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  1. Wecome Mechthild some good goals you have. I got the hang of doing the dishes only this summer (ever since I clean the dishes I cooked with before I even start eating it's not a problem anymore - and it's sooo fast as it did not dry yet) All the best for your operation and your recovery!
  2. Also new Member and I would also love to meet up!
  3. @RedStone Thank you for welcoming me The beer thing was, surprisingly, not hard at all o.O well, I drank wine (only good wine) and I never went to party (were I would normaly drink beer only) but even though, I would say, trough this 4 weeks not drinking beer I saw that I could do things differently, I dind't have to drink beer with my flatmates or friends to have fun ( and I felt better than them the morning after) - so I guess I will drink far less in the future than I would have. I'm not even excited about drinking beer again ;D __________________________________________________ and overall my challenge wasn't so easy to fullfill as I had expected first - I went for wing chun class only once - the other 3 times I made up excuses big time, wasn't in town and felt miserable because I stopped smoking last wednesday. second - nerdfitness and my goals came to my mind mostly when I was about to sleep and than it would be too late for smoothies for example buuut I really don't feel bad about not doing everything I had on my list I did more than half of it and I kid you not, I wouldn't have gone to wing chung ONCE if not for this challenge the great things that has come out of this challenge are: I went for wing chung once I stopped smoking - and that was the only reason to hold me back from running(the one thing I didn't have to kick my own butt to actually do it - I really get happiness out of it) - I added walking 3times a week to my plan to built up on and start running again soon no beer! <3 awesome every day that I went out (even if it wasn't every single day of the challenge) i rode my bike for at least 16km / about 10miles - wich is nice I didn't change anything about my diet but i started to track everything I eat and already made some discoveries that i will start tackling in the next challenge ...I gained 2,5 kg / 5.5 pounds overall I say my first challenge was a (77%) success
  4. @Luciana Valerosa Culming : thank you for the invite, I'l surely spent some time there in the future, as i'm quite interested in martial art
  5. the discs I was operated on were L5-S1 and L4-L5. The things that I did that helped me to lower the pain when I had the 2. herniated disc and wich helped me to recover, were Superman -I could only lift my hands and feet 1-2cm high stretching my hamstring, butt and lower back while laying on the floor on my back = stretches without much pressure on the lower back ( I think I got my 2. herniated disc from something like this - I felt some serious "bone gliding" going on in my back and after that the pain never went away until the 2. operation) Hip raises / bridges planks pull ups and the most important for me was walking barefoot / in barefoot shoes. Or to say it differently - walking while striking with the pad of my foot first or with my whole foot not with the heel. Walking with your heel striking first has a lot of impact/shock on knees, hips, spine and brain (I read somewhere that every strike is like a concussion for the brain) - there is so much information on the internet if you want to read into it and try it - I noticed that you can even hear the impact, wear earphones without music or hold your ears closed with your indexfinger and walk, alternating striking heel first and striking pad first (sorry for bad english. I really struggeld with expressing myself ) would be so great if this could help you too! But I wouldn't say that walking that way is the right way for everyone. https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2016/08/30/stop-foot-pain-a-nerds-guide-to-healthy-feet/
  6. I started a spreadsheet for the challenge - let's see if I'm doing this right ^^ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13e0TjigzfGW58CbBfSXaxXgN3EupQwnHnmqCs3F6Jn0/edit#gid=0 going out today will be difficult.... I started reading NF posts from the first post in 2008 and reading all about nutrition information that I can get my hands on. collecting underpands all day long. and I have difficulty on drinking smoothies as it's not so appealing/satisfying to me as some rice noodels cooked with tumeric and pumkin would be... meh. (but I'm gonna go, make one right NOW ... my only motivation: fear of not completing my challenge before this weeks "deadline".... )
  7. Yeah, I did. ..for the first two hours, then I was quite exhausted after riding my bike all day + 12km / 7,5miles to get to the training and learning an unusual stand, staying in this position, learning new movements... my body was cramped up and stiff but the teachers are nice, we connected fast and had some laughs. and another thing - this wasn't even the school I called (couldn't make it to the 'appointment' because I stayed at a friends house in another town, enjoying unemployment/life/ some relaxing friend-time) and it feels like through not making it to the 'appointment' I found the right place to be because I felt comfortable from the start. -nobody looked strange at me and they were all friendly. Let's see how it will go for the rest of the challenge. As I was riding there I only thought about me being a robot or about being a Charakter in a game being controlled by someone else so I could go through with it! The hardest part was to get on my bike, as soon as I entered the arena (gymnasium) all my worries flew away
