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  1. Finally have time for an update!! I succeeded in half of my goals, which considering how horrible my schedule has been is pretty good.
  2. My greatest weakness is the black teas and sugar. LOL It's like, "Mmmm... this would taste better with just a little more sugar..." and then all of the sudden BAM! You realize you sound like Winnie the Pooh. @livingroovy I get 20+ minutes of exercise everyday. My mom cooks all the meals at her house and I have to walk up a hill or starve. :| I usually get about 10 min of mobility in the morning (I like to stretch a lot). So I guess I'll just double the time. Didn't know that counted as exercise...
  3. Thanks everyone. @chanda well right now my worst weakness is ice cream and sugar in my tea. So far i've been ice cream free for a week and i've been cutting my sugar back for the past few days down to 1 -1 1/2 teaspoons in tea. Avoiding the apple pie (made with apples from our tree) that my mom keeps making is hard though. Normally I hate pie... but this seems to be a weakness this year. (still avoiding the crust though, so it's not a total loss?)
  4. Goals: [ ] - start back to weight lifting and yoga (moon/ sun salutations?) [DEX:2] [sTA:2] [ ] - cut back sugar (holidays are coming up O_o) [WIS:3] *halfway there! [x] - Strengthen injured back [sTR:3] [CON:1] [x] - Start using the stairs on campus [sTR:2][CHA:1][sTA:1] My injury a few challenges back has really been cruel. I still haven't recovered enough for ice skating this fall. So, i'm starting back at square one but with some adjustments. I probably won't be able to log on to take challenges this time around due to college (14 credits of evil), but i will be logging my exercise via fitocracy and i'm purchasing the NerdFitness guide. I'll try to update this thread as much as possible!
  5. So far so good on the challenge. I remember to meditate some days (gotta work on that), ribs apparently need another 6 weeks thanks to asthma all the coughing has slowed the healing. Walked about two miles today though, didn't risk the stairs yet. ...
  6. That's awesome! I'm getting back into fencing in a year hopefully, but stage combat sword fighting sound epic .
  7. So far every things ok, i'm going to start the stair challenge on fitocracy on the 18th. Still using ice packs and can't reach the floor yet without pain but i'm getting better. Also, walked at least a mile carrying heavy textbooks on friday. it wasn't fun, but i didn't die. lol...
  8. Thanks I spent two hours with an icepack yesterday but i feel better today. So true about trying to find time to meditate! I determined this time around though.
  9. Fitness: Light Exercise 3x a week.(STR)2 (STA)2 (DEX)1 Ok, so as you know i had to quit halfway through the last challenge because i bruised my ribs. They are still healing, so i’m hoping to start back with some very light exercise. Let Ribs heal. (CON) 3 (STR) 2 Life: wake up early & meditate. (WIS)3 (CHA)2 I’m starting back to college so I won’t have a lot of time at all. It’s like working a 50 hours a week on the job. So, my goal is to wake up early and meditate for five minutes. Bonus!Make sure i keep the sugar intake down. Strategy!! 5lbs. weight lifting until I get up to 100x per arm. Find other exercises that won’t hurt back and ribs . Walking, introduce some yoga etc. I plan on using a timer and keeping you guys updated for the wake up early & meditation. Plan on kicking butt next challenge and actually making a difference. I’ve already signed up for Tae Kwon Do this October, still working on getting the dates for Ice Skating lessons but it will start in late September. These ribs better heal up quick!
  10. Thanks, i'll be taking lessons in late September or early October.
  11. thanks. Unmedicated unfortunately, 4-6 weeks until it heals. Hopefully it will be a speedy recovery, classes start back in three 1/2 weeks.
  12. Injured. I bruised two ribs and my entire back, everything hurts.
  13. Haven't tried the singing yet It's been so hot i haven't felt like doing much of anything. But, i did try on the skates and they are the best fitting skates i've ever tried on. Unfortunately, the blades need sharpened and i'm not sure where to get that done. Stay cool! I cannot believe it's so hot! 111 yesterday here.
  14. lol just might have to try it.
  15. Great idea, i'll definitely put some music on
  16. Thanks, Exercise program is about every other day at the moment. I'm still doing a lot more exercise than i've ever done before i started these challenges though. I've been having to take care of my little brother, he's autistic and loves to trash the house so cleaning now seems to be an exercise lol Mostly i've been getting walking or cleaning in. I've also started working on that algebra for this fall as well.
  17. Lol, i'm a color junkie too. Thanks! Can't wait to try them out! There's a rink near campus i'm going to use this fall; it's indoors. Hopefully i'll have a few chances to break them in before that too; just have to see since it's an hours drive almost. Anyway, here's the pic! http://cl.ly/1R3N153W3C0E1Q1D0j09
  18. Skates arrive monday. and yesterday i went to the lantern festival so that's done off my list. Here's some photo's! http://f.cl.ly/items/0m3b031G3y0l243y0Q3R/100_3168.jpg http://f.cl.ly/items/26230g0q0I411J0J3S08/Untitled.jpg http://f.cl.ly/items/1T3y0u2S1p0q2q2Q1n3g/100_3170.jpg http://f.cl.ly/items/1F182O0x2b1V1n3R2i2v/100_3174.jpg P.S. The coins in the tree is the "wishing tree". You make a wish and tie it to the tree. I ended up buying a membership so i could go back and see the festival again. That's all i've done that's fun so far besides one bbq, but theres a lot of summer left.
  19. Skates are officially in the mail. Can't wait for them to arrive!
  20. Thanks, I'm just waiting for my gift certificate to be approved and then the skates will be shipped. So far i've only been able to stand in place on the ice but hopefully i'll get better. Youtube videos are all i've got right now until fall.
  21. Currently i'm working my way from being completely unfit to fit, it would be nice to loose at least down to my goal weight by the time i move next year. In the last 6 week challenge i said one of my goals was to hopefully buy a recurve bow and practice archery. Unfortunately that's going to have to wait a little while, until i can get the money for it. So, thanks to the recent sales of my old textbooks i'll be purchasing some ice skates and taking lessons this fall. Goals: Buy ice skates and practice skating, lessons this fall.[x] Continue exercise program [ ] Brush up on Algebra [x] Visit the Chinese Lantern Festival [x] I plan on completing these goals by working a chapter a day (except weekends) on algebra, exercising and logging it on fitocracy, gift card for skates and hopefully attending the Lantern festival within the next few weeks (i'll post pics) .
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