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  1. The doc said the pain was normal because I used to seat all day at the office or at home and suddenly I started walking 4km a day. The pain is normal, but I never expected it to last more than a month. I'm gonna visit a new doctor this week if I can, to get a second opinion. Right now I just came back from vacations and i did not watch what I ate there. So I'll write about it in about two weeks or so. Now that I am home I started watching what I eat again. However, I did not walk during vacations because I wanted to give my feet a rest. They certainly lo hurt less but still hurt whenever I stand up! Thanks for the tip on the tape measurements!
  2. I already went to the he doc but I am starting to have second feelings about what he said, so I will do! For stretching I follow a short yoga video, so I will look on more of that. Thanks!
  3. I rest during weekends and afternoons. I only walk in the morning, the rest of the day I stretch or rest, maybe out my feel up to reduce swelling. I have been on vacations and not walking for a week and a bit more and they still kinda hurt. For example when I wake up or after a while of sitting down. Specially my talons.
  4. I am not, I tried and it only made the pain worse. I would do a very small exercise, rest a day or two, and try again. But I couldn't get through. I am 73kg now. My ideal weight is between 55 and 60kg aprox. My goal is whatever is lower than what I weight now haha (70 for now is a big win)
  5. I don't think the meds have that much to do to be honest. I probably got the name wrong, I'll fix it when I find the box. I'm away from home for some days and I brought the pills alone, sorry! My legs hurt as if I had an intense workout. It hurt to get up and walk. My feet were the same but just the.. Underpart? (sorry, I'm not an english native speaker). Whenever I got up they'd hurt. Going down the stairs took me twice as long. For walking I do one hour on the street, two on the park. I started wearing normal sneakers and then changed to running shoes. This helped a little bit. I hope this helps get a better idea :/
  6. I'll make this short. 1) I took walking as my main exercise. I started walking 4km a day. 2) I downloaded a calorie counter and tried to maintain my calories down to 1400 a day. Yet no weight loss nor strength or resistance improvements. Help! Notes on the points. 1) I took this because I started walking dogs. The walk is long and I walk at a normal pace. From the very start my legs and feet started hurting, and i figured I would get used to it. After three months of pain I went to the doctor, who said it was normal. After almost five months the pain persists, even if I stretch and put ice on my feet. I have not built any resistance either. I even have less energy each day. 2) This calorie intake is not completely healthy, but I keep away from sodas and most cookies or snacks. I now try my best to eat more fruit. 3) I am depressive, so I take meds for it. I used to take fluoxetin, now I take agomelanin. Aside from it I am a 100% healthy. I hope someone helps! This is driving me nuts and disencouraging me!
  7. Also sorry for the spelling mistakes, some are mine because I am not a native speaker, and some are of the silly autocorrect and phone tantrums.
  8. Let me start with saying that I have abandoned training for quite a while now. The reason is that I started walking dogs, and this has brought a lot of pain to my body. Small story here: I started walking the pooches because I needed the money. I quickly noticed that going from cero to walking 4km a day makes my body hurt. Non the less I thought this would take a while for my body to get used to, and in time I would be able to resume training and walk with more ease. It has been 4 months or so now, and my legs and feet hurt as they did the very first day. (I went to the doctor and he just laughed about it, saying I am just putting too much effort on my body all of a sudden. My feet are healthy and ok). Moving on to my weight, I was also expecting some lossI mean, one, two kg? but there was none. I started watching what I eat, drinking more water and less or no soda, avoiding snacks the best I could. But not even a gram was lost. What is worse, I seem to have less and less energy each day. I visited an endocrinologist and took tests and everything seems to be ok. At this point I'm assuming maybe I need more strength on my legs. I did some simple exercises at night, like 5 sit ups and a bit of yoga. Stretching helped a little bit but my legs were even worse the next day. I rested for a day with at and tried again with the same results. Tldr, I am making NO progress at all and I don't know why. I Know I am now playing strictly by the rules, so no big changes expected, but no changes at all? I'm clearly doing something wrong... And most people I ask laugh at me so yeah... Help? Thanks!
  9. I didn't know you could freeze eggs...do you heat it in the oven or the microwave? Eggs are my to go now for breakfast, and even if I try to prepare them each morning these would be awesome for when I am short on time
  10. Thanks, and thank you for all your help I am already trying my best to ignore sodas and sweet drinks, but I don't want to make the parting too hard.
  11. Also, are vegan ingredients helpful? Say, if I use vegan butter or cheese or...whatever.
  12. How about carrot cake or banana bread? (with low carb ingredients of course) or any other kind of...thing that ca be done as a whole and then eaten through the week?
  13. Thanks a lot. I will try eggs and vegetables. I do like veggies when they are mixed with something else About the coffee, I'll try it, in the meantime I guess I am stuck with milk :/
  14. Is it ok to eat eggs every day? how can I eat them? I usually make them sunny side up but that involves butter or oil. Maybe I should try scrambled? (I'll look that up), either way I am not sure about what should I eat. My brother went for sausages each morning but I am unsure about those too. I don't have any cholesterol problems, so that is not the issue. But I rather not have them in the near future.
  15. I am new to this, and I am trying hard to stick to being healthy this time. I am really tired of not feeling ok with who I see in the mirror or photos. So yeah. My first step is loosing enough weight to fit in my new magikarp leggins. They are XXL so it should be an easy milestone. I am currently 73 Kg, and 160cm tall. HOWEVER, and here comes the real problem, I have a diet issue. I don't like coffee and it makes my stomach hurt. Tea is not the thing I can drink every day, and it doesn't really fill me up (nor my stomach nor my heart), and milk....well, I can only take deslacotsed milk (which I can get in argentina, thank god) but I cannot take it without AT LEAST sweetener. So, I am kind of running out of options here on what to have at breakfast. As what comes on solid food...I only like bananas as a fruit. It has more to do with the fact that it is the only fruit that always tastes good here. I can't stand anything citric (hence I did not incude OJ u there. Plus OJ here has TONS of sugar in it). I am stuck with toast and diet cheese for now and I know it is not the best choice. Any ideas of what I can do? Heru
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