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  1. ADHD, and possibly BPD and autism spectrum as well relieved and now look at treatments x
  2. Hey ...11.30am. Tough morning. Things were ok, i was up at 6, had lots of cups of tea, listening to Metallica with the cricket on in the background. Did lots of work etc Roxy got up around 9. She has been really anxious and started getting restless and upset about the fact the house is a bit of a tip. Which turned to anger, and frustration. It wasnt nice. It was upsetting. And Bronze was shaking so i took her outside. Shes almost been sick due to crying so much. I just made sure she was connected to the internet for the assessment, and she is doing it now. Im downstairs, im exhausted. The assessment is 60 / 90 mins.... so im taking some time to drink tea, deep breathe, cuddle Bronze etc I hope they diagnose her but unsure if its today or in 10 days, i cant remember what the info says. She desperately needs help and support. Im not equipped for this. I feel numb tbh, like i need to breakdown but unable to?! Horrid. Anyway. I will stay down here, in case she needs me and when it finishes will see/listen to what happened. Then perhaps do some good sorting, ill go to the tip.....walk Bronze and stuff before friends pop over (if they still coming) Thanks for reading xx
  3. Hey all. Morning. 6am SATURDAY .... freezing. Had to put heating on. Got Bronze at my side keeping my leg warm and gloves on. brrrrrrrr. Rox in bed, hoping she will have a lie in. If so, ill wake her at half 9 with a tea and let her ease into the day (assessment is 11am) Thinking im going to start a funding app today. I can apply for up to 10k and i think im going to apply to go to New York and take the toolkit there! So ill start to write it this morn. Deadline is end of December but ill get it in before then. Todays plan then...do work all morning, Roxy's assessment, take Bronze out, football, drinks with friends. xx
  4. Hey Rookie, she doesnt whine or hide at all in the house, very confident with us and other people. But on the walk, she seems confident, exploring etc (on the lead still - a retractable one) but then when dogs come over she sometimes gets nervous and very close to me etc. I usually tell her its ok and sort of ignore it, talk to owner and other dog?! xx Hey there AP..... yes i was PISSED OFF. I couldnt believe he took his dog off the lead, we both surely knew what was going to happen Our friends has a big husky who is usually very good with smaller dogs, so potentially could meet ..... Good advice, i think im pretty good and just stay calm, but ill check myself! xx Morning DC Thats very frustrating and rubbish that the owner wouldnt accept your boy didnt want to interact people can be jerks xx Shes very very anxious but im staying calm and encouraging her. Thanks Harriet xx Hey Sov! It was ok.... i got a lot done, and also feel like nothing at all AHAHHAHA xx
  5. Thanks Rookie..... long story short, she was off lead (4th time, fine, comes to me when called, doesnt go far etc) a big dog went for her, she yelped and raced to me but the dog blocked her and dived at her again knocking her over. She was basically screeching over and over and bolted, out the park onto the road awful. was so scary for us both No bloody wonder she is wary. She was ok the next day but today i defo noticed her more whiney and hiding more. xx
  6. OMG Harriet, i love the Fox and the figures on the link you shared are astounding. Thanks for sharing. How do you feel today? xx
  7. Hey Sov, how are you today? I can not get my head around the temp at yours...... im complaining and its 6C here hahah Hope Sax is having a lovely day xx
  8. Hey Sov.... yes. I have bipolar and used to have a drink issue, i still have a strange relationship with alcohol ... but its much MUCH better than it was. Thank you for the self care reminders, just filled up my water bottle xx I will Rookie thank you xx _________________ Hey all - FRIDAY. 2.15pm Friend is a little more stable, still drinking but not 3 big bottles of vodka by midday thank god. Her mania seems to be lessoning too which is good, shes able to communicate with us ... my friends bf sent me a message last night to say he will remember how much i helped them, for the rest of his life, and that i am a hero. I cried when i received that, because its so kind. I havent been over today but will if things take a bad turn. Ive been doing work mainly today, toolkit stuff. Desperately need to clean (ugh) and also have a meeting with uni tutor at 3pm. To discuss what the hell i need to do for assessment i feel so behind. Roxy has her ADHD assessment tomorrow, i feel nervous, shes really really anxious. Im trying not to show im nervous! And keep her calm. She just needs to be honest about her problems. Which i have told her.... be vulnerable etc Bronze is FAST asleep after a 30 min walk. She wasnt great today tbh. Was pretty scared of every dog?! Hiding behind me or trying to run off (shes on the lead but she was pulling to dart away) Whining as well i think the other day had a bigger affect on her than i initially thought. Not sure how to rectify really... I feel very tired and a little headachey. Drinking my water and taken meds. Will do some work till 3... then have the meeting, then do some cleaning/sorting. Rox home at half 5...ill cook dinner and we can relax. xx
