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  1. 1. Overall Strength My Chatarunga is a ton better than when I started this challenge!!!!! I'm able to lower slowly with much more control! I can't quite flip my feet while I'm in chaturanga and lift up into downward dog yet, but I'm able to do the hover and that is exciting me so much!!! My fitness routine has swapped up a lot so I've been training in the morning, but I'm taking a lot of classes with a great friend of mine and that's been a lot of fun! I find I have a lot of fun encouraging others to workout and giving them tips to succeed. 2. Handstand Practi
  2. To anyone following this post I'm checking in: 1. Overall Strength I've been doing pretty well overall at this goal. I've kept my strength training to 3 times a week in the morning. I have been doing 1-2 times a week of yoga, but I'm finding I'm not having as much fun on my Thursday night yoga practice because it is really difficult to fit in my schedule (part of the reason I moved my workouts to the morning in the first place). So I'm going to somewhat change this goal to 1 day a week yoga at least with some other yoga thrown in. I do tend to probably hit 2-3 times a week because
  3. Thank you! A lot of these sub-goals are goals that bring me to over the overarching goal. Some of the sub-goals have higher priority over others. Some are just so I can make sure I can mentally check in. Overall, I've been doing really well!! I also started this 12-week challenge at my gym that I'm excited about
  4. Great job!!!!!! For your clean temple at least you have done it!!!! Keep it up! Hope this week you've been doing the same!!
  5. That's awesome!!! I'm so glad to hear that your challenge is going well!!! Mine has also been going really well! For my overall strength challenge, I've been doing a great job! I'm hoping that over the weekend I continue to do as well! I have some friends coming into town, so I'm going to make sure to plan out my days a little more closely so I don't go overboard with food. But I think it will go well, and it will be a good challenge to remind myself to check in with myself a bit more to make sure I'm sticking with what I want to do!
  6. Hey PrincessGlam! This is my first 4week challenges as a Druid as well! I love how you have y our focuses laid out! When I'm really in the mood for snacking, I try to make sure I have a slightly bigger dinner with more protein and more veggies which helps curb my absolute need for snacking. I make sure I drink a ton of water around that time which helps as well. The other thing I do is I try to keep all snacks out my line of sight. It really helps me because when I see a snack I then really really want it. Also, sometimes when I'm looking around my hou
  7. Hey Rippleberry! I'm not sure what your income looks like with Disability, but could you look at local community centers that could help you with food? I know in my area, some churches will provide free food for people who do not have a large income. My mother is on disability and this is a large way of how she gets a lot of her food throughout the month, so it might be something to look at! Also, I love how your psychologist is helping with your quests! That is so awesome! I'd love to hear the other quests she gives you if you don't mind! Lastly, how ar
  8. I love your goal names! How goes your first few days of the challenge?
  9. Hey Sunmage! I hope your job hunting adventure is going well! How goes your quest for Discipline gone since you've started? Also, I have never heard about TRE, and it sounds very interesting! Do you go somewhere to do it or is there something that you follow online?
  10. Hey Nusuth! I like your goals!! How have your goals been going? I read up on the Ivy Lee method after reading your post! Let me know how you like that! I kind of do something similar with my bullet journal where I write down my list for the day so it is easier to figure out what I need to do that day. I feel like making that last the day before might make it easier to keep my focus the next day! Also to your Fitness Goal, I wouldn't put down the different squats and push-ups you do to having no effect. I know that I've been practicing my chaturanga pus
  11. 1. Overall Strength Work on Chatarunga to build more overall strength Keep my fitness routine of 3 times a week strength training in the morning Work towards 2-3 times a week of yoga. 2. Handstand Practice Do some handstand practice every day for 5 minutes Practice mindfulness by getting a picture every day to check in 3. Logging Mindfulness Log all my food everyday to become more mindful of my eating to make sure I'm eating both enough and not too much Eat veggies with every meal Check in on water consumption to make sure
  12. Hey All! I figured I would check in as a kind of post-mortem of the challenge! Also to write out what I'm thinking of how it went! Overall, it was successful. Goal 1: I am working out 3-4 times a week in the mornings then yoga on Sundays. My swimming at first was very consistent, but as my work schedule got more hectic I moved it more towards yoga. I like swapping between yoga and swimming on the days that I'm running behind, This is a success because prior I was working out 2-3 (mostly 2) times a week in the afternoons and on Sundays. Goal
  13. Thanks for checking in! I thought I had responded to this last week. My first week was very rocky due to work. However, this week work is pretty insane, and I'm sticking to it. Overall, this challenge is going very well! However, I'm kind of shifting some of my workouts because I've gotten pretty bored with strong lifts. (I get excited about it progresses but then I get bored with the overall workout pretty quickly is my experience) I am adding in more body weight workouts, but I am really excited to report I was able to deadlift my bodyweight!!!! I had not realized how close to that
  14. Hey All! I've been on the Nerdfitness facebook group for some time, but I felt like it was time to try out the 4-week challenges to check in on myself and the goals I write down for myself. I joined Nerd Fitness 2 years ago now, but 3 years ago I lost about 90 pounds in my quest to stay healthy. A lot of my family members died of various health conditions that were preventable had they eaten healthier and I knew it was time for a change. Additionally, I started to realize I had a super unhealthy relationship with food, and I needed to fix that. I really love food, bu
  15. I have been lifting for about 2 and a half years now off and on. Previously I was doing my own thing with friends and a gym that ended up getting me into weight lifting. Now, I wanted something to track my progress as I get further. I'm sure I'll end up doing a different program in the future, but I like the simplicity of strong lifts! How long have you been lifting?
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