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  1. I've heard people say cracking your knuckles is good for them and people say it's bad so I have no idea, really!
  2. I think I can describe it best as rotating my wrist until I can feel it crack, like cracking knuckles. I'm not sure if it's really swelling, actually, that's just the most logical thing I can come up with, but I think the cause is that I occasionally put too much force in and the end result is my wrist getting less mobile until the pain goes away. The pain ends up being around the point where the bone of my index finger and thumb meet down by the wrist.
  3. I've done tape measures of my neck, waist and hips and tracked them on MyFitnessPal but I haven't checked them in a while - can't find my tailor's tape measure. The wrist is slowly getting better, I just have to remember not to try to crack it and get in this situation again since this always seems to happen if I mess with it too much to try to relieve tension after typing for a while. Working out seems to help so I'll keep that up.
  4. So handstands aren't working out so well, since I messed up my wrist a couple weeks ago and can't really bend it until the swelling goes away, which might take the rest of the challenge time. Saving money isn't going so well either, but I'm hoping things stop coming up (and my roommates stop being stupid with their money and costing me mine) so that I can drop a few hundred in at once. I also keep spending money on books, which is both a good and bad thing I suppose. Losing weight is on track-ish. It's tough to really tell since weight can vary drastically due to water, sodium, moo
  5. Well, I didn't do my handstand workout yesterday like I wanted since my sleeping aids kicked in sooner than expected, but my bodyweight workouts are going according to schedule. The money thing is going well so far, hopefully nothing comes up to derail that. And I lost 5 lbs so far, I'll have to see if I'm still on track this coming Saturday since I weigh in once per week - every Saturday morning before I do anything else.
  6. I am the worst at this whole 'do this thing daily and don't forget!' thing, so this is a week report, I suppose? I lost 5 lbs this past week, so that's nice. I had a spinach, baby kale, and chard salad every day of the week along with a banana for lunch and apple for breakfast. I've been chugging water like my life depends on it (because it does!) and I'm starting to feel much like an actual human being again. I do need to fix my sleep schedule, because any progress I make with diet and exercise is going to be kicked in the nads otherwise. No matter how much better food
  7. Yesterday I did the whole nerd fitness bodyweight workout and ate a nice banana and red delicious apple, on top of a salad! The salad had chard, spinach, baby kale, carrots, chia seeds, real bacon crumbles, crushed walnuts and italian dressing. It was pretty good! Likely going to have another one of those today, but with half an enchilada since yesterday I didn't get nearly enough calories. Today I've also done my handstand practice. Looking forward to wall walking soon, but for the moment the wrist exercises are amazing simply because my wrists are problem areas due to my job in d
  8. I'm using the progression outline from right here.
  9. All right, I did the handstand practice outlined in this Nerd Fitness blog post. While doing them I came to the conclusion that my wrists are horribly maintained and I should do the wrist stretching exercises every day, preferably in the morning since they're easy and quick and it'll get my wrists fired up for work. I figure eventually they'll gain the flexibility I'm going to need in order to do handstands! Today I ate: Nothing for brekkie. A spinach Bullrito with extra steak, queso, lettuce, and fat free refried beans for lunch, with a Mountain Dew Code Re
  10. Why does my body go through so much water so quickly? I feel like I'm constantly drinking water and it's never enough. Like every twenty minutes I drink about a cup of the stuff or so! I'm starting to hate the taste of it too
  11. Looking forward to the minichallenges, still not sure how this stat system works though.
  12. I figure I should probably make one of these for accountability. I know myself well enough to know that I will at some point - likely sometime soon - get hit with the usual feeling of apathy about the whole 'bettering my life' thing, so this might help offset that. I don't have any big lists or anything of the sort yet, but I'm going to be adding those - likely sometime soon, with my endgame goals outlined in something of a tree breaking down each endgame in to individual steps. But that can be for later, since I just finished my last workout of the week! And what a workout it was:
  13. Just throwing it out there that I'd also love to climb a glacier someday.
  14. That's the plan! I kept it at 1200/day in calories all week long. I'll adjust as needed as I go along for sure though, depending on what the loss is looking like with how things are going right now - and I'll see if I can't figure a more reliable way to measure fat loss since measuring weight while I'm also working out is iffy at best.
