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  1. I want to do the Jillian Michaels 30 DAY SHRED and go to a local Bootcamp class (held twice a week, Mon, and Wed). Is it ok to do both at the same time? Thanks!
  2. I am a running newbie. Can someone please tell me how to properly stretch. Google has so much contradicting info. Thanks!
  3. Anyone located in the Richmond VA area?
  4. I need to lose 20 pounds. And gain muscle, but that will come later. Has anyone tried the Mediterranean Diet? Pros/Cons? Thanks a bunch!
  5. what is a good app or website to track foods easily?
  6. Thanks NotBadForAHuman! I nursed my daughter for 2 years; and now have been 4 months with my son. It's hard while working full time, but I make it work somehow. Thanks for all the tips and advice. I LOVE this forum/site.
  7. i AM actually hungry all the time. that may be becuase I am breastfeeding though.
  8. what are your thoughts on Nutella? Totally random, I know.
  9. thanks everyone! The reason for diet change is to lose weight (30 pounds overweight from pregnancy - my son is now 4 months old), and to eat healthier.
  10. I am new here, so bear with me. I want to do Paleo but don't think I can seriously cut out pasta, bread, rice. If I can't cut them out, what are the BEST options for keeping them in my diet? Is there a certian brand of bread that is better, or pasta that is better? Any help is appreciated!
  11. I plan to attack the diet plan starting this Sunday. I am going to do the Paleo stuff, and have all my printouts about what to eat/not eat/buy/dont buy. I HOPE I can manage Paleo with kids. It seems so easy to just fill a bag of Goldfish for a snack and be done with it. Instead I have to really think about what I am feeding them.
  12. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it! I was in good shape before kids, but I used machines at the gym, so I am new so the free weight/body weight stuff. I probably look like a jackass/idiot on the floor but I think getting my butt in there was a major step anyhow. I will try the items you mentioned. I assume that this will add muscle, but I will still need to do cardio for weight loss?
  13. Thanks Eduard! A few questions: weighted pull-ups - is this on a machine that I would use to do these? deadlifts - thats with the bar and weights right? bench press - thats a good one, if i have a spotter i think And just so I understand the weight stuff: instead of doing my MAX weight for just one set with a few reps, I should instead do multiple sets (3 seems to be what you think is best) of a LOWER than my max weight? Thank you!
  14. Thanks guys. You are totally my support team so I appreciate the feedback. Tonight i am attending "Angry Byrd's" in a local park named Byrd Park. Cute play on the name if you ask me! It's a women's only boot camp twice a week, although I can only do once a week right now. Hope it kicks my ass!
  15. Hi guys! I am a mom of 2 kids under the age of three. I am 30 pounds overweight and am trying my best to strength train and exercise when I can fit it in between being a mom, wife, and working full time. Anyhow, I went to the gym last night and did the following: - Flies (that's what my husband called them at least) - 1 set of 10 reps - 17.5 lb free weight - Triceps - 1 set of 12 reps - 15 lb free weights - 10 lunges with 20 lb free weights (just while I was waiting for him to finish his routine) - Bicep curls - 12 reps each arm with 15 lb - Don't know the name of the machine, but you sit down in it, and push with your legs upward with weights on it. Leg press? I did 5 reps, at 317 lbs. Can you guide me a bit? Am I on the right track to building muscle? I need to drop weight too though. Thanks!
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