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  1. Weekend recap:



    -Yoga: done and done

    -TMJ: did stretches

    -MFP target: went over as predicted, but not but as much as I thought.

    -Take out with the boyfriend, which is within the rules



    -Yoga: No yoga, but I already did 6/7 days so hit the goal.

    -TMJ: did some stretches this morning and will do more later.

    -MFP target: met it, but only just.

    -No take out, since I'm all on my own.

  2. Its Friday GIF by DealPoint Merrill


    Happy Friday world! I'm very happy to sit back, relax, and laze about.


    But first, let's talk about the goals that I totally met today.


    -Yoga: done and done. Did a longer video than originally intended and felt it really helped.

    -TMJ: I did my stretches. I find doing things like moving from a warm shower to the cooler room aggravates it, but I'm not sure how to treat that.

    -MFP target: came in under target and did some grocery shopping today so that I am ready for the weekend/Monday

    -No take out. 


    I know I'll probably go over my MFP limit tomorrow because I'm going out to dinner and an arcade bar, but I am trying to be mindful of what I eat throughout the day--I don't want to under eat and binge later, but I don't want to go into things knowing I'll go over my MFP target and stuff my face throughout the day. I preplanned everything in MFP, which will hopefully help keep things reasonable.

  3. -Yoga: Did a lunch break workout and was surprised by how it made a difference to do it in the middle of the day. I don't know if I can do that on days when I don't have meetings in the afternoon, but it was a good way to break up the day.

    -TMJ: I really need to get better at not tensing my jaw throughout the day (case and point, I just untensed a jaw I didn't even realized was tensed), but I have been doing the stretches and find they help when I do them.

    -MFP target: I know I'm going to go over since it's a date night tonight, but I didn't binge or go into an "all or nothing" mentality where I would otherwise write off the day and over eat.

    -No take out. Went out to buy coffee and a few other things I needed, and didn't buy a coke or anything like I normally would.


    Hey, so tomorrow is Friday. That's pretty great. I'm looking forward to wrapping this week up.


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  4. Happy Wednesday everyone! Today felt pretty long and the weather can't seem to decide what it wants the deal to be, so we had some freezing rain going on. It was very grey, very blah, but I still managed to do all 4 of my goals.


    -Yoga--I just did a routine for headaches, which actually worked a little bit.

    -TMJ stretches: I did one round at lunch and will do more just after dinner. The massage therapist always says to take it easy the day after my session with her, so I haven't done it as intensely as I normally would.

    -MFP target--I am under target with two calories to spare.

    -No take out, I didn't even go outside today to be tempted to get any food or snacks or whatever. Nothing like stormy weather to make you hunker down and resist any temptations from the outside world.

  5. Well hello there, world. Today is day 2, so let's get started.


    -I did yoga over my lunch break and went for a bit of a walk this evening to get some steps in. 


    -I remembered to do my TMJ stretches at lunch and saw the massage therapist today. She gave me a useful tip about what to do if I catch myself clenching my jaw and how to work to train myself not to do that, so I will have to put that into practice (and get better at catching myself.)


    -I was under my MFP target, so... 👍


    -I nearly slipped up and bought a diet coke on the way home until I remembered my new definition for eating out, so I resisted and went right home after my walk. Feeling pretty good about myself and drinking mint tea instead.


    All four tasks completed. 


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  6. Hey fun fact I did that thing I did last time where I totally thought the challenge starts on the Monday and not the Sunday because time is meaningless and I've lost all control over my schedule. 


    ...also I saw the Batman yesterday and totally forgot about things until that night. 🦇


    So today is day one for me, and it wasn't exactly amazing...


    -I did do crow practice, so that's good. I've definitely been noticing the pose getting easier and easier. I can't get my feet off the ground yet, but getting myself into starting positions and being on my toes is getting much easier.


    -I added reminders into my phone for my various jaw stretches and massages. I am supposed to stretch out the joints two-three times per day, and massage the area once per week. I have arbitrarily made Monday massage day, so that went well.


    -I went way over my MFP target, which is a bit disappointing. It's actually a lot disappointing, because I was doing so well. Having my mom come in really threw off my routine, which is strange because I thought I was being relatively flexible, but maybe I need to work on that more than I thought. Anyways, stress eating always does me in and today was a lot. Incidentally, if there is anyone out there who keeps a lot of houseplants, if you could give me tips on how to not have a home filled with bugs every time I bring in a new plant, that would really uh...make me less stressed out. 😭


    -I think I may change my definitely of take out/eating out this time around to expand to getting drinks and snacks with others as well, just to help get myself back on track to eating better and saving some money. With this new definition, I didn't hit the goal today since I definitely grabbed some snacks for the aforementioned stress eating. It also doesn't help that all the snacks I want are chewy (popcorn, etc.) which makes my jaw even angrier with me.


