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  1. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a sandbag? The last one I bought is now ripping. Which is kinda cool that I'm lifting more, but not cool that it's breaking already. I wanted to stay away from hard plastic handles, since I've accidently hit myself in the face with them a few times. Hand-eye coordination, I have none. I was thinking either Bruteforce sandbags or Rogue Fitness. Any opinions?
  2. If you use code Mmd50, the registration price is cut in half. My sad bank account won't let me make it rain. lol
  3. Is anyone her planning to do the mighty mud dash in November?
  4. Frog stretches are also really good after lots of squats. I will admit it looks dirty, but it really helps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_y5xss2Gmw He gives good tips on this one.
  5. Is there any way your MIL could take a cab to the hospital? Even if you contribute, it'll probably still save you money in the long run. And your sanity. My 92yo grandmother will take taxi's to go to her drs appts (or if she's feeling sassy, the subway), so it's not completely unheard of. I totally get that your husband is freaking out and avoiding everything since he's freaking out about his father's health; but you two should really have a calm conversation about how this situation is not good for long term and how his parents just up and taking over the house is not cool. I totally agree with the putting lots of stuff in storage. I'm guessing your FIL will need home care after he's released from the hospital and that shouldn't be put on you as well. Do they have to live with you? Is there a way they could move close by and have a home nurse for him?
  6. I am! Even tho I've been slacking I do want to keep it up.
  7. I do a lot of HIIT bodyweight style. I did a little crossfit and have really gotten the longer pyramid style workouts with weights. My plan is to do more weighted workouts since I really like deadlifting. A friend just showed me a video of 69 kettlebell exercises, which looked awesome and I plan to use my sandbag in place of the kettlebells since I don't have any and I'm cheap! Perhaps I'll be convinced that kettlebells is something I should invest in one day So is urban movement really that good? I've wanted to take classes with them (and almost did), but I had a weird reaction with one of the guys there so I've stayed away.
  8. For me, it was not hard at all. However, I spent a lot of time walking around in my new balance minimus before I started running/ jogging in them. I love those shoes so much. You will need to stretch it your feet and calf muscles religiously, and that helps with the transition. I'd say go for it bc it feels so much better all around. (I have really wide toes, so normal sneakers hurt me after a day off wear. The minimalist shoes have a much wider toe box) You also get more ground feel, so I think they'd be good for parkour as well.
  9. I'm good for training any day but Mondays and Sundays, around/after 530ish. The commute from med center to home takes me a while. Fridays would be way cool, since I have a tendency to slack that day. What kind of workouts are you into?
  10. the fear of electrocution makes me leary of the tough mudder! Does the Spartan race have any of that?
  11. Hey peeps! I'm in Houston too, spring branch! Is there room for one more for a meet up?
  12. If I get cat calls and I'm walking by them, I ignore them. If they decide to get close to me I begin causing a scene. I yell, curse and tell them I'm not who they are looking for. I've found when you cause a scene, they back off, as most of these guys don't want to actually deal with crazy.
  13. I'd only add one more thing about the push ups, it looks like you are sagging in the lower back, especially when you get tired. (I do the exact same thing) The same thing that I-Jo said for a plank will apply to your push up as well. Squeeze your glutes and abs.
  14. Hey peeps! is this still an open group? I'd love to join if it is :-)
  15. You need to be checking this out. Moving comfort because you won't find any good bras for only $20. I've bought the rebound racer and fiona bras and nothing has moved! For reference, I'm a 30E and I'm always jumping around. They have sales, nothing for $20.00 but I was able to score a bra for $27 on that website.
  16. Hey! I'm in H-town and would love a sidekick to work out with. I do mostly bodyweight stuff but I'm down for trying new things. Anyone else in Houston?
  17. And now getting off the couch and into my workout gear. That was awesome!
  18. I'd recommend getting waxed. I've had my armpits waxed and a bikini wax and the arms hurt more, but no so much that I never did it again. Go to a good salon to get waxed and they'll baby you the first time.
  19. This is what got me started on my current chickpea love. http://cheaphealthygood.blogspot.com/2009/10/beginners-guide-to-beans-plus-42-bean.html
  20. You should give The Omnivore's Dilemma a read. I learned alot about food and the raising of food. Sometimes it's a bit scary, the part on fast food was very unsettling, but it's really well written. I had to kiss my popeye's chicken goodbye after that. And I looooooved that chicken.
  21. My mother does this all the time. I told her I was able to do some pull ups and she asked why I would want to do such a thing, squatting is dangerous too! (earlier in my life she told me she didn't want to see me get fat like her and that I was headed that way. She also has sever knee problems from being sedentary and overweight, oy!) I'd say the next person that says, "I don't think that's a good idea." Ask them what they've done to improve their life. If they actually have an answer, ask how they would feel if you took a crap on their goals? I have found this works for me.
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