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  1. Alright so summary of this challenge, First week was great. I was hitting all the goals I set and was feeling good about completing the challenge. Second week started off great and was just like the first, until some unexpected events happened. A family member was unexpectedly having some health issues and was in the hospital for a little over a week. That added with getting things finished at work and getting ready for the holidays put a lot more stress into December. Just when we thought all the surprises were over, our dog got into ibuprofen and had to be admitted to the v
  2. Thank you. Unfortunately that came to an end this weekend. I'm not too upset about it though. There were many opportunities this weekend to let things get out of hand but I kept it to a minimum. Luckily we did plan out this coming week for most our meals so I should be all set for getting my ratio back up. Water was difficult to drink the necessary amount over the weekend due to being out or doing things all day but I tried my best. Workout minutes I did well. I played hockey on Sunday morning for 90 minutes and then we took the dog for a walk on a path and found that the company t
  3. I'm on track still which is great. Drinking more water I'm feeling really good. My workouts are going well. I've had to switch it up a little bit off the workout plan because of some time constraints but that's ok I did some circuits that made me work hard. I think tonight may be the first unhealthy meal, it will most likely be pizza but I'll opt for the thin crust and I'll add veggies to it. It will also be the first day without a workout. After today though its back to it. I see no problem getting in a long workout Saturday and then playing hockey Sunday morning. Also I think I'
  4. Thanks, I thought the ratio idea would be interesting. As for meal prep, nothing set in stone. My fiance and I usually choose like 3 different meals each week and then make enough on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to get through the week for lunches and dinners. Progress: 1. 50 / 840 Workout minutes 2. 126 / 2800 ounces Water 3. 3 Healthy : 0 Unhealthy meals
  5. It looks like bodybuilding.com you now have to pay for the guides. They must have just changed that, it wasn't like that before. But I follow this guide for the most part. https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mp_getswole_phase1-4-bb.pdf Occasionally I will feel like changing it up and pick a couple exercises and weights and just see how many reps I can do in like an hour or something.
  6. As best as I can I follow a plan from bodybuilding.com. Some exercises have to be changed due to me working out in my home gym that has no machines but I've enjoyed their plans in the past.
  7. Little about me: 25 y/o I joined Nerd Fitness about a year ago. I joined because it seemed like a cool idea to level up and I love having goals and completing challenges in games and real life. Favorite games are Diablo 2, and currently Destiny 2. I believe I started a challenge back when I joined, but right as that was happening everything else in my life was getting busier. I didn't keep up with the challenge, other things were more important at the time. But I am ready now to start this challenge and get back to my routine that has been lacking for a while.
  8. Update: Super Strength: 2/3 Did chest and back last night. Dumbbell bench: Warm Up, 25lbs x 20, 45lbs x 15, 60lbs x 10, 75lbs x 10, 90lbs x 8, 100lbs x 6 Dumbbell Rows: 45lbs x 10, 60lbs x 10, 75lbs x 10 Incline Dumbbell Bench: 45lbs x 10, 3 sets Chin Ups: 3 sets of 10 Barbell Row: Warm up, 135lbs x 12, 3 sets Wide Grip Pulldowns: 4 sets 100lbs x 10 Cable Flys: 4 sets 22lbs x 10 Super Speed: 2/2 Did cardio after lifting Avoid Kryptonite: Doing good avoiding it. X-ray vision: Need to step this up and get some mo
  9. Update: Super Strength: 1/3 Went to the gym after work yesterday and did legs. Which consisted of Warm Up Squats: Warm up sets of 135lbs. 225lbs x 8, 275lbs x 6, 315 x 6, 365lbs x 2, 225 x 2 Leg Extensions Calf Raises Deadlift: Warm up sets of the bar and then 135lbs. 225 x 10, 225 x 8, 225 x 6. Pushup Challenge: 31,34,37,31,40 total of 173 Super Speed: 1/2 Did cardio after legs yesterday Avoid Kryptonite: Doing great so far. Last night I had a protein shake, chicken, rice, and peas. X-ray vision: Ho
  10. First Week Update: Super Strength: 3/3. with all the distractions this first week I'm very happy about getting the minimum number of workouts I wanted. Super Speed: 2/2 Played hockey over the weekend and hit the 2 cardio goal. Avoid Kryptonite: Success, Only had 1 meal of fast food and it was cut in half when we went away earlier in the week. X-ray vision: Success so far. Brought stuff to the attic and cleaned the front closet. Second Week Start: Super Strength: 0/3 Will be going to the gym after work today. Have my gym clothes and everything rea
  11. Update: Finally got to the gym and it felt really good to get back there. Super Strength: 3/3 Did a shoulders and arms workout at the gym. About an hour long last night. Also did the pushup challenge this morning cause I was feeling good. Pushups: 38,31,28,26,45 total of 168 Super Speed: 0/2 still. That will change after work today. Going to go straight to the gym maybe do chest and back and then cardio. Avoid Kryptonite: I think I will do pretty well for the rest of the week and over the weekend. X-ray vision: Probably do some of the kitc
  12. Update: Of course something came up again after work. I have to stop and make a schedule from now on. I will be working on that today and tonight. I did do some work though so that's good. Super strength: 2/3 I did another p90x type workout and also the pushup challenge. 28,32,30,26,41 for a total of 157 pushups. Super speed: 0/3 Avoid Kryptonite: Doing well so far now I just have to keep it up Friday and over the weekend. X-ray vision: Next thing to look through is the bedroom closet or the kitchen cabinets. Side quest: make a schedule fo
  13. Haven't been posting because I went on a 4 day vacation with my girlfriend. I was expecting to do poorly with food and everything but I really didn't. Although it is halfway through the week and I need to catch up on some workouts. Here is the update. Super Strength: 1/3 Did a p90x type workout when we got back home. Also kept up with the pushup challenge I started on week 3 and am now on week 4 last day was: Set 1: 25 Set 2: 27 Set 3: 30 Set 4: 25 Set 5: 35 Total: 142 Super Speed: 0/2 Didn't do any cardio unfortunately.
  14. Parsnip thank you for the advice. I edited the original to include only 1 meal per week. Update: Working on Super Strength again in the form of an easy leg day (still the warm up week). Stretch Squat: 2 Warm up sets 135 lbs 10 reps 5 sets Standing Calf raises 135 lbs 12 reps 3 sets Deadlift: 2 Warm up sets 135 lbs 10 reps 4 sets Leg press: 2 Warm up sets 250 lbs 10 reps 4 sets Machine Calf raises 145 lbs 20 reps 2 sets Stretch / foam roller Going out tonight with my girlf
  15. If you are working out consistently then eating slightly above maintenance will help you gain muscle. You may add on some fat but if you are being good about working out it shouldn't be too much. and to preserve muscle you need to keep working out but eat at maintenance. Everyone is different so you will need to figure out exactly how much to work out and how much to eat. But those are guidelines that most people can use to do what you are asking.
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