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  1. Been offline for a while due to health issue, but I'm back! and I'm planning to make it all good again with challange #3
  2. Sorry for my very late reply, I was ill over two months, I'm back now, the GR10 is still a goal got to get myself back into working my way there!
  3. I want to appoligize to you all for my absence, I've been ill, had to go to hospital for a bit. I only started working again last week. I'll try to get back into Nerd fitness soon!
  4. NĂ©mo wakes up 'what the.... seems the neighbors are having fun.... no wait ... that was differnt" She runs out, wappons drawn (2 daggers) Finally outside she realises that her assumption of the couple next door made her late and most other doddle's are already on sight... She's about to laught at the group for their funny footwear but just before the acctually does she realises she's also still wearing her funny slipper. In that case, she walks over the DR "Aswome unicorns you got there!" and as usual she's sits back and analyses
  5. Week 4. I notice that the bordom and the cold outside is getting to me, I'm still good on the snacks and coffee but bordom is getting me by now. Week 4 Done. weight = 67,6 Lost this week +0,5 KG Lost total - 0,1 KG Goals progress; with Climbing I'm on 5B level. No soda, fruit jus is going well. Beer, is back on track! Fitness & Weigt Epics this week; No office snacks = going strong Max 3 coffee a day = going strong Climb 5B (single 3x with breaks) Done Went Bouldering (rock climbing without
  6. 1. A post describing your character, containing a link to an appropriate character sheet - bare minimum to play this round Bonjour I'm Nemo, I'm a dark elf, although you might not see my dark side out and about too often, in a fight you will! Out of a fight, i'm flirtatious with elfs, humans, halflings en acctuallly.. any race, male or female, what can I say, I like a challange. In a fight I'm a back stabbing bitch with two daggers. I've been to many lands before encountering these doodlies only a few weeks back (hench my Cultural
  7. looks alright, but you skill is Level 1 as you're human. also, check my sheet I got 2 extra tabs to keep track of Skills and abilities which makes it easy for yourself and the DM. You can copy mine and make you score 0. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XcXrLqL6TymmHcqAJFVs71OkVRkthjo1YWyoZJt_mD4/edit#gid=0
  8. That I got Final Fantasy 3 days early (before release date) and it works! but my grandma turned 75 so I couldn't play.... Live loves me..
  9. *note to self, got 5 weeks to come up with a scenario*
  10. I think I find it easier to do a full 4 weeks as I can have an idea on the story.. it's easier then jump in with no clue. I'll do next month (or the one after if you go in between )
  11. Sounds like a plan! good luck!
  12. I'm in for the game, I'll DM after I played more games (I've also DM'ed in real life but I need to get the hang of the culture here)
  13. Will do, I got 6 months time, I'll start with adding some Kilometers on my legs, add inclune and strenght traing to it from Jan I think. I added training to my challange;
  14. I'll post a pic when it's done (10 hours on 17&18th of Dec.) It will hopefully be done. Not I'll at least posy an update photo
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