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  1. Foam rolling is like the cheapest massage ever, and comes with some strength training when doing certain areas. So it's a double win. Last year I found I had extremely low vitamin D levels. It caused a lot of troubles and cost me a lot of money before I figured out what it was. I am definitely taking vitamins this winter to minimize the SAD.
  2. So awesome that you're here! All in all, I think you're doing great. You have good goals set for yourself, and I can't imagine the struggle that comes with your condition. So YAY for you! I am guessing you've probably tried what's out there of manual lymph draining, but walking - or moving in general helps, as do alternating hot/cold showers. So, turn your shower to cold when you lather your hair - warm when rinse - cold when soap - warm when rinse - cold at the end. Worth a try if it helps just a little.
  3. Finally caught up with your thread! You have a great set of goals going. So sorry to hear you're struggling though. Tight calves from running can be caused by a build up of trigger points. Ankle mobility exercises and foam rolling/massaging your calves might do the trick. The zombie app sounds like a lot of fun.:) I might look into that for the next challenge. Need to get outside a bit this winter to prevent the SAD from creeping in.
  4. Hi! Long time since you asked this. I hope you're still practicing. Did you manage to work past your distractions? This video explains the simplicity of meditations. Not saying it is easy to do, but it is saying what to do when distractions come. https://www.youtube.com/embed/XWqznu-1AVI
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    I'm starting a little late, but there's no time like now. So, here it goes..
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