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  1. Thank you. The SMART Goals method for goal-setting is mandatory in my school district, so I've been required to develop it as a skill. W1D3 (Wednesday): woke up at 0430 read a few pages of Arete, as well as a few pages of The Spartan Way by Joe De Sena meditated for 15 minutes listened to an episode of Traver Boehm's Man Uncivilized podcast no workout because I had to run an errand and needed to meet with one of our administrators
  2. That sounds delicious! My wife and I are both learning how creative we can be with pasta meals.
  3. I'm really glad you're still here Sov. I realized after our companions announced their departure that I have been part of the Rebellion long enough to have seen many friends come and go, but these two did have a much bigger impact. I almost took leave myself afterwards. But it is an honor to continue with great Rebels like yourself. Your challenge looks amazing. Let me know if I can help in any way.
  4. Thank you @Sovalis. I'll have a tall glass of Mokyshan red ale, if you have some, barkeep.
  5. W1D3 (Tuesday): woke up at 0430 read a few pages of Arete, as well as a few pages of The Open-Air Life by Linda Akeson McGurk meditated for 15 minutes listened to an episode of The Emerald about sound no running, but I brisk walked around campus during my break
  6. W1D2 (Monday): • woke up at 0430 • read a few pages of Arete, as well as a few pages of The Open-Air Life by Linda Akeson McGurk, which is about the Nordic art of frilutsliv. • meditated for 15 minutes • completed a Halo themed workout using resistance bands: Workout (15 minutes): Round 1: Covenant Convergence (Strength focus) Plasma Rifle Press (Heavy band): Seated or standing, band anchored behind back, chest press motion. 8-12 reps. Needler Flyes (Heavy band): Lying on back, arms in T, band held between hands, raise arms up and together. 8-12 reps. Prophet's Bane Dips (Chair): Tricep dips using chair, light band as assistance if needed. 8-12 reps. Round 2: Flood Outbreak (Hypertrophy focus) Spartan Shotgun Curls (Light band): Bicep curls with light band, hammer curls with light band. 15-20 reps each. Mongoose Maneuvers (Light band): Lateral raises with light band, front raises with light band. 15-20 reps each. Grunt Grunt-Outs (Light band): Tricep extensions with light band, overhead tricep press with light band. 15-20 reps each. Round 3: Master Chief Challenge (AMRAP): Forerunner Fortification (Heavy band): Alternating overhead press and squat with heavy band. AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) in 30 seconds. Warthog Wheelie (Light band): Pikes with light band, alternating leg raises with light band. AMRAP in 30 seconds. • wrote in my journal using suggested prompts from the Uncivilized Nation.
  7. After careful deliberation, I've decided to shift gears and create a challenge theme inspired by Halo, since the new season of the TV series is out now. My goals will remain the same as last challenge, with a few Spartan-specific references threaded throughout. As many of you know, Spartans must possess superhuman strength and speed. They must also be intelligent, calm and collected when necessary but fierce when needed, and intuitive under pressure. My goals for this challenge fit into 5 categories: STRENGTH, SPEED, MEDITATION, JOURNALING, and READING/LEARNING. STRENGTH GOAL: I will increase my strength by 10% in 7 different kettlebell exercises (swings, goblet squats, kb push-ups, racked squats, deadlifts, rows, snatches, and overhead press) by training four times a week for 12 weeks with a 35 lb (16 kg) kettlebell. I will measure my strength by the number of repetitions I can perform with good form for each exercise and record my progress in a journal or an app and follow up with weekly strength tests. I will follow a periodized workout routine that also includes both kettlebell and other weight training, along with warm-up, cool-down, and recovery sessions. I will also eat a balanced diet, drink enough water, and get enough sleep to support my training. Achieving this goal will improve my overall health, performance, and physique. SPEED GOAL: I will run 5k in less than 30 minutes by following an 8 week training plan that includes interval training, tempo runs, long runs, and recovery runs. I will measure my progress my timing my 5k runs and tracking my pace and distance with the Nike Run Club app. I will also do some cross-training and strength training (see above) to prevent injuries and improve my overall fitness. Achieving this goal will challenge me and boost my confidence, as well as help me prepare for longer races and improve my health and well-being. MEDITATION GOAL: I will meditate for 20 minutes