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  1. Tue 19 Feb Foodishness: Too many snacks today. Weight was 100.9 Inching slowly closer... Liftiness: Extra Workout - rowing - A lot of Pendlay Rows (about 12 sets) with 10 kettlebell swings between sets. - Seated rows: 8's at 55kg. - Mobility stuff Other Things: - Lost a lot of time to study today. On link led to 2, then those 2 to 4 and before you know it, I'd done an exponential amount of reading for chemistry. Turns out, I'm not good at it, nor very familiar with it (I did mostly trig and physics at school... and that was 22 years ago). Damn... 5 hours of study all up. Back to the campus tomorrow to exchange valuable money for annoyingly expensive textbooks. But I do get to wear a lab coat... so... yay? ___________________________________________________________________________  ___________________________________________________________________________ SCORE Fatness: Start: 103.5kg Current: 100.9kg Goal: 100kg Points: 5 Lifting: PRs: 1 Rep PRs: 0 Points: 1
  2. Mon 18 Feb Foodishness: Missed brekky but had a decent steak and salad for lunch... not sure what dinner is yet... probably left over roast pork. Weight was 101.2kg today. Liftiness: Max Effort Lower - Deadlift from 1 Block (approx 1.5"): Had a great day... top single at 185kg (up 15kg from last week and roughly 92% of max). Feels good to pick up something heavy. - Front Squats: 5's up to 80kg - last week I managed 3's at 70kg... so this was an increase in weight AND reps. - Deadlift from 1 Block (approx 1.5"): A bit of volume work, 3's up to 3 at 150kg. - Leg Press and Back extensions. Both heavier than last week. Adductor feels ok... I feel like I'm maybe past the worst of it. I definitely got more volume and more speed out of it today. Other Things: - Visited my university today. It's nice... Just over an hours drive... but the free carpark is about 1km away from the main bit (and I refuse to pay for parking). So I'll be adding about 6km walking to my weekly fitness regimen. I only have to go in 2-3 days per week (apparently a lot of it is online now, which is nice). - Having said all that, there is also a national park across the road from the carpark, so I may get a bit of hiking in - I have a 3 hour gap in between classes on tuesdays and nothing else to do. ___________________________________________________________________________  ___________________________________________________________________________ SCORE Fatness: Start: 103.5kg Current: 101.2kg Goal: 100kg Points: 4 Lifting: PRs: 1 Rep PRs: 0 Points: 1
  3. Blocky

    Farflight wants

    This is true. Muscle damage is one of the 3 factors that influence hypertrophy (along with mechanical stress and metabolic stress). If you take away one of those components, then the body has less reason to make the muscle bigger or stronger. You see some people take this to extremes, like the bulgarian WL team (this is a bit of a stab in the dark... it may be a different WL team) who use heat therapy instead of ice after hard training to exagerate the adaptation response. AFAIK you have to take a lot of ibuprofen (and fairly continuously) to really damp down the hypertrophy response. So intermittent use should be ok...
  4. Blocky

    Harriet's Year of Transformation: Act V

    That sounds about right... good job
  5. I'm attempting a bachelor of nutrition with the goal of switching to dietetics after the first year (because of boring reasons)... Also... Ron is the man
  6. Sat 16 Feb Foodishness: A bit hit and miss today... no bad food, but more snacking than actual meals. Liftiness: Repetition Effort Upper - Bench vs 12kg bands: 1 heavyish rep at 110kg + bands, then 4 sets of 8 at 80kg + bands. - Push Pr: 5's up to 60kg. - DB Bench: 30kg DBs x 10, 9, 8. - DB OHP: 12.5kg DBs for 10, 10, 10 (I was supposed to use the 20kg DBs, but sholder was a bit trashed from the benching). - Lateral raises, rear raise for assistance. Other Things: - I've got my oritentation for university next week. Only have to go in for 2 days. It's going to be a 75min drive each way which is a bit of a pain in the ass. Looks like I'll be listening to many podcasts. - Had a Russian lesson... My tutor has decided that I'm ready for advanced russian-ing... I'm not so sure... it was very difficult. ___________________________________________________________________________  ___________________________________________________________________________ SCORE Fatness: Start: 103.5kg Current: 101.5kg Goal: 100kg Points: 4 Lifting: PRs: 1 Rep PRs: 0 Points: 1
  7. Pfft... the military will deny it until they're blue in face... basically putting their fingers in the ears and singing loudly
  8. I work on the principle of making food stuff as easy as possible... I'm more likely to stick to something that's easy... Interestingly... my lifting has also become very simplified over the years... pretty much boils down to lift some weight, for some reps, for some sets....
  9. I worked on an airbase with Search 'n' Rescue... all the fire retardant foams are pretty bad... It's not like we haven't been trying... and all of Mrs Blocky's systems have checked out fine...
  10. It's still likely not to happen... apparently all the chemicals I was exposed to in the military have terrible side effects for reproduction...
  11. I refuse to track food... it's just too annoying. I eat a low carb, gluten free, paleo-ish diet... it works for me.
  12. Blocky

    Harriet's Year of Transformation: Act V

    Calling leg raises just an 'ab' exercise is a misnomer... getting the legs to horizontal is like 80% hip flexor... continuing to pull the knees up to the chest, changes the focus to more abs...
  13. Blocky

    Kwesadilo moves more than 3 feet at a time

    For visual learners, all the supple leopard stuff is on the youtoobs... search mobilitywod... theres like 400+ free videos...
  14. Thurs/Fri 14/15 Feb Foodishness: Still doing well... seems like the holiday has recharged my self control levels. Liftiness: Thurs: Just cardio and mobility stuff. 10 rounds of 20 kettleball swings and 2 min cycling. Fri: Repetition Effort Lower - DLs: 3's up to 160kg. Could have gone higher but this is still the most I've pulled from the floor with busted legs. Trying to stay conservative. - Box Squats: A very conservative 5 x 5 up to 105kg. Felt good. - Clean Pulls: 10 dubs at 65kg - trying to add some power movements back in to see how the adductor copes. Seems ok so far. - Leg Press: 120 reps at 120kg in sets of 25 and a set of 20. - Back extensions: 8's up to 20kg. - Also did some mobility work. Weight is down to 101.5... already lost 2kg. Other Things: - Did a lot of adulting... got the car serviced (turns out it needs a bunch of stuff, but nothing overly urgently... which is conveient as I don't have much money). - Had to provide a smaple of little aquatic Blockies for the fertility testing... but the only lab that does the testing was a 60 min drive away... very annoying. - Oddly enough, Even though I'm not tracking my Russian-ing this time around... I seem to be doing a lot more than the challenges where I WAS tracking. ___________________________________________________________________________  ___________________________________________________________________________ SCORE Fatness: Start: 103.5kg Current: 101.5kg Goal: 100kg Points: 4 Lifting: PRs: 1 Rep PRs: 0 Points: 1
  15. Blocky

    Harriet's Year of Transformation: Act V

    That's good news... you don't really hear about complicated issues arising from hip flexors. You are correct... it hurts... but you can actually do it on the couch, which is less painful... just push the back leg into the back of the couch and have your good leg on the floor... Hanging leg raises or similar woiuld be my go to for this: Flip that around... it's more likely that your abs are maybe less strong and unable to balance it out. The other reason you may have strained it is if you lean back too far at the top of your deadlift (ie: pushed your hips too far through).