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  1. Serious question because this happens to be my current situation and I'm trying to make the most efficient use of my time. If you had 8 extra (free) hours in your day, what would you do? I'm not looking for answers that are related to work ("I'd perfect that graph I made for a client to win the case" or "I'd plan extra lessons for my students")... I'm hoping for answers more along the lines of pursuing hobbies or personal goals, e.g. "I'd write that scifi novel that's rolling around in my head" or "I'd experiment with different versions of my famous beer bread," etc. And go!
  2. Yeah, that. ^ That was what I was most intimidated by... It goes completely against "what the caveman did" and any attempt at intermittent fasting. But if it works...! And yep I see those starches... But as compared to most modern food plans, there are no "whole wheat wraps" or anything like that. The carbs she does employ are either oats, rice, potatoes, or near the end of the plan, mostly veggies. She certainly does look amazing - I would like to drink whatever kool-aid she's been drinking.
  3. I like to frequent bodybuilding.com, and I've been considering trying out Jamie Eason's 12-week program from the site. After watching the promo/instruction videos for all 3 "phases" of the program, she seems to give solid, well-explained advice that isn't far-fetched, and actually follows many paleo principles that most Rebels would applaud and that I already uphold 85% of the time... eat real food, low-carb, encouragement for lots of fats, lifting heavy, no crazy cardio, etc... Anyone on here tried it? I feel like the workouts follow a smart timeline, and the meal plans are definitely doable.
  4. Well, precisely. Most people agree with magazines like this and will blindly follow anything they have to say. Hence the humor of it all.
  5. Just ran across this small tidbit that I thought you paleo people would find pretty humorous. I just had to laugh at the claim that not only is pasta "good" for your cholesterol, it's also anti-inflammatory AND helps control insulin! Whaddaya know?! http://www.menshealth.com/mhlists/lower-your-cholesterol/cholesterol-lowering-pasta.php#slidetop The article mostly redeems itself from there (mostly), but I had to share!
  6. I'm nearing a point where I need to suck up my personal problems with doctors in general and just go see a dang specialist about some intestinal issues I've been having. Problem is, I'm really dreading the moment that I have to explain that I've been eating 85% paleo for a month and a half now to a doctor who still follows conventional wisdom... I do NOT want some doctor who's just going through the motions to quickly say, "OH well that's your problem, you just need to eat bread again" or "You need more fiber" or "It's probably just stress" or some other quick fix, or worse, a prescription for
  7. This may sound weird (or not...) but ever since I cut out grains (1.5 weeks ago) I have noticed a significant improvement in my ability to FOCUS. Like, anytime I have 10 million things to remember/think about/juggle in my mind... I can. I just think more easily, if that makes sense. When I was researching gluten intolerance a few months back I had heard about a lot of people eradicating "brain fog" when they finally went off gluten... that never happened for me when I tried a month of gluten free food, but now that I've taken all grains out of the situation... I'm seriously thinking that my mi
  8. Another week down. Here we go. 1. 25-35g fiber and at least 70oz water every day Fiber: 5/13 - 17g, 5/14 - 29g, 5/15 - 23g, 5/16 - 25g, 5/17 - 28g, 5/18 - 26g, 5/19 - 9g so far (definitely going to fail today's attempt) **This is definitely more of a challenge now that I've knocked out grains! Hence the multiple failures. Definitely not giving myself an A in this category. ***However, I'm also beginning to think that fiber just doesn't really "matter." (Not that it doesn't matter, but just saying that, like other parts of conventional diet wisdom, my fiber intake miiiight not be as important t
  9. 3. new food tried today (to take last week's place) -- Larabar! Weird that it's taken me so long to get on board, but these all-natural suckers are amaaazing. 21g of sugar is a little much, but I didn't mind too much! I had the chocolate peanut butter kind. The no-grains thing is going great so far (3rd day in) - I LOVED my breakfast of spinach, egg whites, and turkey sausage. I even made my own salad dressing last night and bought some natural peanut butter at the store this weekend... I'm gettin' to be a huge hippie... I especially feel like one when I drive my Subaru to yoga class. Fixing
  10. Niiiice - yoga, running, and swimming all in the same day, that's a great day's workout right there. Looking forward to reading your wrap-up later today! I'm always so jealous of how "easy" it is for men to lose weight and chisel muscle. You're bound to have some great results by the end of this challenge with all your goals combined.
  11. Hey Brenda - I'm also working on the water intake (been getting at least 70oz for a few straight weeks now) and I'm with ya' on the middle of the night toilet trips! As for an obvious suggestion, it does help if I try to curtail my drinking to no less than 2 hours before bed... of course, that requires planning as well as balanced intake throughout the day... but what's really helped me is keeping an Excel sheet! You might already be doing something like this, but just my thoughts!
  12. Sounds cool! And yep I absolutely think some people just have very different circadian rhythms that require varied sleep times - some might call it "hypersomnia" buuut I think you're probably normal! Sometimes though it helps just to realize that if you do get up even when you're sleepy (and not necessarily bone tired) to workout, you'll feel awake within minutes, and of course you'll never regret it!
  13. Sorry to hear about the recent diagnosis. Lots of good thoughts sent your sister and niece's way - that's tough. Type 1? As for your not-eating-after-7:30 goal, when is your usual bedtime? For years I had been an advocate of eating right up until bed because of how eating increases metabolism and yadda yadda but then a couple weeks ago my brother advised me not to eat 2.5 hours before bed - not because your body can't handle the digestion, but so that instead of digesting and metabolizing and stuff, your body can focus on making growth hormone instead! Made perfect sense. I'm now on board with
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