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  1. Meditation: Successfully done this morning. Yoga: Surprised myself by doing 20 minutes of yoga even though I was exhausted. Hobbies: Did some candle research. I think come the new year I'll be confident enough to give one to another person so they can tell me what they think.
  2. Today was not the greatest in terms of health/fitness. I barely got any sleep last night and I woke up feeling exhausted. I did do all of my challenge items, so I'm happy about that...but I also ate a truly disgusting amount of cookies and iced coffee. I'm trying be easy on myself about it, especially since I've actually been pretty good overall in the last few months, but I won't pretend I wasn't a little disappointed in myself once I took a step back. Meditation: Well, I was already awake when my alarm went off, so going back to sleep wasn't a risk. Yoga: Did 15 minutes of yoga right after work. Hobbies: Made progress on the scarf. Also, got a lot of cleaning done, which isn't a hobby, but definitely improved my mental health.
  3. This is an amazing book. Can't wait to see what you think of it! I've been so bad this year in terms of reading--I used to read all the time, and this past year I just could not get into it. I want to get back into the habit next year for sure...I certainly have enough unread books on my shelf.
  4. Yoga: I got my flu shot today and my arm is pretty sore, so I kept it gentle today with this bedtime yoga routine that is more focused on stretching out the legs/back than anything too intensive on the arms. Meditation: Done this morning, nothing really to comment on this time around. Hobbies: Turns out you use your arms/hands for a lot of stuff, so I wrote a bit more and am now deciding to rest up. The knitting/candle making/whatever else is going to have to wait until tomorrow.
  5. Well, I know I'm hungry. You'll have to post pictures!
  6. Oh hey, it's the 6th. Apparently time actually moves forward no matter what else is going on. Meditation: Got it done this morning. Actually pretty successful in calming myself down since I had two big meetings today that I was not exactly excited for. Hobbies: Wrote a bit more for a short story contest I want to enter in February. Admittedly not as much as I would have liked, but every little bit counts. I also got a bit of knitting in while watching TV. Maybe I'll actually knit something I can use for once. Yoga: Today was actually pretty challenging and there were a few times in this 22 minute video that I wanted to give up. I'm actually so happy I persevered--I always feel better when I complete a session. It's also a really nice way to transition from work to me time in the evenings.
  7. I am so happy this week is almost over. I could use a nap. Hobbies: Got some knitting in before the boyfriend came over. Meditation: Got this done in the morning. I may start timing myself in a more accurate way rather than just half-heartedly glancing at the clock, just to see if my time is getting better. Yoga: About to do this now. My dentist said a lot of my jaw problems could be solved from relaxing and also working on my posture, so I am definitely going to be focusing on that a bit more, because my face has been pretty sore the last month or so.
  8. Hobbies: Got some writing in before my late evening dentist appointment. Came home to do some cleaning while listening to a podcast, so I feel like I did accomplish something. Yoga: I knew I'd be out today, so I made sure to take a quick break during the work day. Yoga With Adriene's office break video is wonderful for this, definitely a go-to when I know I won't have a ton of time in the evening: Meditation: Got in a bit of this in the morning, and tried a guided practice which I didn't enjoy as much as when I try to do it in silence. It depends so much on the voice, and I found this one just talked so fast and so often that it was distracting rather than helpful.
  9. Really like this subgoal! Especially for this time of year, when it can be extra hard to avoid snacking.
  10. Thank you so much for the posture advice. I'll definitely try using the wall tomorrow and see if that makes a difference!
  11. ...I may or may not have accidentally created a small hoard of candles over the last couple of months. But I definitely don't have a problem. I like the idea of tying meditation to an action. Right now I still do it in bed right after I wake up, so as you can imagine results have been a bit...mixed.