    So day one wasn't amazing (though I guess 2/4 also isn't a disaster--it is literally half and half), but I have a decent feeling about tomorrow. I'm seeing my massage therapist for the first time in a few weeks, and I emailed my regular therapist to make an appointment, since it's been longer than I'd like to discuss various mental health things. Hopefully between those two things, I can work towards getting back on track after a week or so of slipping.





  7. On 3/26/2022 at 12:50 PM, Harriet said:

    Oooh, I love all things corvid. Such clever birds. But what is TMJ?

    It refers to the temporomandibular joint which is your jaw joints. I've always had issues with it, but I find lately due to teeth grinding and whatnot it's gotten a lot worse. My message therapist gave me a routine to do throughout the week, but I've only really been doing half of it because it's kind of a pain to take the time to do it every day. But obviously, that's how things  get better so...🤷‍♀️

  8. Grow Plant Growth GIF by tarninabarnanimation flying GIF by hoppipGrow Plant Growth GIF by ELMØ


    I'm actually really pleased with how things went last month, so I'm going to keep going with a few modifications.


    -Yoga will go from 5 days per week back up to 6. I definitely notice a difference if I go two days in a row without doing anything. Crow practice will still be on Mondays.

    -Maintaining good posture will be expanded to proper TMJ care. I've being seeing a physical therapist who gave me stretches and advice to do at various times throughout the week and I have to admit I haven't been amazing at keeping up the routine. So...getting more diligent with that. I'm going to program reminders into my calendar so that I really can't forget.


    So, in summery:

    -Yoga 6/7 days. Mondays are for crow practice.

    -Maintaining a proper TMJ routine.

    -Coming in at/under my MFP targets

    -Only enjoying restaurants/take out if I am with other people. 


    To be honest, the last week has been incredibly off. It always is whenever family comes to visit, so I need to get back into my normal routine.


    Let's do it.


    black and white dark GIF


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  9. In terms of wrapping things up here, I actually think this has been the most productive challenge yet, and I'll probably duplicate it for the next round...albeit with a few modifications. 


    Some things I've noticed:


    -I still can't do crow pose, but I have definitely noticed an improvement both in strength and flexibility. I want to maintain working on this once a week so that I can keep improving.

    -Posture is a weird and oddly difficult thing. I don't know if I can maintain what I was doing throughout the month, but I can  continue to work to improve it while also doing my TMJ stretches to keep working on making my jaw less painful.

    -I've lost weight at a slow and reasonable rate without feeling deprived. I'd like to keep this up since I am so close to my goal weight.

    -I'll keep this up as well. It gets easier and easier, but I fell off of it a bit because my mom came in, which always inspires some stress eating. I'd like to get back on track.


    All in all, I really felt this was the best challenge yet. Looking forward to 5 more weeks.

  10. Happy last day of the challenge! I'll probably post more thoughts/a wrap up of some kind once my mom leaves and I have more solo time to think on things more, but for now let's cover the last day:


    -Yoga: none, but I apparently walked 8400 steps so that's certainly not nothing. I'll try to sneak in a video tomorrow if I can.

    -Posture: was actually pretty good! Or at least, I caught and corrected myself when I slouched.

    -MFP target: went way over. My sister and her boyfriend cooked us dinner at their place, so there was a lot of food happening.

    -Take out: Went to a restaurant with family members, which is within the take out/restaurant rules of the challenge.

  11. Happy Friday! I am pretty excited to sleep in tomorrow if I'm being honest. Even though my mom is in town and that usually throws me off completely, I actually managed to stick to my goals today.


    -Yoga: did 15 minutes at lunch

    -Posture: Pretty decent, definitely caught myself and straightened my back up more

    -MFP target: came in below target

    -Didn't get takeout

  12. Yesterday was a very busy day, so I didn't check in then, so doubling up things today.



    -Yoga: Nope. Didn't have time, but I can make up for it during the weekend.

    -Posture: Was on my feet all day. I didn't really have a chance to think about it, to be honest. I wasn't literally hunched over at a desk, so I guess that's a win.

    -MFP target: Slightly over, but not by much

    -Take out: None



    -Yoga: Got in 15 minutes before my mom came in.

    -Posture: Pretty decent, managed to maintain it until later in the afternoon

    -MFP target: Came in under target

    -Take out: None. My mom didn't want take out, so I didn't get any either.


    And tomorrow is Friday! Yay!


    Celebrate Its Friday GIF by telenet

  13. Today sure was...a day. Actually, it wasn't so bad by the end of the day, but it was pretty rough this afternoon. I booked tomorrow off for appointments, errands, and nonsense I need to do before my mom comes into town on Thursday, but it will be nice to focus on something else.