  8. Are your goals able to measured and tracked? Yes, It's quite easy to keep track on them How will you track them over the course of the challenge? I drew a chart for every week an I'll just cross them out How are you grading your goals? Is there a reward for effort? I didn't grade them - in my head I know some are more important to me then others - I'll look into grading and rewarding for my next challenge Are you trying to build multiple habits or is all your energy focused on your main quest? trying to build multiple habits wich will bring me towards my main goal Do you have the time to complete all the goals you've set? absolutely Do you have a plan on altering the goals if you become ill/injured? I can still reach my goals even if I become ill or injured - but IF I can't then I don't have a plan, I'll come up with something then. Are your goals realistic? Can you scale them down to fit your life better. even if that takes longer? my goals are really low so that I learn to take it slow. Are you giving yourself any rewards or accountability? my reward is this good feeling I have when i cross something out of my chart. I feel accountable for the 4-week-challenge thread I started
  9. Hai genki desu! Last day of work was horrible:D But now I can finally look for a job that I love, wich is SO good (I'm a female carpenter and worked at Lindt(chocolate manufacturer) in the canteen, cleaning the dishes after I dropped out of a private university - the best and almost only good part was, I got the leftovers and gave them to the homeless ) And yeah it's so exciting to recognize words in anime - my first word was 'baka' hehe
  10. Hey there, sam! Nice introduction and good thing you're here/that you've found nerdfitness. Gay girl here, who loves to meet trans ppl! *thumps up* I've had my first herniated disc at 22, wich was operated on when I was 23 - my second herniated disc came one year later and the operation followed when I was 25 (now I'm 27 ) Both operations where necessary because I became incontinent and didn't feel one of my legs anymore. So I feel you, talking about physic limitations and especially when talking about depression - thought my life was over. And well the life i was leading is over, now I've found myself on a different level - I would even say, I leveld up. ( and yeah, there are going to be more herniated discs to come - genetics urgh ) Writing on the phone is a pain, so I'll stop that for now. Keep on working on better diet habits, sam! *hug
  11. Hey Akari! Just read your introduction - I began to learn Japanese too. When I was 14years old I got addicted with anime and manga - as there weren't "any" mangas online in german I quickly learned english reading manga I even learned japanese through english because I didn't find any online courses/learning sheets in german. Haven't really learned any japanese for a long time now - maybe 5 to 7 years - but it's one of my goals for the long run to be able to have whole conversations in japanese Good job on keeping at it, Akari!
  12. well for the smoothies I just mix something up, whatever pops in my mind and feels alright some baby spinach or lamb's lettuce or arugula or Kale than fruits that I like - pineapple, apple, banana, pear or berries I really should write some good combinations down, as it always feels like As for Wing Chun - I just called the trainer and made an "appointment" to come in on Monday next week w00t! Thanks, IAmInfinite
  13. KingLui


    Yeah, me too! doesn't help to punish yourself if you did bad on your challenge -followed
  14. I signed up only yesterday and since the 4 week challenges are about to start it seems to be the perfekt timing to just DO this! Been reading nerdfitness posts (like a maniac) for about a year but it never actually occurred to me to sign up, as I have made some bad experiences with "fitness communities" over the the last 1,5 years. But Nerdfitness is so different from these communities! So I guess I've finally come to the right place (I've loved to play Wow, Skyrim, Oblivion, Dragon Age, Dragons Dogma - right now I'm nerding out on Final Fantasy tactics advance ) I'll bore you more about myself on my members page I guess (but just some more stats - 27 years, 71 kg/ 156,528lbs, 179cm/ 70,4724 inch of height ) So here is my 4-week challenge plan: Diet (pick two) No beer 2-3 green smoothies a week Fitness (pick one) Do Step1 exercises from "convict conditioning" every day. Sign up for Wing Chun classes and go once a week (next to "no beer" the hardest part and the most important as I need to confront myself, stand up for myself and not get pushed around by others - so actually it's a goal for "fitness" and "level up your life" ) Level Up Your Life (Pick One) As of Saturday I'll be unemployed so I don't want to stay in bed all day being miserable - so: Get out everyday! Yeah, that should be doable and it's easy to keep track. Is there some sort of online chart where i can write down my goals and cross them out? (since uploading pictures of my "manual chart" is kind of complicated for me and i don't want this to be holding me back but I also want my progress to be visible for anyone who is interested) So, cheers from Germany (yeah, "no beer" will be hard ;P ) I'm quite excited about all this!
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