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  1. Baring work saying no we must have u I'm in
  2. Lol I know the feeling ceasefire I lived in Montana til I was 13 then moved to Louisiana until I was 17 then went army and never ended up somewhere cold winter here drives me crazy
  3. Not to bad made chili drank smoothies are raw tomatos with salt because yummy
  4. I would be down for that heh although I don't usually get notifications as fast as I thought I would I'd be ok with u texting me if u wanted ?
  5. Did forty yesterday did 40 today 40 with proper form isn't bad for me it's just getting back in the swing of things
  6. I recommend stir fry u can stir fry almost anything
  7. I'd be all about a potluck ill bring some good Louisiana style chili
  8. New assassin looking for accountability and workout buddy around Minnesota
  9. Well i'm new here you can call me Doc my 4 week challenge is simple this month 1. 40 push ups a day consequentially no less then 20 at a time 2. Cut down on carbohydrates. (i am bad at this the potato chips are so yummy) 3. start running again (even if its just 1 block twice a week its better then nothing right?) 4. improve my flexibility via stretching
  10. hmm maybe not MPLS but somewhat closeby Litchfield,mn so i suppose an hour away but not to terribly far
  11. Greetings and salutations Fellow travelers! My name is Devon eh hemm I mean Doc. I am a mid 20s male. Former US Army. Sadly quite out of shape. well kinda of out of shape..... as in i can lift and carry anything i can still do pushups and pullups but I have gone from 165 lbs in the army to 250 lbs in the last 5 years. My goal is to cut down to around 190 to 210 and get back to the point where im not wheezing after running a mile. I was a medic now im a cook and a caregiver with dreams of travel and romance. But oh you want to hear about Doc, That most debonair of rogues? Well if you insist. Doc may have once been a soldier but no longer now he is a rogue for hire a bit of a fighter, an expert gambler, and masterful tactician. Doc is quick on his feet but is often overlooked because he tends to blend into the shadows with his dark leathers and soft boots. At home in forest or city Doc makes a wonderful companion who can cook a good meal as well as guard his companions. Doc gets along well with his companions but when it comes to a fight he tends to blend into the shadows until he is needed often sending a well worn dagger flying or throwing caltrops under the feet of his foes. He knows the score and at least three ways into anywhere and four ways out. In other words its a pleasure to make your acquaintance and i look forward to speaking with you all. I intend to be around awhile and hope that my meager workouts will help me and if i need help with them i can look to you all for support
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