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  1. 10.09.2016 @ 9am Weight: 179lbs Chest: 45in Waist: 34in Hips: 44in :0 oh my i gained a pound! but i lost an inch at my waist and hips... so thats gotta be good right? Today i am going to do workouts for 2b. Inch worm looks fun i had never done something like that before!!!
  2. 10.08.2016 @ 9am Weight: 178lbs Chest: 45in Waist: 34in Hips: 45in Last night I was hospitalized. I had fainted from lots of bloodloss from a very long menstrual. Almost a month! Anyways, they determined that I had a hormonal imbalance and was put on the pill. I'm happy the bleeding has stopped but a lil worried that the pill will make it harder to lose weight... on the pro side I can have the sexy time as much as I want without worrying about babies! On another note, todaywas rest day and my body, especially my arms are sore.
  3. 10.07.2016 @ 9am Weight: 178lbs (lost 42lbs since beg of weightloss journey from june 21) Chest: 45in Waist: 34in Hips: 45in Woke up a bit bloated but for the most part i feel great. 2 days ago I had a, idk what to call it.. breakdown? So, yesterday I was treated to a spending spree. And that melted my stress away lol.
  4. Hi, my name is Vri. My goal is to lose my prego weight... from 2 years ago (haha!) I want to go into alternative modeling and cosplaying, but sexy cosplaying. Most importantly just feel comfortable and look badass naked! Bumping uglies while cosplaying is like a fantasy for me. One I will achieve. Anyways, this log is a daily log. I will be posting... + weight in pounds + measurements in inches (chest, waist, and hips) + summary of my day My dreams will come true, and I will defeat my demons. Woo!
  5. Thank you! This place feels very safe and friendly so far. And i love the set up of posts and such. i feel very motivated XD
  6. But I need help. I honestly usually tend to be an introvert in the internet world and I'm not really experienced at forum and chatting in general. So, this is a huge step for me. Huge scary step. I feel like everyone is watching. But yea, as a person I'm very very proud and I don't like for others to know that I'm weak or that I didn't succeed in something. I like for people to think that everything comes naturally to me and that everything I do is a success so I hate for people to know that I fail. Anyways, lately, after having two babies, my body has gone to shit and I haven't been hap
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