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  1. Hi! I too am a Cyster (thanks @StarRuby for the name ). I was officially diagnosed with PCOS in December after a number of blood tests and an ultrasound to confirm the pesky follicles hanging out on my ovaries, though I was unofficially diagnosed years ago by a doctor who just wanted to put me on progesterone pills and call it a day... Really? This diagnosis (along with the preceding one of moderate-severe sleep apnea) led my fitness journey. I am just now starting to add metformin into my routine as they found an abnormally high level of insulin (but a no
  2. Hello again! I'm a little late getting into the game here! A couple of the tools I wanted to bring from my previous challenges were the meal planning that I was doing so intensely during the last challenge and actually tracking my workouts. Unfortunately, like so many others on here, I was brought down by the sickness! All of last week I was down for the count with all of the debuffs. This really limited my workouts (to 0) but I maintained my eating and increased my vitamins for that week. I am back on the train though! I got in my first workou
  3. Sickness can definitely cause those pesky setbacks! Good job getting in the PT exercises despite your lingering plague! That's all it takes! Just one push at a time right?? Also!!! Congrats on getting in your thesis!!! Nice work!!!
  4. I completed the challenge with exciting results!! Isn't that crazy?! It is fantastic motivation and I am continuing the lifestyle even after the end of the All-In Challenge (cleanse thingy). This is the breakdown of my Challenge: Challenge Meal Plan: Success I stayed on track every day except for 1: I let loose during my work holiday party but for the most part I stayed on track: Ate within an hour of waking up and about every 2 hours after that. Drank about a gallon of water every day. Generally eliminated processed food.
  5. This is seriously me! Every. Day. Whether it's washing the ridiculous amount of tupperware I seem to go through, or portioning snacks, or roasting broccoli and cauliflower at 10pm for lunches for the next few days (like I did last night), or somehow convincing myself to make dinner instead of going down the street for a cheeseburger... It's such a battle! But we're almost there!!
  6. Update: On the 18th, I was on the 10th day of my cleanse/diet/lifestyle change thing! Which concluded the 1st phase... Meaning I reassessed my weight and measurements... Drum roll please... I kept strictly to my food rules and worked out about 3 days a week while drinking about a gallon of water a day. This was a huge undertaking but it was clearly worth the effort for me! Meal planning (and snack planning) has been an interesting ongoing process and I've learned a lot of new recipes and healthy variations of things that I crave (like ch
  7. Awesome! I've wanted to try kickboxing but I feel like I might need to wait until I have a little more stamina... Do you do group classes? Have you tried Tai-bo or any of those kinds of videos at home? Sounds like a productive weekend! How have things gone since with your challenge? School got mostly messed up due to weather problems - our snowpocalypse lasted a whole week! Classes were cancelled and our community college is about a week behind but the online classes are on track! I procrastinated a little (okay... a lot) and spent 7 hours this last Sunday on business law homewor
  8. Ha! @otterbyte thank you! Did you get some more things done? After sleeping of course...
  9. We, here in Portland, are experiencing Snowmageddon. This is a picture of the lake at the park by my parents house: We don't get snow! This is weird! Even when we do, it lasts a day, turns into an icy mess overnight, and melts by mid-morning the next day. It does not cause school to be cancelled for almost a week, require chains on city roads, or cause gridlock so bad you only make it 2 miles in an hour. But alas, this has been the life since last post, on Tuesday. I've hit some crazy bumps with my scheduling due to the weather including getting to work ye
  10. My Accounting class is in person but business law is online! I'm a little nervous about that, especially because it looks like the workload will be very writing intensive. But I'm excited to learn new stuff! And I think the material will be interesting enough to keep me engaged. That's a really good idea- scheduling it! I'm operating under such a regimented schedule with my meals right now, it wouldn't hurt to throw study/homework time into my calendar! And if I don't need it, well, more video games for me! Ooh I'll have to look into that series too! I am a
  11. Hi again, @Manarelle! This time I'm taking Accounting Principles II and Business Law. Both are going to be very helpful for my job and I think they will be more challenging than the classes that I took last time around so I'm excited! If I remember right, you're also taking classes, yeah? What are you taking? I'm still nailing down studying routines because I have trouble focusing, is there anything you do to kick your butt into hitting the books? I loooove the Dresden Files! A friend of mine got me into it and I'm reading them at a snails pace but it's coming along. M
  12. Sleep is so fantastically important! One that I've been working on for the last year and it has changed my life! I may have to add that book to my list.
  13. When I hear CLEANSE, my immediate thoughts go to: Miserable and back to your old habits (and size) once you stop drinking carrot juice and start eating real food again. So when one of my best friends asked if I wanted to do a cleanse with her I was not interested at all until she sent me the info. This isn't a cleanse, it's a supplement enhanced jumpstart to a lifestyle change! And isn't that what I'm here for? I'm going to spare you the details (which sounds like a sales pitch) and I am in no way affiliated with the company. But
  14. Bye bye challenge 2! My final numbers: Exercise/Move 4 times a week: 13/16 Eat 2 veggies or fruits (raw or steamed only) every day: 40/56 Arrive at work on time 4 days a week: 6/19 The exercise one is the one I'm most proud of. I didn't quite make my goal but I made a big dent and am trying to continue the habit of working in movement throughout the day, not even just going to the gym or going for a walk, but parking far from the store or taking the stairs, walking instead of driving or planning a hike instead of a netflix marathon. Eating
  15. The holidays are a tough time for a challenge. I've been so impressed by some of the accomplishments that some of you Rebels have achieved during this chaos! While I'm not going to quantifiably meet any of my challenges, I have completed a couple of my side challenges and have learned some new recipes and techniques to make next time even better. I just cancelled my gym membership and am learning what works for me - mostly, at home strength training. I ordered a pull up bar (I'm ready for some hangs!) and have put my yoga mat and my very small collection of dumbbells in a place th
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