  15. All right, so my first challenge went well with the beginner goals and the like - although I couldn't really go to sleep ten minutes earlier like I wanted. I'm going to come in for the whole four weeks this time around, since I only got a week and a half of the last one - and with my own goals this time, too! Diet Goals Lose 2 lbs/week. 7000 calories. Fitness Goals Practice Handstands on my rest days: Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun. Do Nerd Fitness Bodyweight Routine 3x/week: Mon, Wed, Fri. Level Up Your Life Goals Put $100
  16. All right, so I did both of the diet ones and the fitness one, eating oodles of veggies and eating less fast food; I feel much better, actually! I've even went and started drinking significantly more water since I'm pretty sure I've been chronically dehydrated for a very long time. I didn't so much do the sleep thing, unfortunately. My schedule has been wonky, but I did it most of the days I had left.
  17. SMART challenges would be a great start I think, since a lot of the times people don't stick with these things - diets, exercise, their own well-being and health in general - because they have Resolutionitis and go about saying "I'mma lose ALL THE WEIGHT this year!" and it's just downhill from there.
  18. Any tips for improving sitting/standing posture? I try to sit up straight but I'm not sure what good posture even looks like, and I keep reverting back to my old, bad posture without noticing while I'm working or sitting at my desk. I know my current posture is bad due to all the back pain and various other things, plus I'm slouching. Tips for noticing I've reverted, too?
  19. I'm curious if anyone else has the same thoughts I do when I think about where I'll be when I do all of my quests and make myself better: I think on it, a thin and muscular me that can talk to people, has a significant other, has energy, makes good money, and has actual skills to show off and it just feels like this future me is... Unfathomable, I suppose? Like I have no frame of reference for how that would be, like trying to think of what it's like inside a black hole. I'm not sure if I'm describing it correctly. It's not causing me to think it's impossible or anythin
  20. Fast food will be easy for me, since I told my ride to and from work not to let me buy any of it. That effectively eliminated it from my routine. Tracking I do on the Character Sheet and I want to try it on my signature once I figure out the old stat system. I use My Fitness Pal for calorie and food tracking. I need something better though, I keep forgetting to do things. Still not sure on rewards though. Might pick myself up a new game, or sign up for archery or martial art classes. I'm really not sure what to do beyond that, I've already got books in spades and get th
  21. So far I'm using the character sheet on Nerd Fitness to track things - I'm not sure if there's a better way to go about it. Nor what I could do for rewards.
  22. Hello everyone! I'm David, a (currently) 25-year old guy in Houston, TX; originally from the good ol' tropics of Orlando, Florida! I'm going to tell you a bit about my heroic origin story; it's somewhat depressing I think. But hey, I love underdogs. In the beginning, there was a big bang and I try not to think about it because they're my parents. Fast forward a few years and there's little ol' me in Pre-Kindergarten, a wild ball of mischief and mayhem that was the butt of the joke of every other kid. This is a trend that continued on to Kindergarten, past when I got expelled for th
  23. Hello everyone! I'm new here, and I'm going to be turning my life around. I've been doing it off and on for a few years now, not really making progress and even going way too far backwards in progress. When I was approaching 280 lbs, I came to the conclusion that I am a dumb. I stuck to a strict calorie-counting diet and started training for a 5k, but then hit a horrible stint where my back and limbs decided "Nah, this progress thing is the pits." and proceeded to mess up. Constant stiff back and back pain, plus pain around my hips, made the 3x/week 5k training so painful that my motivation di
  24. Oh God how do I things

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