every day using a guided meditation app. I will track my meditation sessions and duration on the app and on a calendar. I will start January 1st by adding 5 minutes to my current 10 minute meditation practice every week until I reach 20 minutes. I want to meditate more because it helps me reduce stress, improve focus, and feel happier. I will achieve my goal of meditating for 20 minutes daily by the end of next month. JOURNALING GOAL: I will write in my journal every day for at least 10 minutes, using prompts or free writing to express my thoughts and feelings. I will track my journaling habit on a calendar or an app and aim for a 100% completion rate each month. I will schedule a time for journaling that works for me and make it a priority in my daily routine. I will also prepare a comfortable and quiet space for journaling and have a notebook and pen ready. I will write in my journal to improve my mental health, creativity, and self-awareness. I will also use journaling as a way to reflect on my goals and progress and celebrate my achievements. I will write in my journal every day for the next six months starting January 1st and then evaluate the benefits and challenges of my journaling habit. READING/LEARNING GOAL: I want to read at least one book per month and learn one new skill or topic every week. I will track my reading time and progress using a reading app. I will also document what I learned each week in my journal. I will set aside 20 minutes every day to read a book of my choice (list to be shared later). I will also dedicate at least one our every week to learn something new, such as a language, a hobby, or a subject. Reading and learning will help me improve my vocabulary, knowledge, creativity, and curiosity. They will also enrich my personal and professional life. I will start this goal January 1st and review it every month to see if I need to adjust it. Accomplishing this goal will make me a more well-read and well-rounded person.
  8. Losing you and @Tanktimus the Encourager on the forums... dammit... But I honor both of your decisions to move forward with your lives. Thank you for all the love and inspiration, but most of all thank you for your devotion to seeing other nerds redefine their boundaries and fall in love with health and fitness again. I will miss you both, but I am also proud of you both for seeing this as an opportunity, as the next chapter in your adventure, and for keeping your heads held high. You continue to inspire us.
  9. I will miss you here, my friend. But I'm glad we've connected elsewhere. Stay in touch, brother.
  10. Glad I finally found this gathering. I miss talking with my guild about our adventures. Yesterday was an unseasonably warm day, so I took my son to a state park that I hadn't been to yet, Chief Logan State Park in Logan, WV. We hiked a moderate trail called "Cliffside Trail." We saw deer on the trail and more than a few species of birds. The real adventure happened, though, when a great murder of crows soared above us and were gathering in a cove of trees on the other mountain across from us. We were amazed by the caws and calls of at least a thousand crows. I had never seen so many gathered together like that, and my son had never witnessed a murder at all. I was glad to see that the trail remained on the mountain opposite the crows, both because I didn't want to disturb them and also because my son seemed a little freaked out, in spite of how cool he thought it was. Any other stories to share of recent hikes or adventures?
  11. These were harder than I expected. Had to do 2 sets of 20.
  12. One of my friends made a similar joke when I turned 42. He said, "I guess now you have the answer to life, the universe, and everything."
  13. Sorry I haven't been posting much. Life has been busy, between teaching and my son's basketball games. I've also been active on the Uncivilized Nation forums. But I can give a quick update on my goals: workouts have been consistent; I started following the Push, Pull, Legs (PPL) system. It's been more like PLP for me, but you get the idea: chest, shoulders, and triceps on Mondays, legs on Wednesdays, and lats, middle back, rear delts, and biceps on Fridays. meditation kind of dropped off, but I got back to it this morning and was able to meditate for 20 minutes running has been... rare; I have managed to squeeze in a few sprint workouts, including one I called Sprints, Swings, and Snatches. learning new things every day, especially as I stay active in the Nation and speak with several of the group leaders I have an idea for what I want to do for my next challenge. My goals will likely remain similar, but I'll drop a clue for the theme:
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