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  1. Fuck this virus, and fuck the people who keep spreading it. I'm so fucking over this shit. I'm sorry to be so harsh, but let me explain. My wife tested positive. Like me, she works in the school system, and parents enter the building all the time unmasked (and likely also unvaccinated) because mask mandates aren't being enforced here. She also has a few coworkers who are unvaccinated and spend a lot of time unmasked or half-masked (hanging under their nose or hanging off of one ear). I'm not saying she got it from any of them or even from her school because, like many other states, we are fully open here, and masks are optional in most public establishments. So now, all of my kids and I have to stay home, as well, because we've been exposed. And odds are high that one of us will get it, as well, which means more time at home (and an exceeding amount of time if the virus makes it full rounds through our entire household). As of right now, her symptoms are mild, but she's worried because she has asthma and is susceptible to respiratory illnesses like bronchitis and pneumonia. I'll keep you updated, but I'm not letting this derail my keystone goal of meditation. I'm convinced that meditation is a necessary tool for dealing with this. Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. I've read about that before, and it definitely makes sense. It is likely that, compacted with the collective struggles of the past few years. Thank you for sharing that link. It is going pretty well. They will definitely be with us long term as the social workers are not optimistic they will be returning home anytime soon (if at all). We are having some behavior issues with the 9 year old girl, but most of that is because she misses her parents and was (at first) optimistic that she would be going back home soon. I may have mentioned this, but we opened up to foster another boy, as well. We are just waiting for the call. Yes, I know, it is a lot, but as I told someone recently, my life is very full, but it is filled with things that really matter, things that bless me and help me grow as a person (i.e. things that elevate me). I appreciate the compliment. I won't say it's easy because parenting is never easy, but I will say it is blessed, and I learn from it and grow because of it every day.
  3. Thank you so much. Thank you. It is an honor. I will make the council proud. Thank you! I have to be honest: I haven't been feeling great. I'm trying to stay positive, and a lot of really great things are happening in my life, but I just feel... off. A friend commented yesterday that the past two years have changed his brain, that he's feeling in a weird way, downsizing, and planning to get away and hopefully come back with a concept of what to do with his life. I can relate. I used to have boundless amounts of energy and enthusiasm, but lately I can feel my tank emptying, and when that happens I crave solitude. I've never considered myself introverted, but these past few years have really driven me more inward. I feel like I need solitude in order to refill the tank, and I don't recall feeling that way pre-COVID. Anyway, meditating is helping with this because I feel much more ready for the day if I meditate in the morning. I am hopeful things will get better, but right now I'm feeling down.
  4. Week One Update: So last week was... just okay. The baby is still not consistently sleeping through the night, so I have been resetting my alarm and sleeping in until 5:15-ish. A few mornings she woke up at 4:00, so I just got up with her, put her in her playpen, and managed to meditate without interruption. I haven't really been working out, but I had my stitches removed yesterday, so I'm eager to get back after it. I have been fasting until around 10:00-11:00 every day, as well. But I bummed myself out because I actually gained weight (which I expected, but it still sucks to see it). I am modifying my habits because I keep forgetting to do the 40 push-ups in the morning. I may changed it to burpees because even though they suck, I am (for some reason) more likely to do 10 quick burpees than I am to force myself through 40 push-ups (especially considering my AMRAP for push-ups is embarrassingly low). The rest of my habits have been pretty consistent, especially considering how busy my life has been. Oh, and I officially received my Master's degree in the mail.
  5. Congrats on the house! I know the stress of moving (and settling) into a "new" home. And with my kids, my "home tomatoes" usually get smashed. But I have faith you'll get yours sorted and soon the awesomeness will commence.
  6. Thank you. That's really helpful. Completed my 15 minutes on Duolingo, as well as Elevate. Read 10 pages of Smoke Hole by Martin Shaw, which was a Christmas gift from my daughter. This morning, the baby woke me up at 4:10. I completely forgot about the 40 pushups because I had to take care of her. However, I was able to listen to the daily prayer from the Pray As You Go app while she sat in her playpen and watched Cocomelon. I was also able to read some scripture and complete one round of WHM breathing. Not a bad day 1 of this challenge.
  7. Today's workout was the Armor Abs workout from Darebee. I did 7 sets, which is Level III (although I'm pretty sure I did more than necessary because I'm never sure if they mean 10 reps per leg/arm or 10 total). I also walked 30 minutes. Nutrition was... meh today. I fasted until 11:00 (total 14 hours) then ate a small bit of sauerkraut and Polish sausage. My wife surprised me with sushi (Double Dymamite roll and spicy tuna roll). Then when I got home the hunger really struck. I snacked on a slice of apple pie. Then for dinner I ate chicken nuggets and seasoned fries with my kids. Later I had a small cookie ice cream sandwich... and then another. I'll get it under control. Once the semester begins and my schedule is less "free" and more structured I can plan meals better.
  8. For the first time in a while, I am actually wanting to lose weight. I have been mostly focused on maintaining (which I have been), but I have noticed some loss of muscle mass (not that I had much to begin with, but...) but more pudginess around my midsection. So I am using the intermittent fasting as well as eating whole foods as often as possible to bring my weight down. Goal: 175 Current weight: 184
  9. Poetry of the Day: Requiem for the New Year BY MARY KARR On this first dark day of the year my daddy was born lo these eighty-six years ago who now has not drawn breath or held bodily mass for some ten years and still I have not got used to it. My mind can still form to that chair him whom no chair holds. Each year on this night on the brink of new circumference I stand and gaze towards him, while roads careen with drunks, and my dad who drank himself away cannot be found. Daddy, I’m halfway to death myself. The millenium hurtles towards me, and the boy I bore who bears your fire in his limbs follows in my wake. Why can you not be reborn all tall to me? If I raise my arms here in the blind dark, why can you not reach down now to hoist me up? This heavy carcass I derive from yours is tutelage of love, and yet each year though older another notch I still cannot stand to reach you, or to emigrate from the monolithic shadow you left. Source: PoetryFoundation.org I call this one "A Work in Progress" (because it is): Ask and you shall receive A song that hurts to listen A sunrise that makes you cry A line of poetry that offends All of your senses and beliefs And pulls at your essence
  10. In retrospect, I should have chosen the picnic tables instead of the rock wall, which was obviously taller than I thought. But I agree; box jumps suck. They're also kind of... impractical? Like... when do I need to do that in real life? When would I not be able to use my arms (which is what I should have done instead, maybe a vault or something similar to a pop up).
  11. You certainly have a lot to celebrate! I look forward seeing you do a lot of awesome things during this challenge! Let me know if I can help in any way.
  12. I believe it. I'm pretty sure I eventually just used my Game Genie to beat it.
  13. Love it. Aren't the odds of being born something like 1 in 400 trillion when you factor in all the past ancestry that could have perished in famines, disease, war, etc? And that number is likely even higher for children born into "undeveloped" or "third world" countries where the infant mortality rate is higher than "developed" countries.
  14. It is always a delight to see you @Mad Hatter. I share your love of the NF forums while also not being consistent with visiting them. It's a frustrating juxtaposition. But I am excited to see you continue with challenges. Let me know if I can help in any way.
  15. Thanks for this @spezzy. I miss gathering with all my fellow Adventurers. All is mostly well with me. Life is wild with five kids (and a potential sixth). I finished my Master's in Educational Leadership, and hopefully soon I can begin my next adventure as a school administrator.
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