  9. Hey DC, so sorry about your friend but glad he now has a stable life Me and friends partner will fight with everything we have, to get her the support. We are disgusted with lack of services and its devastating to see. Makes me even more determined to work hard and try to create safe spaces for people who are going through crisis. Thanks for kindness xx
  10. Thank you to you all appreciate the support. Went back this morn, she was in and out on sleep, dazed, her bf has the booze and she is having a teeny bit every few hours from about 9pm last night. She cant just stop because her body will go into shock so its sort of like maintenance dose. She was screaming for us to help her and we did our best to keep her comfortable and rested. We got through to a doctor who wasnt amazing tbh, they have referred her to a detox place but three fucking days it may take Her bf said to me to get home and relax and i will be on hand if and when they need me. So been doing some work, paying invoices, responding to emails etc I will also self care, cos its hard stuff to go through. Footy is on in an hour, then Rox home after, ill cook dinner and have an early night. Lots of cuddles. xx
  11. Thanks guys Fuck. Last night did not go as i intended. My friends partner got in touch with me around 4pm to say my friend is very unwell. Shes been going through a very bad mental health crisis for weeks, and started drinking again. Like 3 big bottles of vodka from early morning shes broken her ribs, her nose and has a black eye from falling when drunk. Shes been in hospital twice on a drip for rehydration due to the drinking but they sent her home both times. (which i despair at) But there are no beds she needs detox desperately. She has bipolar, and is going through an awful crisis and she had been asking for me. So i drove over around 5pm and was there till midnight. She was delierious and it was scary and sad We couldnt get her to the hospital, but this morning I am going to go back around 8.30am and we will try to get her in the emergency room. Hoping they can refer her to a detox centre and please please please have a bed free. This all depends on if she is drunk or not though, shes been starting drinking from 6/7am but her partner is going to try keep her away from it. If she is so drunk then they wont admit her, so we need her sober or sober ish. Im exhausted as didnt sleep much obviously, im worried and stressed out for her. Hoping we can get her to a safe place this morning and that me and her bf can relax a bit. His blood pressure is through the roof, he has been coping on his own for weeks now So anyway, setting off in an hour or so. Obv goals and work are out the window for now. Ill update when i can xx
  12. Hello all. 5pm here. BUSY day! Here is my progress.... - Go to shop for teabags/milk - Pick up medication from pharmacy - Take medication - Put meds into pill box for the week - Keep on top of emails - Go and collect glasses from opticians - Share open call for mental health training - Work on funding application for Brighton - Walk Bronze - Write work diary for next 5 days - Go through Middlesbrough list of tasks - Do some laundry - Clear dining table/sort out - Clean kitchen (wash dishes/sort bins/surfaces) - Make dinner, relax, watch football PHEW. Bought some nice flowers for Roxy.... Its is weird wearing the glases, everything is so clear its so strange I look stoned there, promise im not aHAHAHA I also bought a new water bottle, two a day is my aim right now. MY PENS ARRIVED> 150 pens Blooming heck its been a busy day. Work to do this eve, cook dinner, watch the match, chill out. xx
  13. Studies/sketches are my fave tbh much prefer that style!! Keep going Harriet, you are brill xx
  14. GO ROOKIE! being brave and assertive yessssssssss proud of you xx
  15. Hey Rookie!!!! The painting is beautiful Sorry about the vet issue, sounds like finding new one is a good idea. Hope today is calm and wonderful for you xx
  16. Hey Mia, great about the Christmas tree Hope you are doing ok today? Here for you xx
  17. Hey Sov! GORGEOUS drawing thanks for sharing with us. oooh your lunch sounds delish mmmmmmmmm i might get some cabbage today. Hope you are alright and give Sax a kiss from me and Bronze xx
  18. Hey AP ! Thanks for all your support! What are your plans today? xx
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