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  1. This week was exactly the same as last week. At least I’m consistent! New week, new motivation! Did my longest scooter ride yet, so that’s something.
  2. Doing ok on the “body” parts of my challenge, but not so well on the “mind”. This week, I managed: ☑️ weight training 2/3 ☑️ clean eating at least 80% ☑️ Tracked all food ☑️ daily movement Did NOT: 🚫 Tai Chi 🚫 meditation Hoping next week will be better. I think my mind could really use some civilizing.
  3. Was out of town at the beginning of the challenge and finding my feet. Let's call this week "good effort" and move forward :) I did come out of vacation having LOST weight and feeling pretty decent, despite having done little more than walking.
  4. This is a great gameplan. Specific and measurable! You can't do much better than that. Good luck!
  5. Whew! I'm so glad I'm not going crazy. I did it twice and hid both posts, as well. Could I get mine moved to the proper thread?
  6. Continuing the theme from last challenge because, frankly, I still have more work to do. "Civilize The Mind, but Make Savage The Body" Plan 1) Civilize The Mind a. Tai Chi Practice twice weekly (at least 15 minute session) b. Daily meditation (at least 10 minutes) 2) Make Savage The Body a. Eat healthy, whole foods at least 80% of the time b. Track ALL food c. Weight Training session 3X weekly (at least 20 minute session) d. Movement EVERY day (break a sweat)
  7. FINAL DAY OF CHALLENGE ☑️ Daily walk ☑️ RFA workout Not the strongest finish, but a finish nonetheless.
  8. Thursday ☑️Daily walk ☑️LOTS of yard work Friday ☑️ daily walk, back to weighted vest, but lowered weight ☑️ gym workout, weights and elliptical Aaaand it’s the weekend! Happy Friday everyone!
  9. Wednesday Gym workout done! (Weights + elliptical) Daily walk Scootered the furthest ever and experienced wind. A little unnerving, but survivable.
  10. Monday Daily walk Tuesday Daily walk RFA workout (15 minutes) Tomorrow is a gym workout. It’s on my schedule and putting out my clothes tonight. No excuses!
  11. 🚶‍♀️daily walk extra mile for 3 total) 💪 Highland games practice (weight for distance) First time back at practice after a few weeks. One arm is going to be very sore tomorrow. I think I’ve had a full day and I’m done. Happy Sunday, everyone!
  12. ☑️ Highland games practice-weight for distance. That’s gonna hurt tomorrow. ☑️ 3 mile walk A very full day. Think I might be done. Happy Sunday!
  13. ✔️ daily walk ✔️ RFA workout (20 minutes) ✔️ impromptu dance party, Prince-inspired! “The medicine for my suffering I had within me from the very beginning but I did not take it. My ailment came from within myself, but I did not observe it until this moment. Now I see I will never find the light unless, like a candle, I am my own fuel.” - Bruce Lee
  14. ✔️ daily walk ✔️ weight training ✔️ cycling cooldown Got some scootering in, as well. A nice full day. Feeling pretty accomplished.
  15. Airport trip + insane traffic = no workout 😟 At least got in my daily walk.
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