  12. I have to admit, my first instinct was to go super ambitious and do something crazy hard, but....honestly, with this also being my birthday month along with the holidays, I think I should keep things a bit more manageable, solidify the good habits I'm already working on, and then go from there in the new year. So I'm carrying over the following from last challenge: Continue to prioritize my hobbies over mindless phone scrolling/YouTube watching. I find this reduces my anxiety over all, plus it has the added bonus of reducing boredom snacking, since I'm actually occupied. Plus, there's definitely a sense of accomplishment seeing that I've made more candles, continued to improve on my knitting skills, or worked ahead on a story I'm working on. Perfectionism can be pretty paralyzing for me, and making myself dive into something regularly is really helping with that overall. Continue to work on meditation I do notice a difference when I do this in the morning before work, but I won't lie and pretend like doing this every day was easy for me. Between accidentally falling back asleep, discovering just how annoying the noises outside really could be when I focused hard enough, and day-to-day anxieties, sitting/laying still every day can sometimes be very frustrating. It adds up, which is the things I need to remember. And in terms of adding something new: Do at least 10 minutes of yoga every day I'm really good at doing yoga five days a week, but once the weekend rolls around I can get lazy. While I don't see myself doing a full routine the way I do after work on weeknights, a shorter/lighter routine before bed would be a really great place to start expanding my practice and making in into a larger habit.
  13. Meditation: done this morning, went pretty well though I did fall asleep immediately afterwards Journaling: About to do that now Hobbies: Made another candle. Did some knitting. Watched the first episode of Yellowjackets.
  14. Meditation Done this morning Journaling didn't feel the need to do that today. So many people took today off work that not much happened to impact my stress levels. Hobbies Boyfriends came over, we watched a few more episodes of Arcane. Did yoga after he left. All in all, a good night.
  15. Meditation Did that this morning and it went well for the first time in the last few days. Journaling Did a bit this morning. I also may do a bit more tonight. Hobbies I don't have the energy to write tonight, but I have continued to work on knitting my scarf, so I at least feel like I've accomplished something.
  16. Meditation: Done this morning Journaling: Done during my lunch break Hobbies: Got a lot of reading done, which was very nice. Also took a bubble bath, which isn't a hobby really, but incredibly relaxing which is almost the same thing.
  17. Meditation done this morning. Actually woke up weirdly early for once, so I felt like I had some time. Journaling Did this in the middle of the day when things were getting stressful at work Hobbies Wrote a little bit of my new story and continued knitting.
  18. Meditation Did a bit this morning because I woke up absurdly early for a Sunday Journaling Got in a bit after watching a sad movie. Wanted to get my thoughts out. Hobbies Continued knitting and actually drew something for the first time in a while.
  19. For yesterday: Meditation: I got in a little bit before work, which was a nice way to collect myself since I got off early that day. Journaling: I did get some of this in during the day because I was feeling a bit anxious. Hobbies: Does cleaning count as a hobby? I got a lot of that done, which definitely helped my mental state. I did start a book I bought a few months ago but never actually opened. Today: Meditation: Got some in this morning. Wasn't at home, so I couldn't keep track of how long I meditated for. Journaling: Today was a good day, and my mood didn't really make me feel like I needed to. Hobbies: Continued working on the hat I'm knitting.
  20. Meditation this was a challenge this morning. There was lots of truck action outside and I definitely didn't give it the focus I could have. Journaling was a big help today, particularly went I had a bit of a panic attack later in the afternoon that I felt the need to get over. Hobbies: I did some more research into candle creation and may have found a course to take that was reasonably priced. I'm definitely trying to get better at this before I start making them for people to test out and report back.
  21. Does anyone else find it much harder to breathe deeply while sitting up? I try to keep my back straight and breathe into my stomach the way every video/podcast/etc suggests, and yet somehow it never feels right. I almost always have to do it lying down....where I run the risk of falling asleep! Am I missing anything?
  22. Meditation: got in around 10 minutes this morning. I definitely fell back asleep guess I should make sure I fully wake up first before I go into meditating. Journaling: was feeling pretty low after work, so I wrote down some of my concerns. Admittedly not all of them, but it was still nice to get some of it down. Hobbies: I worked a bit on my story before getting to the journaling part. Maybe didn't get done as much as I'd hoped, but some is still better than nothing.
  23. Meditation: managed a couple of minutes this morning, but then had to move on to... Journaling: I was weirdly anxious about starting my day, so when I couldn't focus I opted to write out some thoughts instead. Hobbies: Not a hobby exactly, but I tried a new recipe tonight. I probably won't make it again because it took longer than I'd like, but at the end of the day I'm glad I tried something new out. I wrote a little bit in that story I'm working on, but admittedly I would have done more had the recipe taken up less time. I also watched Shang-Chi, which I'd been meaning to see so I'm glad to cross that off the list.
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