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  1. A Grue

    Grue's Reboot

    Week 1 summary: Fitness goals: I got 30 min of activity on 4 days, and made it out to practice on Thursday. Close, but not quite there. 83% completed. Diet: I totally failed to make smoothies. Boo. I did stay away from fast food at lunch, though. 50% completed. Level Up: Haha, nope. I cleaned nothing. I've been keeping in touch with my friends, though, so it's better than nothing. However, I'm at 0% of the trackable stuff. I did ok with food on day one of my tournament (bagel sandwich on the way out of town, one Qdoba burrito split to be both lunch and dinner
  2. Anyone around here looking for a buddy? It would be cool to have somebody to occasionally get coffee with and commiserate.
  3. *comes out of the shadows* Hello and welcome! *retreats to shadows*
  4. A Grue

    Grue's Reboot

    Let's see, where am I at? Yesterday I went to practice, and on Wednesday I spent almost an hour tooling around my neighborhood and the adjacent Ice Age Trails. So, I'm making good progress on the Fitness bit. On one hand, I have totally failed to make smoothies this week though, so that bit of the diet thing is out. On the other, lunch is in the fridge at work, so I should be able to have "no fast food at lunch" covered for week 1. I have *totally* failed cleaning at home, though, so that's a bust. Here's to doing better next week. This weekend is tourney 2 of the
  5. Combat feats accomplished! Well, I trimmed the kitten's nails and scheduled the fluffy cat's groomer appointment. The actual fluffy cat wrestling will be early Wednesday morning.
  6. A Grue

    Grue's Reboot

    OMG, WisCon! It was so good. I don't really have the focus to go into it right this minute, but damn. My people! I haven't accomplished anything yet this week because Wiscon and digestive-related con crud. On the upside, I avoided venue food. It's really only a partial credit thing, since the con is in my hometown, and had 1.5 hr meal breaks programmed into the schedule. Still. I ate well. My spouse and I have decided that this is going to be an annual thing from now on. On that note, there's a fair bit of home-related stress in my life right now. It's definite
  7. Congrats on your first bout. Eat nuts and kick butts! I'm in! Cooking: Find and prep high-quality tournament food Strength: Plank to failure every weekday morning. Climbing: Do apartment stair circuit twice per day each day. If traveling, climb at least 6 flights of stairs each day. Combat: Trim kitten toes and get fluffy cat to the groomer. This involves much kitty wrestling.
  8. A Grue

    Grue's Reboot

    Hey Wild Wolf! I wish that gif was in color. It kinda looks like the jammer took out a teammate. Anyway, I'm actually a referee / non-skating official, and not a player. I'm a lot of things, but competitive isn't one of them. I've been involved for six years now, and have been seriously reffing for a season. I'm gonna be NSOing all of the things at Brewhaha in Milwaukee and Beaver Fever in Waterloo, ON. It should be a damned good time. I'm going to WisCon, which is conveniently in my hometown. This is my first time at WisCon, which is honestly kind of embarrassi
  9. A Grue

    Grue's Reboot

    I hit a wall with the Academy workout quests a few months back. After some good things (promotion, paid off car, new gym) and some not-so-good (FIL move), I'm ready to get back on this horse. My goals for this next month are pretty simple. Fitness: Get 30 min of activity in 5 days per week Go to practice at least one of those days Diet: Make snacking smoothies at least once per week. No fast food for weekday lunch. Level Up My Life: Clean 10 min per day. Reach out for help when stress gets too high. I realize that
  10. Thank you! Things are going well. I think I'm going to try for strength stuff Mon, Wed, Fri and cardio Tues, Thurs and some bit on the weekend. I figure if I am for most days of the week, I could realistically hit about half the days of the week. That's a good place to start. I'm still kinda disconnected from the forum, but I'll get there. I'm under a stiff time crunch at work, so I can't spend much time here. Better work than internet, I suppose. :p
  11. Hey. I started with the Academy last fall, and was doing really well with both it and posting here. I tested into level 2, worked on that for a couple months and then beat the boss on the first try. I was excited to start level 3, right up until I saw that pull-ups are a huge part of that level, and the ones above it. I rent, and I simply do not trust the door frames in my apartment to hold my weight without cracking. My gym didn't have any sort of pull-up area either. I hit the wall and just let it knock me out. In the past month, I've paid off my car and gotten a promotion.
  12. Hey! *waves* It's so hard when your job interferes with how you want to live life. A break from the office seems like a good time to set up good habits - ones you can keep at work. We're here for you!
  13. Well, that sucked. Just before Christmas I feel off the wagon, hard. I shouldn't berate myself too much, but it was a bad time. I stopped going out to walk, I ate more sugar than is really advisable, I didn't get to the gym nearly enough. All around, it was a mess. But hey, one bad month =/= total failure. I need to respawn, and I'm working on a useful plan for that. I think part of the issue is that I've had a hell of a time coming up with good rewards. Up until now, I've been using food as a reward. It wasn't until early last month that I realized how much I was doing th
  14. I last posted Tuesday?! Ugh. This past week has been... not good. I'm not sure where the respawn point is, but I'm definitely looking at my low HP right now. I ended up being really thrown off by some schedule changes (spouse's company party Thurs, bout day Saturday), so I tried to rearrange some of my tasks on the fly. It didn't work out. Next time there is a game, I will plan ahead of time how I will accommodate that. As far as I can remember, I mostly got my food tracking and cat boxes done. All of the snow the past couple days derailed my walks, though I know
  15. -36F = -37.8C, FWIW. Minus 2C is just below freezing (28.4F). I'm looking at a week below freezing, with high temps dropping around 0F (-17.8C) late next week. Wee, winter.
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