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  1. Good to meet you! That's one of my goals this year is to start lifting too. I have my sandbag and love it. What gym are you thinking of joining?
  2. Hey peeps! I've just moved here this past week. I'd love to meet some fellow rebels and get more familiar with this city in general. So what's not to be missed by a new comer?
  3. Yesterday's workout was 1 hour of intense belly dance.
  4. Today's workout: 3 rounds 20 Reverse Lunges 28lbs 15 dips 20 Squats 28lbs 15 Burpees 20 Inverted Bodyweight Rows 10 Ninja Tuck Jumps (1 round only) 15 Superman Holds 30 sec each (2 rounds)
  5. I am doing pretty good with my portions and my desserts. I'm trying to remember that the weight will come off slowly but surely, despite how much I want it off right now. I don't care of its 10lbs or 100lbs, my weight has always been an issue for me. This is my Dragon to fight, that I will always have self love, no matter what size I am, or shape I'm in. Defeat is not an option, burpees are!
  6. Today was 22 min belly dancing with 15 min of that practicing my sword dance.
  7. Sept 19th Workout: 12 Minute Amrap 180 Burpees - 10 reps 5lbs Goblet Squat - 20 reps Side Hops - 20 reps Plank jacks w/ reptile knee - 10 reps I got in 3 rounds with 19 seconds to spare. +32 birthday burpees (missed them on the 18th) 9/21/14 workout - 20 minutes of belly dancing Today's workout: 5 Rounds 10 Reps each exercise Thrusters 28lbs Dips - had to use both feel to get good form, I'll do these more often Backward Lunge - 28lbs Inverted Bodyweight Rows Burpee - 3 rounds Straight Push ups - 2 rounds One Leg Bridge (5reps each leg) Took me 36min 17 sec
  8. Yesterday was 1 hour of belly dancing. Learned a new turn and killed my abs.
  9. 10 min HIIT, 30 seconds, no rest V ups a. 12 b. 9. c.9 d.8 e.8 Push Ups a. 9 b.7 c. 7 d. 5 e.8 Plank a. 30s b. 25s. c.30s. d. 30s. e. 25s Superman Scissor Kicks a. 22 b.25. c.22 d.20 e.21 6 minutes stretching
  10. This week is kicking my arse, but I am going to work out today!
  11. 12 min HIIT workout. 1. Jumping Jacks a. 46 b. 32 2. Sumo Squats a. 22 b. 22 3. High Knees a. 120 b. 60 4. Reverse Push ups a. 18 b. 10 5. Jump Squats a. 25 b. 20 6 Plank Jacks a. 20 b 14
  12. Yesterday's workout was 1 hour of moderate belly dance.
  13. Today's workout was a modified Dirty Thirty since I don't have the equipment and no one runs in the south this time of year. 30 Jump Squats 30 Inverted Body-weight Rows 30 Thrusters w/ 28lbs sandbag 30 Reverse Lunges w/ 28lbs sandbag 30 Superman scissor kicks 30 Glute Bridges 30 Burpees 100 Jumping Jacks
  14. Today's workout: 5 rounds, 10 reps each in 15 minutes. Assisted dips Assisted one leg squats Burpees Inverted bodyweight rows
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