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  1. hmm dont know much about the aussie army myself (Other than super sweet hats!! if that one guy i saw at a remembrance day parade was anything to go by) but from my general army experience, Army cooks are not the way to go if you have any respect for food ... Army food is low quality ingredients, made fast, cheap and with little regard to taste, edibility or visual looks. That and you usually work shift work, which sucks, and on deployment/field exercises, you are the first ones awake to make breakfast, do the cleaning etc, and last ones to sleep after the dinner rush and preperation for breakf
  2. Replying on my phone from the physio chair! Woot being electrocuted. Which forces are you wanting to join?, some have lower fitness requirements and basic is great at kicking your ass into better shape. The spartan races are great, they are partly just about finishing but Spartans are also timed. So you can push yourself and try and beat your old scores or other people. They can be tough but overall fun (unless you run through a blizzard like I had to at the sun peaks beast)
  3. Greetings Rebels I am a long time reader of NF subscriber to the NF Academy, although i subbed to the forums back in 2012, today is the first time i have posted anything. Forums and Social media arent really my thing usually. I am trying to change this a little because my personal weight loss is ...at a plateau, and i think being able to reach out to other people might be helpful. I am a full time member of the Canadian Armed forces, so one would think that as a soldier I should have a high degree of fitness, and in a manner of speaking thats not entirely incorrect, I can run, do some li
  4. Edmonton Alberta (currently) Rebel checking in here, I have been running several Spartan races that crop up here in Western Canada, always good to get together with fellow Rebels that are interested in doing the same kind of things!
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