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  1. (getting over a bout of bronchitis, will be back when it's cleared)
  2. "Constant vigilance!" Hogwarts Running Club, and it moves! The first week went fine, I worked on my feet, got all my points on Rising Heroes and checked in with my group on there. All ballet classes done but unfortunately one of the kids in another class there has spread their germs around so I'm tucked up reading the book with cold meds at the moment. Will see if i can shake it off by Wednesday, if not I'll be skipping at least one class this week while I get rid of it.
  3. Domestic rangering: shred the ever-growing mountain of paper that needs to go out the door, and sort out the socks to free some house-elves with the odd ones
  4. I joined Rising Heroes last week and have been sorted into Havik again I'll be working on gaining some points daily on there, as well as following: Battle the Rat King *cough* I mean the hacker I need to get back to Wednesday ballet classes as only having one Advanced class on a Saturday is getting me nowhere with learning this new stuff. The shadow organisation have been conspiring against me getting to that class since September so now I need to find a way to get past them (I'm now in a position to rearrange my shifts at work instead of those being set in stone). So the new plan is: Wednesday - Advanced Thursday - General class followed by Grade 8 Saturday - Advanced followed by pointe once my feet are up to it again 80%+ attendance and Nutcracker defeats the Rat King (Royal Ballet - Rat King from The Nutcracker) Check in with the flock Get in contact with my wing-squadron regularly to keep each other accountable and make sure that none of us end up just swanning around (English National Ballet - Swan Lake) Great Feet of Strength (or great strength of feet - still on theme, Men in Tights!) Daily work on feet so that I can both get the pointe shoes back on and get back to running as I've got a Mad-Eye Moody virtual 5k that isn't going to run itself. A combination of Kate Galliett's stuff and some ballet-specific exercises. Act 3 The final act, finish reading a book - yes, a whole one! I started reading The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson at the beginning of the month and I've set myself a Goodreads target of a book per month this year so that's the absolute minimum. I managed daily reading last month to make it a habit again so will be building on that and trying to speed up again.
  5. Pretty successful month for sticking to habits - I didn't miss any yoga and the only reading day missed was due to illness - I've made time today to sit down, start on a new book and read uninterrupted, and got through a whole chapter. Hit the last day of 25 for 25 yesterday, I think the gym at work reopens next week so that I can get back into a routine there.
  6. Week 3: Yoga: 7/7 25 for 25: 5/7, still on track to succeed, 20/24 so 5 to go by the end of the month Read: will be 7/7, annual reading of Terry Pratchett's will continue shortly
  7. Smashing it again last week even with a rotten cold. Yoga: 7/7, 19/19 for the month. 25 for 25: 6/7, missed a day for feeling ill, also took a rest day on day 1 of this 3rd week for recovery. I'm still on track with 16/19 for the month so far. Read: 6/7, missed the same day as above, as I crashed out early and fell asleep with the book on my face! I've made up for it since though.
  8. Week 1 summary Yoga Every Day: 7/7 25 for 25: 6/7 Read 7/7
  9. Rough day at work, ended up staying 3 hours past my shift. Got home, had dinner, 10 minutes of pigeon pose and now I'm off to bed with my book to carry on where I left off on my lunchtime page. No 25 minutes today but that's ok, back on it tomorrow.
  10. I'm taking part in a couple of challenges this month with the aim of consistency. Yoga Every Day - 10 minutes daily yoga/mobility work 25 for 25 - 25 minutes of activity for any 25 days in December, doesn't matter what, just move - including virtual dance parties in the Ravenclaw tower! http://bit.ly/2g0vP83 I've got a jumpstart on this as I'm 5/5 so far. If I do 30 minutes+ of yoga then it will count for both of the above. Also on the list, Make reading a habit again - at least a page per day, 5 days per week. Doesn't sound like much but if I can sit down and make time for a page then it likely won't end up being just 1. That's it this time, keeping it simple.
  11. Not bad for a first challenge I think, some successes to build on Mobility - daily Yes daily, significant improvement and intend to carry on with this. Strength - 2x Started well in week 1 and part of week 2 before messing up my toe, bodyweight at home for week 4. My gym closes for refurbishment at the end of next week so next challenge will be all bodyweight. Running - 2x Zombies 5k training started well, then toe met saucepan. Hogwarts Running Club - Fantastic Beasts 5k - done, Platform 9 3/4k - done at a walk, Prefect Prefect badge 2016 earned. Whovian Running Club - Gallifrey 10.011002k - no, carrying over to the next challenge. Food Cake was had when my friend visited from France, I also had 2 brownies. Though that isn't no cake, it's a significant improvement. Veggies - all the veggies, all the time - dinner = Mount Vegmore Life Minimalist Challenge - in hindsight I probably should have done this backwards and started with 28 things so that it got easier as time went on. Ran out of steam in the last week, some earlier days I got rid of far more than was due so overall it averages out. Conquering Mount To-Be-Read - Almost finished The Night Circus and Valour's Choice. Haven't started reading any more books simultanously but I did buy a couple. This needs adjusting for next time to make reading a habit again.
  12. Love it, following from Ravenclaw tower
  13. Did yoga class on Monday and today, skipping downward dog due to a squished toe not being happy. Yesterday was wrist and hand mobility.
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