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  1. So... I'm not sure what to do about this. Saying that I'm feeling uncomfortable and unwelcome participating in the challenge at this point is sort of an understatement. There are a lot of reasons for that, but I'm not going to go into them because (a) it wouldn't help, and ( I've about reached my tolerance for the kind of reaction that's been going around. Either way, I'm calling a time-out on this and turning my attention to my own lifting and health goals for a while. If a challenge comes up that requires participation from everyone with a thread, let me know and I'll revisit where I am an
  2. "Negative Nancys", really? I completely support attempts to move things back in a positive and inclusive direction. Here's an idea: let's start by laying off the name-calling.
  3. Ow, I feel like I've been hit by a truck. Moving 8K of weight not counting bodyweight work plus five hours of not-great sleep is a bad combination. I may have to kill my upstairs neighbors. At least the pain in my shoulder is back down to "O hai, heavy weights" instead of "Alert: Snapping Shit Up is imminent." I have a lot of complaints to make about my form and the amount of weight I can do in sets. I may start a battle log so I can make them somewhere less transient. Ha, so far I've wound up squatting every gym day anyway. Just empty-bar squats as a warm-up, but still. That mental tra
  4. >.> I didn't even think to look for a sticker or something. I'll check again when I go in this weekend and update my results. Thanks! I swear that's one of my biggest gym issues. I rage at myself every time I pull something or miss a lift, and every time, as soon as it heals I'm right back to going "Surely one whole minute is long enough between my work sets, jeez."
  5. I have told you what the specific issue is twice now. With extensive quotes from your post to demonstrate. Let me say it more explicitly: calling people who are struggling excuse-making quitters who are just giving up and don't want to challenge themselves is not encouraging. At all. Unless, that is, you have the strange idea that "encouraging" and "shaming" are synonyms. In fact, it is, yes, hostile and accusatory. And no, the "But I didn't mean you!" argument doesn't make it okay here either. And now I'm done with this. I should have known better than to engage with it in the first pl
  6. Well, hey, we agree on something. I don't come here to be told that I'm giving up and making excuses not to push myself when I try to explain to someone how math works, or - god forbid - demonstrate an actual understanding of where my limitations are, including the fact that no matter how hard I push myself, I will never reach average in a guild where people move over ten thousand pounds per workout. Especially when in the last round I actually did push myself harder than I should have, for this specific reason, and I was one of about four or five people that I know of who did that and wound
  7. Well, let's see. Yeah, I don't know how I misinterpreted that. My bad.
  8. ...Yes, that must be it. It's just us being losers who are giving up and not wanting to challenge ourselves. Sorry, I could be more articulate there. I think I just had a little whiplash from the abrupt transition from "We are all valued centipede parts!" to ad hominem attacks about what an excuse-making quitter I am. That certainly sounds like I'm welcome, you're absolutely right.
  9. The problem is that you're arguing social inclusiveness and Sanjh is arguing hard mathematical realities. The means would be higher if people like Sanjh and me, who can't lift very much, sat out the competition and let people who can move 20,000 pounds in one session take the field by themselves. Trying to argue against that is basically the same as trying to argue against gravity - it's just how things work whether you want it to be or not. Now, you could argue that it's beside the point. But then you run into the whole thing where you're trying to argue that the average score doesn't matt
  10. Okay, this is stupid, but I don't know how to log leg press weight. Is it just the weight of the plates or are you supposed to take the sled into account like you do with the bar? Edit: counting just the weight, my weight moved for tonight is 8440. This completely unprecedented (for me) number was brought to you by the leg press, the stupendous number of empty-bar squats and good-mornings I did, and the kettlebell I swung around after I got home and realized that my dips didn't count toward the total. I tweaked my stupid shoulder again, too. One day I will learn that just because the weight
  11. She said the denominator this time was the number of people participating, though, not the number of people in the guild.
  12. I wondered about kettlebells too. And leg presses. Even I could probably move a reasonable amount of weight on the leg press
  13. I'm glad now that Deadlift Day is toward the end of the week.
  14. Okay, but... just like how you eat is none of their business, how they eat is none of yours. Just saying.
  15. I got mine today. It is awesome. AWESOME.
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