashing from pure exhaustion, I have no idea how to make the time to focus on getting into better shape. And just like the Ice Climbers (wait...what do you mean they're not in the new one!?), doing this on my own isn't even an option. I've gotta bring the missus with me. And that's a good thing. So...how do we do this? Getting up earlier is barely an option, when we get such horrible sleep each night that mornings are positively Romero-esque with all the shambling and the moaning and the crying. And that's just me! But enough with the excuses, and enough with even the legit reasons. I WANT to do this. We both do. But how the hell do you fit an hour's worth of decent working out (warm ups, cool downs, all that safety stuff) into ten spare minutes? Are there options for...micro-workouts? "I've got ten minutes here, I can do some kind of exercise that'll be beneficial in small doses, since a real workout is out of the question"? Hell. I'll fight me some boars.
  6. Well, it....'worked'. With the best of intentions, the Powers that Be cleaned the cookies and baked goods from the kitchen and replaced them with protein bars, trail mix, fruit snacks, and grain crackers. Is it Paleo? Heh...no. Is it an improvement? Yeah, I think so. It's not perfect by most standards, but that they did something at all was pretty awesome, at least in my book. Hopefully it'll start to encourage better habits in the folks that need them, and reinforce them in the folks that already do. Any more updates, I'll be sure to give them. Thanks for the help, everyone.
  7. Those look amazing. I'm going to have to do some shopping on my lunch break today, I think. See if I can track down some awesome mini-party platters.
  8. You had me at 'savoury', Guzzi. Doesn't mean I wouldn't like a ballpark figure, though.
  9. Good calls all around, and thank you, everyone. It's looking like we're a bit more strapped for funds than we'd expected to be with this; not quite everyone's on board, and we've gotta keep the cookie and Coke crowd happy too, it seems. Disappointing, but not impossible. I like the egg ideas, Derek, but nope...haven't seen Hot Tub Time Machine. Can't explain how a classic like that one slipped past me~! But between needing the right hardware for that, those ingredients can tend to add up a bit quickly, too. Especially when dealing with folks used to eating handfuls of cookies per snack. We partly want to introduce this stuff gradually, but also emphasize portion control and responsibility...though those should probably be more personal decisions than workplace peer pressure, I suppose. Guzzi, how much do selection boxes like those tend to go for? They sounds pretty awesome, and we've got a couple higher-end grocery stores around here we may be able to take advantage of. So far we've wound up with rice cakes and Wheat Thins in place of the cookies today, which is a nice start. Not perfect, but nice, and a good transition, all things considered, I think. Again, everyone, thank you for all the suggestions so far, and if any more come to mind, please don't hesitate to share them!
  10. We've got a fridge, yeah. So that's all good. And while I (and a couple others) would like to stick with Paleo, we're good accommodating others, rather than taking away options, so anything that is somewhere between "healthy" and "not unhealthy" would be great.
  11. Hey, Nerds! Or...Rebels. Semantics. Rebellious Nerds. I need some help from a few folks with more ranks in Craft: Food and Knowledge: Nutrition than I have. I'm no slouch myself, but I'm kind of stumped here. I work at a small but pretty swell IT place that likes to treat their workers really well, and we've always got good coffee and tasty snacks on hand. Yeah. Tasty snacks. That always bodes well. 'Well' in the form of bottomless cookies and other junk food, but a platter of fruit like bananas and apples, too. I recently managed to get a hold of one of those hard-boiled egg makers, and those actually turn out pretty awesome. So there's that. But fruit and the same tasting eggs every day won't be for everyone, and I'm pushing to make a difference that people are actually excited about, and have even recruited a few like-minded fellows and fillies to help me out. But good intentions will only get you so far. The workplace will be more than likely to help finance this movement, so if anyone's got any suggestions or past examples that have worked out well, I'd love to hear them and will appreciate the hell out of any help sent our way. Thanks a bunch, Rebel Nerds. Keep fighting the good fight.
  12. Thanks for the help so far, everyone. I'm definitely doing what I can to help around the house much more than "my half", especially considering the bulk of my day is, in fact, watching the kid while I job hunt. Starting the new job on Thursday is going to throw like four different monkey wrenches into the routine. But maybe that's a good thing. Definitely down for walks, and I'd love to do swimming. We don't really have any public pools in the area, and even with the neighbors, she's too self-conscious for her own good, I'm afraid. Huntress, was that $16 per class, or for like a series of so many in a week/month? That'd be nice, but it'd definitely add up quickly. Though much less quickly once I'm also bringing in a paycheck. Good thinking moving the thread, Loren. Still working on navigating the "new" layout. A lot changes in two years. Maybe I'll look into getting us into some class here or there together, and work on some pregnancy yoga or belly dancing. Lord knows I could stand to firm up my recent paunch a bit, too! And again, thanks to everyone for everything so far.
  13. Man...I haven't been here in a very long time. But hey! Here I am again for the none of you that remember me! Anyway, the missus and I got some surprising news lately in that she's pregant again. With our other baby only just now hitting nine months, it was a lot sooner than we planned on, but...hooray! And stuff. One of the big kickers, though, is that she wanted to focus on getting into better shape before we wound up in this position again. She's wanted to for a long time. I've wanted her to, too, if I'm being honest. Not for the same reasons she does, but because I want to see her happier, healthier, and as convinced of her awesomeness as I am. So, Rebels...what can I do to help an out-of-shape mother-to-be that works a job she comes home exhausted from that wants to want to get herself into better shape? Anything she does I want to be right there alongside her for, supporting and encouraging her, and anything at all would be better than the nothing at all we're doing. Our diet isn't terrible, with me generally steering us away from junk food and toward good food, but with her having an allergy to eggs and our income not exactly being stellar (though I'm starting a new job soon), straight-up Paleo isn't really an option at this point. I'm actually not too worried about the food, though, as much as I am the lack of movement. We've gotta get started, gotta get going, and gotta get improving. So...does anyone who knows their stuff know where she should start things off and where she should go with them? Any help at all would be.....helpful. Thanks for reading!
  14. Bonjour, Meg! Je m'appelle Guilliame. Mon francais est tres mal, mais mon englaise est fantastique! Thanks for the support, guys. I just updated info on our Squad page, but I've hit a few speedbumps - namely not being able to workout for the next few weeks under doctor's orders. Ugh. Guess it'll be some more mandolin practice for me.
  15. Hey, Squad. The Prodigal Rebel here. Things have been rough for me the past few days. On the bright side, I've got my orders. March 29th I'll be shipping out to Basic Training. Excited and apprehensive, but looking forward to Uncle Sam beating me into shape. The downside though is that I had a biopsy on Friday and currently have stitches in my back and orders to take it easy the next few weeks. Ugh...so much for training for Basic. I've really gotta push myself to improve my running ability, and now I'm under orders to do nothing at all. It'll give me time to focus on Bard Training, I suppose, and I've slacked on that plenty, so I guess it boils down to perspective and motivation. Sorry you guys haven't seen me much. I'll be back as soon as possible to make it up as often as I can.
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