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  1. Breakfast suggestion : Meat ( Red meat or eggs for example ) Bunch of nuts Fruits Mix them , don't eat the same meat,nuts or fruits 2 days in row. Personally 1 day I eat something like Steak,Peanuts and Strawberry and the other day I would do something like Eggs, Almonds and Kiwi. Eating too much of the same thing can create an food intolerance, especially with eggs and nuts Avoid as much as possible man made food ( Frozen food, Muffin , Bread , etc...)I still eat bread because I freaking like it, but I do it in small portion
  2. On the path to an epic life By NoHumansAllowed Fitness Epic Goals Benchpress 2x my bodyweight Benchpress 2.5x my bodyweight Dumbell Bench Press 1.5x my bodyweight Dumbell Bench Press 2x my bodyweight Squat 2x my bodyweight Deadlift 1.5 my bodyweight Deadlift 2x my bodyweight Get to 170 lbs with the same body fat % or lower Get an 8% bodyfat Participate in a fitness competition Win a fitness competition Get an shredded 6 packs at all time Life Epic Goals Skydiving Bungee Road tr
  3. @Lazy Bee It was a pleasure, feel free to ask me anything, i'm far from being an expert but I'm always happy to share my knowledge.
  4. Here a suggestion of what I did when I was starting : I trained 4 times a week , short session with enough rest day. I did this during 6 months ( feel free to change the muscle group each month or switch the sequence ) Example : Monday : 3x Chest 2x Biceps + Abdo Tuesday : 3x Legs 2x Shoulders + Abdo + Trapeze Wednesday : Off Thursday : Off Friday : 3x Back 2x Tricep + Abdo Saturday : 3x or 2x the muscle you feel is the weaker + Trapeze Sunday : Off Most of the time I was skipping Abdo and Trapez
  5. Hello all, I'm new on this website and this site look real good. I've been lifting for 3 years. My goal : I wanna do a fitness competition at least one time in my life. Lifting isn't a hobby anymore but an obsession I'm joining this community to help people and learn some new stuff because you never know too much about fitness.
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