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  1. Second challenge, so it's time for a different focus. I'm happy with my physical fitness and the current state of my martial art training, so now it's time to work on some other aspects, namely eating and professional development. Still need a job before I graduate! Fitness Goals Learn to eat more slowly! I tend to shovel food down. In an attempt to set a quantifiable goal, I want to be chewing full bites at least 20 times before swallowing."Perfect" the four kata I memorized last monthSleep enough that I only hit the 'snooze' button onceLife Goal Follow-up with all contacts I met at a ca
  2. Name: chemkarate Brief overview of goals: Learn to eat slower. I have a bad habit of shoveling down food, which I'm worried will come back to haunt me when I'm older. My father, who does it too, had to have intestinal surgery when I was a child."Perfect" the four kata I memorized during the last challenge. (Nothing can ever be truly perfected.)Recently went to a career fair and got a number of leads. I want to have applied and followed-up to all by the end of the month.Class: Monk Eating: No strict diet, though I follow a rather predictable set of meals that work for me and control my por
  3. My fitness goals went very well. The non-fitness goal... eh, not as much. However, to be fair, it's partly because in the process of attempting this goal, I realized just how much work I needed to do if I'm going to execute it properly. Anyway, without further ado, here we go! Fitness Goals Extra hour of karate practice per week: 100%Memorize four new kata: 90% (almost, but not quite, got the last one memorized)Prepare one fresh dinner each week: 100%Non-fitness Goal Apply to ten job positions: 40%Final Grade: 82.5% (B-) I did great on my fitness goals, but to be honest those weren't that
  4. So life got a little busy and out of order the last week. This past weekend I went to Tahoe with friends, which meant the week before I was busy doing work since I'd be taking a day off for the weekend. To save us all a massive list, I'm going to just post the important points from the week regarding my goals. Day 15 - 22 Report: Jan 10 - 17, 2011 Managed to fit in an extra karate sessionNot only cooked another delicious steak for myself this week, but also helped cook a number of meals with friends at TahoeStarted work on cover letters for a number of positions I'm pursuing
  5. @Labore: No, I have not heard of that! I hope that holds though, because I need to compensate for the fact that my research in grad school has been plagued with horrible, horrible luck (and a few other not-fun obstacles). Day 12 Report: Jan 7, 2011 1 hour workout that focused on legs with some arm work. Lots of weighted squats, jumping exercises, and core stuff.Day 13 Report: Jan 8, 2011 1.5 hour karate training session. Didn't have to teach, so I got a good workout. Also worked with my sensei to learn a few moves I keep forgetting on tekkei-nidan.Wrote a long document on protocol within
  6. Love the 'Hangover' date. It's also smart, because you've planned that day off on your workout.
  7. Day 11 Report: Jan 6, 2011 Did an extra hour of karate practice prior to my actual session, and solely practiced kata. Confident I have bassai-sho and nijushiho memorized.Actual karate practice was a little light near the end, as I had to help teach beginners again. Very thankful I got that extra hour beforehand in.I've been given an interview by an agency I applied to a few months ago (they have a long app process). Interview will be one month from now. Excited!
  8. Congratulations!! Keep up the good work!
  9. Day 10 Report: Jan 5, 2011 1 hour gym exercise, combination of free weights and body-weight calisthenics focusing on back, core, arms, and legs.Heard back from a friend that put me in contact with a nearby solar company
  10. Thanks! I'm hoping today to get a bit more on the job hunt done today. I totally blew it off last night because I was finishing Mass Effect 2. OMG I LOVED THAT GAME! Day 9 Report: Jan 4, 2011 First day of karate class this quarter! So happy to have a sensei ordering me around again. Wasn't a full workout because, as the senpai that day, I had to teach beginners in the last half hour, but still a good session. Left me a happy karate-ka.Formally rejected the job offer that started this newly invigorated job search. It was easier than I thought it would be.
  11. Ah, ok. I've been playing 'wait-and-see' with paleo, so I didn't know OJ was on the outs with it.
  12. lol! Yeah, sweeps tend to be very effective against people who never have to worry about what happens to their lower body. This is true not just with regard to landing an attack to the lower body, but for also distracting the opponent in order to land an upper-body attack. Unfortunately, I only spar people in my own style at the moment. At some point I really want to spar people in styles like Muai Thai to get a different experience.
  13. I'm glad we were able to help you out! That actually encourages me to check and post on other people's threads more, as I know that this actually has an effect. Good for you for wanting to up your burpee and jump rope count. Not only are they super-effective, but recognizing that because they're your "kryptonite" that they may also be the most effective is a great attitude. Good luck with reaching your count goals on them!
  14. Day 8 Report: Jan 3, 2011 1 hour gym exercise, combination of free weights and body-weight calisthenics focusing on chest, legs, core, and balance.Made steak and salad for dinner. Enough for two nights.Looks like I may have to add a few more companies to my list, as it seems a few are still in hiring freezes. Thankfully, they're not companies I was all that hard-core about to begin with.
  15. Oh man, those breadsticks... part of the reason I avoid Olive Garden like the plague... Congrats on avoiding the pasta. That is DAMN hard to do in an Italian restaurant.
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