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  1. Good to meet you! That's one of my goals this year is to start lifting too. I have my sandbag and love it. What gym are you thinking of joining?
  2. Hey peeps! I've just moved here this past week. I'd love to meet some fellow rebels and get more familiar with this city in general. So what's not to be missed by a new comer?
  3. Yesterday's workout was 1 hour of intense belly dance.
  4. Today's workout: 3 rounds 20 Reverse Lunges 28lbs 15 dips 20 Squats 28lbs 15 Burpees 20 Inverted Bodyweight Rows 10 Ninja Tuck Jumps (1 round only) 15 Superman Holds 30 sec each (2 rounds)
  5. I am doing pretty good with my portions and my desserts. I'm trying to remember that the weight will come off slowly but surely, despite how much I want it off right now. I don't care of its 10lbs or 100lbs, my weight has always been an issue for me. This is my Dragon to fight, that I will always have self love, no matter what size I am, or shape I'm in. Defeat is not an option, burpees are!
  6. Today was 22 min belly dancing with 15 min of that practicing my sword dance.
  7. Sept 19th Workout: 12 Minute Amrap 180 Burpees - 10 reps 5lbs Goblet Squat - 20 reps Side Hops - 20 reps Plank jacks w/ reptile knee - 10 reps I got in 3 rounds with 19 seconds to spare. +32 birthday burpees (missed them on the 18th) 9/21/14 workout - 20 minutes of belly dancing Today's workout: 5 Rounds 10 Reps each exercise Thrusters 28lbs Dips - had to use both feel to get good form, I'll do these more often Backward Lunge - 28lbs Inverted Bodyweight Rows Burpee - 3 rounds Straight Push ups - 2 rounds One Leg Bridge (5reps each leg) Took me 36min 17 sec
  8. Yesterday was 1 hour of belly dancing. Learned a new turn and killed my abs.
  9. 10 min HIIT, 30 seconds, no rest V ups a. 12 b. 9. c.9 d.8 e.8 Push Ups a. 9 b.7 c. 7 d. 5 e.8 Plank a. 30s b. 25s. c.30s. d. 30s. e. 25s Superman Scissor Kicks a. 22 b.25. c.22 d.20 e.21 6 minutes stretching
  10. This week is kicking my arse, but I am going to work out today!
  11. 12 min HIIT workout. 1. Jumping Jacks a. 46 b. 32 2. Sumo Squats a. 22 b. 22 3. High Knees a. 120 b. 60 4. Reverse Push ups a. 18 b. 10 5. Jump Squats a. 25 b. 20 6 Plank Jacks a. 20 b 14
  12. Yesterday's workout was 1 hour of moderate belly dance.
  13. Today's workout was a modified Dirty Thirty since I don't have the equipment and no one runs in the south this time of year. 30 Jump Squats 30 Inverted Body-weight Rows 30 Thrusters w/ 28lbs sandbag 30 Reverse Lunges w/ 28lbs sandbag 30 Superman scissor kicks 30 Glute Bridges 30 Burpees 100 Jumping Jacks
  14. Today's workout: 5 rounds, 10 reps each in 15 minutes. Assisted dips Assisted one leg squats Burpees Inverted bodyweight rows
  15. I've recently discovered (read: come to terms with) that I have gained back the majority of the weight I lost. My sidetracks included schoolwork + wedding planning + 40 hour week job. I'm unhappy about this weight gain and I need a solid plan to get back on track. I'm out of school for now, and the wedding has already happened; so this should be simple, like it was the first time since there's so much less to juggle. I'm going to workout 4x per week. I will only have one helping of dinner. If I have dessert it will consist of strawberries and 2 pieces of dark choclate. I will to eat more veggies than my husband and to help with this I will eat more sweet potatoes. (love sweet potatoes, and now that I'm thinking about them, I want one) My goal is to lose 11lbs by 11/01/14 or fit back into my jeans. Most people think this is really easy, but I'm short and when I gain weight it all goes on my belly and hips first, so my shape changes drastically with every 5lbs. I've got my workouts planned out for the next 3 weeks, so I'll keep posting them here and on my fitocracy. I need some form of accountability. Tomorrow will be a day where I wreck shop and sweat on the floor. Wish me luck.
  16. We totally should, because that thread would be awesome! One more belly dancer here! I'vebeen dancing aaround 3 years total. My goal is more mobility in my thoracic spine and mastering the sidewinder.
  17. I lovlove loveGreta and panache swimsuits. They're expensive, but are very sturdy and comfy. They come in bra sizes too, which I find very helpful!
  18. The main thing you're going to have to do is just try on lots of different styles of clothing. It's weird at first and a lot of it won't work, but if you view clothes shopping as "playing dress up" it gets easier and it removes the pressure. Once I stopped saying to myself, "I will buy some new clothes today, dammit!" it then was not a failure when I didn't find anything that I liked. It became, "These outfits are not worthy of my awesomeness. Moving on!"
  19. It's soooo much fun!!!! I did the warrior dash in TX and the hardest part for me was just the running. The obstacle that I found the most challenging was the high wall with the rope, but I'm scared of heights and I don't have the best upper body strength. I still was able to do it tho I would say just make sure you're used to running over rough terrain. I ran on more sharp pointy rocks than through actual mud. and yes like TheCrimsonFist said, bring an entire change of clothes and shoes with a bag for your muddy stuff. And maybe a towel you don't mind getting covered in mud.
  20. Sweet! I'm gonna get a GoRuck Thanks peeps!
  21. Question on the goruck bags, can they handle sandbag swings? I think that's what is tearing up my current bag
  22. First things first... The greatest love in the world is SELF LOVE. You've got to love yourself first and foremost. Bugger this nonsense. Just get that sentence out of your head as it's not helping you at all. This is why you're attracting creepers. They know that your self esteem is low and they'll go after that. Yeah it's a process and it won't happen overnight, but learning to love yourself is an awesome process If you want to change your style, take a trusted friend and explain to them you want their help clothes shopping. Realize you don't have to change everything all once. More form fitting clothes one day, and the next day, wear something you're used to wearing. Mascara one day, the next, no mascara.
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