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  1. Hey Officer003, I'm a dad in a similar position. You really can't start any wrong way. All the myths about complex workouts are really just for freak of nature people trying to get their 8-packs. But for the normal person with a normal life, the goal is fitness, not freakness*. So start really basic... like, do some lunges with no weights. Just make your goal to get your clothes sweaty. I find that after I start sweating, I'm like, "Well I better get as much exercise in as I can before I shower!" Then go do whatever activities you already know how to do that will make
  2. She's born! She's healthy! She's wonderful! And I've been doing some lifting. Really, and not just lifting my other two kids. Here's what I've been up to. I've got 2 dumbbells and a barbell. I don't even know how much they weigh exactly, but I'm using supersets with three sets of about 12. The lifts I am currently practicing are: Dumbells Curls (for the girls*...) Standing Tricep Extensions. One-legged "Good Mornings" (like I'm a pirate... arrrg!) Barbells Hang Cleans w/ shoulder press Dead Lifts Other Push ups So, any
  3. My third kid is due this week... another girl! I've been reading Nerd Fitness for a couple years. I'm still in my twenties, and as a dad I know that if I don't battle for my fitness now, it'll be a much more difficult uphill battle if I start later on in my 30s or 40s. I've got a pair of dumbbells, a barbell, and a swimming pool. Anybody else out there been in a similar situation and has seen success? I'm looking for like a group of fitness pin pals. I'm new to the boards, so you should know the nerdiest thing about me is probably my ocarina. I bought it earlier this y
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