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  1. Oh yeah, I didn't mean to suggest I can only do Thursday. The problem with meeting for a meal during actual PAX besides people being busy gaming or whatever, is that all the nearby restaurants are overflowing with PAXers. Chinatown is one option (did that last year with TinMan), or somewhere else downtown farther from the BCEC, or going at an off time (early dinner). Looking at what people posted so far, it looks like Friday evening would accommodate the most people who expressed interest. If anyone wants to take charge and organize something, the earlier we get it planned, the more likely
  2. Seth, Last year the Westin definitely got packed on Thursday, but this year someone worked out a deal with the Westin to officially open up a lot more space (300 seats), and there is also a game night at the Marriott Long Wharf, so hopefully it won't be as jammed. If you get there by 7-8 I am thinking there should still be room. Drink is a cocktail bar, and I think the cocktails are like $12, but the bartenders are serious and you can get some awesome drinks there. Last year I had something killer with Apple Brandy. If that is not up people's alley, we could also meet up for dinner somewhe
  3. Yep. I enjoy disc golf. Got started playing through ultimate, and I now like it a lot better than regular golf. After a few months of weight training, I definitely saw a difference in how far I could throw.
  4. I will be there all three days. Haven't been on NF for a long time, but still working out and playing games. I also plan to be at the Westin on Thursday night, and was thinking of going to Drink for a cocktail or two on the way over at around 5 (hopefully before it gets too packed) if anyone's interested.
  5. The book is written by a young westerner, and he tries to show other young people how they can use Buddhist teachings to improves their lives without having to become a monk or withdraw from the modern world as most of us know it. It is certainly not a religious book, and if you are looking at it from a strict Buddhist viewpoint you probably won't get much out of it. It is written for people who are not familiar with Buddhism. For example, I have no interest in "becoming a Buddhist", but I have room in my life for both meditating and drinking.
  6. I've gotten into practicing mindfulness of breath meditation. Very much a beginner, but I find that even 10-15 minutes in the morning makes a big difference in my mood and attitude for the day. What gave me the recent push to meditate was reading part of The Buddha Walks Into a Bar. One of my wife's friends is very into shambhala meditation, and she knows the author so she lent us the book. One of the precepts mentioned is that we should take care of ourselves every day with exercise and meditation which resonated with me.
  7. I agree with what people said: -exercising and eating right is about far more than looks -it is false that you can never look good -it is false that you must stay covered up -you notice your own imperfections far more than anyone else, and it's mostly mental Exercising and eating right will tend to make you feel better about your body, as well as feel better in general. I read a sad story yesterday about a young man who had body dysmorphic disorder and ended up killing himself. He also happened to be very good looking while constantly thinking how bad he looked. I think this is an example tha
  8. Argh, I got hit by the injury bug that is going around. Just my second game back playing ultimate and I came down on an opponent's foot and sprained my ankle. The running goals are out the window now, as are hiking, biking, and disc golf for at least a week or two. I am bummed, as I spent the last three days sitting on the couch and now feel like utter crap. I am also questioning how much longer I want to play ultimate, as this is the third season in a row that I have gotten sidelined with a significant injury. Granted the first two were not related to on-field incidents, but I am really start
  9. I think the idea is that in a strict dead hang you are supposed to be using only your back and arm muscles, while swinging your legs up would give you some momentum generated by your legs and core. I find myself moving my legs a bit too, but since I don't plan to enter any pull-up competitions, I've never worried about it too much. For me the bigger form of "cheating" is how far I pull myself up--meaning do I count my max reps as chest-to-the-bar reps or simply chin above the bar.
  10. I think it's pretty clear you can build strength and large amounts of muscle through bodyweight exercises. The trick is that the resistance is multiplied by decreasing the leverage of the muscles in the harder moves. Steve recently had a blog post on how he packed on 10 lbs of muscle while doing playground bodyweight workouts in whatever location he was in. I recently switched over from dumbbell exercises to bodyweight exercises to change up my workout, and overall the average intensity or resistance of the exercises is the same or more than when I was lifting weights. For example, inverted ro
  11. Welcome Ron! Congratulations on deciding to get back into fitness and make some big changes. One piece of advice I would give you is that it can be tough to make a lot of big changes all at once, so give yourself a lot of slack if you fall behind on any of the things you are trying to do. The temptation if you slide on something can be to give up, and the rebellion never gives up. Good luck, you should find a lot of friendly folks willing to help you out here.
  12. Ohhhh, when you said longboard, you were talking about a skateboard. I totally thought you were talking about a surfboard, and I was so confused when you started talking about the river. I was imagining you stand-up paddle surfing on the Charles, lol. Nice pictures, and nice seeing you at the BBQ.
  13. Another week gone on the challenge. Let's see, I did all my sessions of bodyweight workouts, including ultimate conditioning and my first ultimate practice! Ultimate practice was good, I did feel a bit slow and definitely need to work on my sprinting stamina and footwork to avoid getting wrong-footed on defense. I did have a very nice huck for a score, so that was cool. Both knees were sore for days after the practice, and I am worried about my "good" knee because it has been bothering me more and I am almost sure I have meniscus damage in that knee as well. I will do everything I can to keep
  14. Hey Jeff, don't get too down on yourself. We all slip and don't meet all our challenges the first time. It sounds like you are doing a good job getting over your injuries, and sometimes rest is really the best thing. I love the unicycling, BTW. As for motivating yourself, I wouldn't suggest a punishment as the first option. I would start with telling other people your plan, so you will have more people to be accountable to. For example, tell your friends you will be practicing unicycle tricks for at least 1 hour per day and ask them to check up on you. Another good method is to have a group or
  15. There's another side to feelings against bodybuilding and that is that by its nature bodybuilders take things to an unhealthy extreme. I personally know a woman who is competing and said that her period stopped. I also know that the need to lose weight or fat for a sport can have mental repercussions, because a buddy of mine from college rowed crew and became so obsessed with making weight that he went full-out anorexic. These seem like negatives to me, but are by no means limited to bodybuilding, as elite athletes in many disciplines will want to take fitness and strength as far as they can.
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