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  1. Blocky does Secret Agent things!

    Fri 15th Dec, Week Four, Day Five Training: Morning Stuff: Things were done... I think it was cycling and some back extensions and some other stuff... no abs though because stupid brain is stupid and I forgot. Lifting: Straight(er) Leg Deadlifts: I've never tried doing this as a heavy movement, but it went ok. Triples at 140, 145 and 150kg. Comp Squats: 3 x 5 at 107.5kg. Short conditioning thing with Comp Deadlifts and burpees. Assistance: Leg Press and back extensions Food: Hit a new low bodyweight of 93.8kg Sat 16th Dec, Week Four, Day Six Training: Morning Stuff: Ugh... weekend... lots of chores were done to get ready for xmas. Lifting: Comp Bench: 1 single at 110kg, then 6 x 5 @ 82kg. Speed Bench + 18kg chains: 9 triples with 66kg + chains superset with Pendlay Rows: 9 triples with ascending weights between 60kg and finishing at 95kg. Wanted to triple 100kg but ran out of gas (and the 95's were dodgy). Shitloads of tricep and bicep stuff Food: Did pretty well over the weekend... no real splurges... Random Stuff: I didn't think of any cool spy tricks to do... so failed that goal... Use all the Gadgets: 16/20 +1 PR Secret Agent Workouts: 20/35 Secret Agent Food: Supps 8/35, Fatloss 0/1... Read Spy Manual: 4/5 Do spy stuff: 3/5
  2. Blocky does Secret Agent things!

    I've just discovered this... we recently bought some pure stevia and it does have a bit of an aftertaste...but its not terrible and the lack of additives should help with ketoing.
  3. Miss Marissa just do it

    +1 for rucking... I would potentially lean towards a lighter pack and a faster walking pace to build CV endurance - find the sweet spot where you get a bit huffy and puffy but a pace you can maintain... When I ruck with a heavier pack, it turns into more of a strength/endurance thing. This is also a good reminder that I need to start doing this again...
  4. Blocky does Secret Agent things!

    Thanks... it's good and bad... I'm happy to be less fat but a little unhappy with my lifting. I think I'm going to sit at this bodyweight for a while and try and pack on some more muscle. Once my lifts start going up again, I'll cut a bit of extra fat.
  5. Blocky does Secret Agent things!

    I quite like tea... but it doesn't give me the boost I'm looking for.. Coconut cream and heavy cream are both fabulous in coffee though and make it tolerable.
  6. Blocky does Secret Agent things!

    Wed 13th Dec, Week Four, Day Three Training: Morning Stuff: 20 min: Leg pressing No cardio today due to time pressures 20 min: Mobility (mostly shoulder and low back) and situps Lifting: Today was very much a day of: "New bodyweight... who dis..." Bench vs chains: singles at 110kg and 112.5kg (+ 10kg chains) - 5kg under my PR... just didn't feel like I had the bottom position right, likely due to lack of fatness. Comp Bench: 6 sets of 5 at 80kg - these are going up 2kg per session and going to get much harder. Pullups with green band: 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... 36 total. A bunch of hypertrophy stuff: OHP, facepulls and rear delt work Food: Better today... starting to add in some protein shakes around my training sessions... weight loss is starting to interfere with gains and that is not the plan, planning to stay at 94kg for a while and just try to swap out some fat for muscle. Random Stuff: Use all the Gadgets: 14/20 +1 PR Secret Agent Workouts: 20/35 Secret Agent Food: Supps 8/35, Fatloss 0/1... I've pretty much given up tracking this one... Read Spy Manual: 3/5 Do spy stuff: 3/5
  7. Blocky does Secret Agent things!

    I cannot do this... I hate the taste of coffee so much that for most of my adult life, I took caffeine in pill form... it just so happens that my caffeine pills had a glucose base and I can't use them on keto. I have compromised with coffee + 1 pack of stevia + shit loads of heavy cream. Stupid marketing is stupid (and full of lies apparently)... the inulin is also fine for keto from what I've read. The guys over at recommend counting each 5 grams of (the keto friendly) artificial sweetener as 1 gram of pure sugar if you're tracking keto macros.
  8. Blocky does Secret Agent things!

    I've been relying on the sweeteners while going keto, so I can have coffee that doesn't taste like crap... or chew on some gum instead of carby snacks. Gonna have to find a work around
  9. I have watched and rewatched all of my sci-fi things over the last year, so I'm moving on to something different for a change. Even though it's terrible, I'm going to watch my way through Burn Notice and then move on to Blacklist when I'm done. So.... secret agent things.... Goals: Use all the gadgets! In my warrior context, this means all the gym toys... single ply suit on heavy days, knee wraps, all the weird barbells. I'm aiming for 16/20 sessions, relying on the gadgets to push myself to new limits: +1 STR Also keeping track of PR's (there will be less this challenge as I'm working on variations that I don't have recorded maxes for. All the Pr's will be coming from assistance work. +1 STR for every 4 PR's Work out like a secret agent! Every TV show and movie invariably shows the secret agents doing a bunch of calisthenics and abs... so I'm stepping up my ab game, aiming at 4 times a week. I'd like to get to 20/35 days: +1 CON Eat like a secret agent! Continue Keto-ing and drop some more body fat: +1 CHA Track my supplements (I'm a little all over the place with all the various things at the moment0). Aiming to track everything at least 50% of the time or 18/35 days: + 1 WIS Read the spycraft manual! Keep learning about all the keto things. Read/Listen/Watch one new thing per week keto related: +1 INT Do cool spy stuff! Making this one up as I go along, but using this as a DEX goal and try some new things, like hand balancing, jumping, rolling and other random dexterous things. 1 per week: + 1DEX