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  1. Well there are more Judo clubs than there are Eskrima clubs, the Eskrima clubs are a ways away (most are) but I'm still debating what to start with, also what to add in between Martial arts classes.
  2. Damn, who do you think fits that bill better, Warren Buffet or Bill Gates?
  3. Hi everyone! Gonna be trying very hard to train and exercise to try and become and train like Nightwing, basically becoming the real life version of Nightwing (and I mean every aspect). Thinking of taking Eskrima and then Judo but I'm not so sure about what else I could do to become Nightwing. Any and all help/advice is appreciated! I've only recently started looking into all of this. Haven't been eating paleo but I'd like to work out what I'm doing before the diet. I'd write more (sorry) but I'm currently at work.
  4. I'll look into it! What workout routines do rangers usually do? Since I've re-entered the gym I've been running on the treadmill for 10 min and then I go into lifting weight for the muscles I'm hitting for that specific day. Does that seem more ranger-ish or warrior-ish?
  5. I know, I just don't know what class fits the workout routine I'll be using so I'm still making that choice, thanks for the welcome!
  6. Hey, just found nerd fitness a couple days ago and started reading the articles and they really inspired me to start working out again and clean up my diet. I'm 18 and trying to get a lot bigger but not insanely huge where it just looks terrible, I originally went to the gym for quite a while but because of my terrible diet I got a bit of gains but it was basically nothing. Currently weigh 162 lbs and trying to decide between the ranger or warrior class.
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