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  1. Anyone who gets treated by a vet instead of a doctor.
  2. I feel your pain about the weekends. One thing that helped me the most was that my hardest/most intense training sessions are on Saturdays. I need the fuel before and after so it helped me to look at food a little bit differently. Yes, I still pick my food to be as favoursome and indulgent as I can, but I need it to fuel me properly or all my training is for nothing. I still struggle when I cant be bothered cooking and feel like getting pizza delivered but I've worked way too fucking hard to fuck it all up (excuse the language but I have to be harsh on myself when it comes to food). Yes I still overindulge and screw up, but I'm getting better at it.
  3. So many this. Perfectly perfect your technique and delay using a belt for as long as possible. Honestly, unless your looking at squatting more than 125% of your bodyweight, fuggedaboudit.
  4. Shake the platform - by the barbell and me.
  5. Cheers. If it's not speed work, you're probably doing them wrong. lol
  6. It's my crack, I swear I'll stop so I can start 5/3/1, but there's something primal and inescapable about the violence and poetry in lifting the bar from the floor to overhead. I hate it, but I keep coming back.
  7. I have a love/hate relationship with TM. I hate it with a distinct and special part of my soul but I love the results. It also got me hooked on oly lifts. The oly lifts are the only thing stopping me from going to 5/3/1.
  8. So I'm new to the NF in general and sorta new to strength training with <1 year serious training. About this time last year I got sick of being fat and weak, so I decided to change that. It's been a messed up journey. I followed SL5x5 for about 3 months, then had to switch to a program for me to pass a fitness test (serving member) because I let myself get fat through laziness. Dropped to 92kg and passed. Had a 4 week holiday, stopped training (laziness is a recurring theme here) and got fat and weak again. Jan 2016 got back on track, started up SL5x5 and come March/April? got frustrated at failing on the way up from a Deadlift deload was at 112.5 x 5 failed at 115, deloaded to 100, worked up to 105 again and got stuck. A guy at the gym suggested I move to TM. I did and havent looked back since. About 3.5 months ago, I joined a few people from work on a 100day no sugar/bread challenge. Total progress this year: Bodyweight 103.5kg -> 87~88.5kg (173cm tall) and my PB's are in my sig. I've been pretty consistent and struggled to really think of a challenge. I have my annual fitness test coming up again and I'm dreading it (I'm a lot fitter now, but my confidence in it is lacking). My challenge: Aside from mandatory PT sessions (circuit) 2xweek, I'm going to do 2 extra sessions of cardio (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little). Oly complexes will not count. Rowing/walking/running/tabata will. 20 mins minimum for each session. I will keep to TM in the meantime and deload as neccessary and not let my ego force me into injury. I ask those that read this to keep me accountable. Edit: spelling
  9. The power oly lifts should help with pulling. Personally, I do 5x3 alternating on intensity day after 5RM squat, 5RM bench (i dropped OHP because i want to focus on bench) and 1RM Deadlift. My day 2 is just 2x5 80% paused squats, 3x5 80% bench, 1x3-5 paused(if possible) 80% Deadlift with 3 sets on chin ups and 5x10 GHR or hamstring curls(depending on how messed up i feel after DL). To help with the oly lifts either snatch/Clean pulls or high pulls at 3x3 after power variants would be beneficial.
  10. I accidently did 6 deadlifts at 167.5kgs on Tuesday. Because it's more than 5, it's cardio. I'm done with cardio for the rest of the month
  11. The DOMs, OMG the DOMs. I had a hip flexor strain so the physio said no squats - that lasted 2 months. Even though I was still deadlifting and doing power variants of the oly lifts my first volume day on squats 5x5 at 90kgs (down from 132.5 before injury) brought me back to when i first started lifting.
  12. Hey there, I'm new to this group but have been training and and off for over a year but started seriously this year. The blister is most likely there from the bar rotating in your hands Don't pop it. If you need to take some time off or tape it. I wouldn't recommend gloves. Would recommend either chalk, alternating grip or lifting straps. When I do a lot of pulling like snatch/clean complexes or pulls i just tape over the calluses for a couple of days because they feel raw AF.
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