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  1. That girl's battle log!

    5x5 deadlift at 85% 1RM Accessory: 4x8 barbell front squat 4x12 leg press 4x12 lying leg curl 4x12 leg extension 4x12 calf raises 15 minutes incline treadmill walk
  2. That girl's battle log!

    Hello, everyone! How's it going? So it's been a few weeks since I signed up on here, not really posting much but did a lot of lurking. Lol Anyways, I have always wanted to post my workouts somewhere so I can keep track of them, and I figured this would be the best place. So a little about me: female, 5'6", 164lbs body fat 28% goal is to drop weight and body fat to ideal So for my workouts, I try to go to the gym at least 4 times a week, sometimes because of work I barely make it happen. Lol. Weekends, I try to head for outdoor workouts like running, whatever that'll keep me sweating. For my diet, I follow a low-carb high protein diet, I eat at least 1800 on off days, 2,200 on gym days. Supplements.. well going au naturel for now, but will probably try something soon. Today I trained arms, and here's what I did: 25 minute run on treadmill 8x3 10lb bent over barbell rows 8x3 10lbs shoulder overhead press 8x3 20lb triceps pushdown 8x3 bench dips 10x3 10lb dumbbell alt bicep curls 10x3 10lb pushup rows 10x3 10lb triceps kickbacks 5 minute walk on treadmill (cool down)