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  1. I shall wander the interwebs until the universe guides me back here...
  2. Challenge Wrap-up These were the goals: Be strong enough to punch a Cyberdemon in the beanbag: I want to start pushing the intensity a little bit more than I have been. I'm getting a bit complacent with the lower intensity/higher volumes. So I want to make a concious effort to do something harder) at least once per week (and it's ok if it's on a safe assistance exercise if that's what it takes). +1 STR / week. +1 STR for any PR/rep PR. Look as good good as the Pinkies: The pink pig demons are pretty fucking ugly, but there ARE built like brick shithouses. Ag
  3. My recent go to for information is the Barbell Medicine crew. Smart guys and no bullshit. Both dudes have 600lbs+ squats and deads at 200lbs-ish bodyweight. Similar approach to Greg Nuckols for training stuffs. With a bit of googling, you should be able to track down thier beginner and intermediate programs (these prgrams are not PL specific... just strength specific - lots of OHP and rows in addition to the usual).
  4. Week 4 - Sat Beating the hell out of demons: Reverse band Bench (+20kg at lockout): singles up to 110kg (RPE 8), 115kg (RPE 9), a triple at 105kg (PR... I only did this set for the PR), 4 x 5's at 90kg. This is first full ROM heavy benching I've done in months - so felt a little weak... BUT no shoulder pain. Seated Rows, Incline DB bench, upright rows, hammer curls and rope pushdowns. Steps: Fri: 13K Today: as of 1pm I'm at 8K Out thinking the Spidermind: Just have a long wait now for results. Found out to
  5. This is excellent. It took me 3 years of lifting to do reps at my bodyweight... and another 4 to get to 1.3 x bodyweight.
  6. You're not alone. My trick is alcohol and carbs (unfortunately, that also answers the question of "How do I lose weight?")...
  7. Week 4 - Fri Beating the hell out of demons: Block Pulls: singles to 180kg. 4 x 5's at 140kg. Felt good. SSB Box squats: 6 x 5's at 100kg. Also felt good. Leg Press: 6's up to 200kg. Back extensions x many. Steps: Thur: nearly 11K Fri: as of 3 pm I'm at 9K Out thinking the Spidermind: Just have a long wait now for results. Found out today that results come out on July 4th. Other stuffs: Been doing a shitload of gardening and general maintenance work... all the shit I didn'
  8. I just finished pacing around during lifting breaks. Great day of lifting AND close to 5K steps...
  9. Eh... it's the usual shit of some stuff going well and the rest being incredibly irritating...
  10. I will look into it. I WAS just using the fitbit to see what my daily movement looked like, but it quickly became 'get 10K steps or else'. Naturally competitive I guess. Last night saw me doing laps of the backyard in the TV ad breaks...
  11. Week 4 - Mon Wed Beating the hell out of demons: Floor Press: singles up to 120kg (RPE 8) and 125kg (RPE 9) - my 1RM is 130kg so I'm pretty sure that PR will fall by the end of the cycle. Also 5's at 100kg. Pendlay Row + 10kg chains (for shits and giggles): 5 triples at 90kg + chains. Push Press: 3 x 5 at 60kg - nice and conservative, but no shoulder pain so that's nice. Pullups, pushdowns and cable curls. I've started tracking my steps again via fitbit. Got over 10K on Monday and went for a litle walk yesterday morning and was at 9K by 9am -
  12. Week 4 - Mon Beating the hell out of demons: New mesocycle time! Squats: looks like the adductor tweak last week is already pretty much healed, back to squatting 95kg for 5's. Sumo DL: single at 160kg, 5 triples at 130kg. Leg Press and back extensions. Also did some cardio today AND didn't eat like an asshole. Out thinking the Spidermind: Just have a long wait now for results. Scorecard: Punch the cyberdemon in the nuggets: 4/5 +5 STR for PRs. Look as good as the pig dem
  13. Week 3 - Sat Beating the hell out of demons: Bench with Swiss bar: singles up to 115kg, triples at 95kg Pendlay Row: 5's up to 100kg (PR!) Bench vs 10kg bands: 8's at 905kg + 10kg bands Bench dips and curls Out thinking the Spidermind: Just have a long wait now for results. Scorecard: Punch the cyberdemon in the nuggets: 4/5 +5 STR for PRs. Look as good as the pig demon: 0/5 (I gained a bit of weight during my exam period) Talk to the Imps: 0/5 (Nope) Outhink the spidermin
  14. Looks pretty solid. Try and keep the bar a little closer - once it moves past the knee, literally maintain contact and drag it up your leg. You also look a little uncontrolled at lockout, put all the power into the first 80% of the lift and then glide to a controlled lockout. You're pretty much 90% of the way there.
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