    In the meantime, here is today:

    -Yoga: did a 24 minute video, and tried to only look at it when I needed clarification on a pose. I'm always terrible at staring at a screen, even if I should technically be looking straight ahead or at the ground.

    -Posture was decent, but I definitely lost the willpower at 2pm when work made me want to rip my hair out.

    -Came in below MFP target.

    -And no take out.

  14. This week is going to be very troublesome. It's very busy at work, my mother has decided to come into town for a visit for some reason, and daylight savings is kicking my butt. So we shall see how things go and how I feel the more the week goes on.


    But we are only at Monday, so let's get to it.


    -Yoga! Today was crow practice day. While I still can't get my feet off the ground, I did find getting into position much easier than it has been previously.

    -I'm going to be honest, I didn't care about posture today. I may come back to this, but I think this goal was a bit of a bust. 

    -Came in over MFP target. I always think I'm the kind of person who can buy a bag of popcorn to eat throughout the week, but it turns out I am definitely not. I scarfed the whole bag and regretted it.

    -But no take out. I mean, I guess the popcorn was kind of unintentional take out. But...well, it was original supposed to be part of the grocery run so.... 🤷‍♀️


    Well, that's today. Onwards to the rest of the week!


    crow GIF

  15. Saturday:

    -No yoga, but I did my 5/7 days already so no issue there.

    -Posture was decent

    -Came in over MFP by a rather large amount since I went to a birthday party.

    -But no take out!



    -No yoga, see above

    -Posture was not great but I spent most of the day lying around anyways

    -Under MFP target

    -No takeout

  16. Oh hey. Guess what? I totally forgot to report in yesterday, but in fairness....it's been a week, you guys. Also, I'm feeling lazy, so no stars as bullet points. You get dashes, and you will enjoy them.



    -Did 15 minutes of yoga over my lunch break, which was fine.

    -Posture was decent

    -Came in over MFP target as I knew I would, but planned ahead and was a bit more mindful with my food intake throughout the day. I didn't intentionally skip meals, but I did eat lighter alternatives to my normal day to day diet. So, I wasn't over by as much as I would have been, but I also wasn't hungry throughout the day.

    -No take out. 



    -Did 27 minutes of yoga, which is 7 minutes more than I tend to do on days where I have a free evening.

    -Posture was okay. My neck started bothering me during the afternoon, so I used a heating pad which....kind of helped?

    -Under MFP target.

    -No takeout

  17. Well if yesterday was a second Monday, today was a third one. Onto the goals!


    🌟Did the office break yoga video, which is only 15 minutes long.

    🌟Posture was okay, used a heating pad when things were getting a little sore.

    🌟Came over MFP target. I know for a fact I will tomorrow as well, so not feeling too great about that. I had a therapy appointment today and just needed something comforting, which meant a giant bowl of pasta...which is obviously what set me over. I was feeling okay about the decision at first, but now that I see how tomorrow will likely turn out, I'm feeling a bit bad about it.

    🌟But no take out, so I guess that's something.

  18. Someone I work with said that today felt like "a second Monday" which is true, but I was just as productive as yesterday. It was a bit blah, but I can't argue that a lot got done. I was also reminded that summer hours at work start in May, which isn't that far away! Something to look forward to, especially as we are getting more sun every day.


    🌟Did this new abs-focused video from Yoga with Adriene. Everyone warned me it was difficult, but I actually didn't find it so bad. I think it would have killed me this time last year, so it's nice to see some progress.

    🌟Posture was decent until around 3pm. I find that's when I tend to hit a wall and my upper back/shoulders get incredibly sore. I took a five minute break to lie down before sitting back in my chair again.

    🌟Came in under MFP target. Also went grocery shopping and did some meal planning. Now I just need to wait for my avocado to ripen...

    🌟No take out. 



  19. 16 hours ago, Elastigirl said:

    That's awesome that you are learning the crow pose! It's fun, and a great build wrist strength. It took me forever to get it, but  you will get it if you keep at it.


    Thank you so much for the encouragement! My wrists need work, so really hoping to see improvement there as well.

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  20. It's a new week, and even though it has been pouring out and grey all day, it was surprisingly productive. Hopefully the whole week is this way, because it actually wasn't too bad.


    🌟Today was crow pose day. I actually tried to lift my feet off the ground, but it didn't amount to anything. I'll probably keep this goal for the next challenge as well. I can tell I'm in a better place than I was the very first time I tried the video I've been using. That first time was a mess.

    🌟My back ached when I tried to keep posture up today. Definitely something to reevaluate if I plan to keep this a conscious part of my goals.

    🌟Came in under MFP goal for the day. Decided not to get groceries today because it wouldn't stop raining, so that will be a tomorrow activity.

    🌟No take out. Did have some soup. It was very nice.


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