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  1. @Korranation! I have missed you and your awesome gif/meme game! Glad you're back with us. Congrats on the new job. I love your "Learner's Log" reflections. It's a great way to acknowledge your areas of need and to reflect on how to improve and grow. I do something similar to this sometimes as a teacher, and I even share my reflections with my students in order to encourage them to reflect on their own learning experiences. I'm glad your back with us.
  2. You gotta do what's best for yourself and your baby, and of course you know that already. One of the worst arguments I ever had with my father was after our first daughter was born. He wanted to come visit literally the day we returned from the hospital. I asked him to be patient and let us get adjusted to being home and give time to be sure she was strong and wouldn't be at risk of getting sick. He flipped out, claiming I was trying to keep him from seeing his first grandbaby, etc. Keep in mind, my father was barely in my life when I was growing up, so of course he tried to use that as a guilt trip, saying he was trying to make up for not being in my life by trying to be in his first grandchild's life, and that I was denying him that chance. Ugh. It was miserable. I hope things work out, but I commend you for looking out for your own health and wellbeing and especially for the wellbeing of your baby.
  3. Erg. 😒 Awesome! What have you been reading? I'm listening to an audiobook of Stamped From the Beginning. It's a lot to consume via audio, so I may end up buying a physical copy, but it's also very informative. And I just finished The Hate U Give (planning to watch the movie soon). I'm proud of you. Sorry about the interaction with your coworker. Hope it works out.
  4. Well done! Yeah, I love technology, but when you're trying to get an accurate reading for fitness purposes and your phone is like, "Nope, #$%& you, I'm not doing that today," it can be really aggravating.
  5. Wow, good job on the gardening work. I look forward to seeing some pictures. I'll hopefully be feeling similar pain once we start remodeling our new house (new to us, but it's actually a 65 year old house) and start moving in. I've already done some work on our flower beds, as well (and by work I mean I pretty much pulled out everything that used to be there because it's all dying or dead anyway). Keep it up @Snarkyfishguts. I'm proud of you.
  6. Hello everyone. I owe you an apology for my absence. Some of you may be a bit disappointed with me; I'm certainly disappointed with me. I have no excuses other than there has been so much going on that I haven't had the time or dedication to post here as often as I should. And if I'm honest, some days I would open my browser to the forum to post and my brain would just freeze. It's not like I wouldn't know what do write, it's just that I... wouldn't. And that has nothing to do with the group or this guild but has everything to do with my own mental state right now. In fact, one of our amazing guild leaders, @Sylvaa, even dropped me a message to make sure I was okay. I love this group for gestures like that because I'm reminded we're not just a fitness forum. We're also friends and family. But I do want to share some things wth you, some successes. I have been successful with most parts of my challenge, going barefoot a lot, stretching and squatting in the mornings, hanging out with my dogs, hiking with my daughters, swimming in creeks, and running trails. I stuck with the 5k Every Day in May Challenge and finished it today with a run through my home town. My mother finally found storage for her stuff that was in the old house, so we can start clearing it out, renovating, and we hoped to be moved in by the end of the summer or by early fall. My life is going well. But dammit if 2020 doesn't fucking suck for America right now. My wife and I both had to take a sabbatical from Facebook because the comments and the posts were just too much. Let's just say you find out which of your friends and relatives are closet racists when stuff like this happens. It almost causes a sort of identity crisis when people you've admired and some you've looked up to and even considered mentors at some point say shit that changes how you look at them and then makes you wonder if you used to feel that way, as well. I found myself fighting losing battles via comments (my wife, as well), so we logged of, and she even deleted the app from her phone. I just can't with some people. Like... how can they not see why black people are so angry? Because they haven't bothered to see. They haven't even tried to see. I saw something today that would have been funny if it didn't feel so damn true: I mean, right?! This shit really feels like something out of a dystopian nightmare. Which is fitting since so much of America has felt dystopian for a while. I get that there is no perfect utopia anywhere, but this is insane. And our president just keeps saying stupid shit to make it worse! Like what the hell? Anyway... I'm sorry. For not being more present for you all, even though many of you have been present for me. I appreciate it. I'll try to do better at being here for you.
  7. Bringing back another past challenge that I created three years ago; I think it may actually be my favorite and possibly one of the most impactful. It's hefty, and I likely won't be able to do all the things, but regardless I recall feeling very free and in tune with my natural self during this challenge. I have made some modifications to fit my more current life (i.e. I can't spend more time with my grandpa because he passed away), current abilities, and current goals, but the essence of the challenge will remain the same. Connect With Environment: The Na'vi are deeply connected to the natural world around them and they take care of it. When completing each of these challenges, engage all of your senses and stay mindful of the impact nature has on your body and your spirit. At least 30 minutes outdoors/day in a natural setting Go barefoot at least 30 minutes/day; wear minimalist shoes when necessary. Explore an unfamiliar outdoor area, or explore a familiar one as if seeing it for the first time. At least one wild swim/week At least one tree climb/week Give at least 5 minutes/day of your attention to a lifeform other than human (pets, wildlife, plants, etc.). Download Joulebug and complete at least one challenge/day. Do a litter cleanup in a natural area at least once/week. Avoid using plastics of any kind (unless impossible). 1 trail run or hike/week Connect With Food: The Na'vi are omnivorous hunter-gatherers with a deep connection to the available provisions that surrounded them, both meat and plant. When completing these challenges, savor each bite, eat mindfully and pay close attention to how this affects your body and spirit. Eat full vegetarian at least one day/week Eat at least 1 vegetable/day Eat fresh meat instead of processed/boxed/canned meat at least 3 days/week; this includes fish (BONUS: game meat when possible). Forage at least once/week (dandelion, plantains, onion, etc.) Intermittent fasting Eat locally at least once/week Connect With Body: The Na'vi need their body to be in top shape in order to survive such a harsh environment. When completing this challenge, use a variety of "wild fitness"/primal/paleo natural movements and be mindful of how this impacts your body and spirit. At least 5 minutes deep squat/day practice WHM breathing or some breathing practice daily cold shower daily Drink at least 1/2 gallon of water/day. Dead hang for at least 30 seconds 3 days/week. At least 2 minutes of planking at least 3 days/week. 30 burpees/day At least 15 minutes of free-running/sprints 3 days/week on uneven terrain (barefoot if possible). "Natural" movement HIIT with plenty of variety 3 days/week (see Mark Sisson's WOWs for ideas). Connect With Tribe: The Na'vi have a deep connection with members of their tribe, especially family but also tribal elders and leaders. For this challenge, be mindful of your relationships and how you strengthen them. Spend every afternoon with your daughters ('ite); at least one technology-free playtime/week. Use intimate physical touch with tribal members (for family: hugs, kisses, holding hands, snuggling; handshakes/hugs for friends). At least one uninterrupted/technology free evening with wife (muntxate) Call your mother (sa'nok). Connect With Self: In spite of living in a savage environment, the Na'vi are very self-aware and practice a disciplined self-control and humble appreciation of all life, including their own. Become toruk makto: tame the beast and take control of your temper by pausing and being mindful of your emotions. Seek wisdom: read works written by great tribal leaders and elders who have come before you. Choose your words: be mindful of when to speak and when to be silent; don't waste words, but choose them wisely. Be grateful: keep a log each day of things for which you are grateful. Connect With Eywa (God): The Na'vi believe in and commune with a being greater than themselves. This is the essence of their culture and it drives their actions and lifestyle. While completing these challenges, be mindful of where your heart and spirit rest on these issues. Greet each morning with a grateful smile and a spoken "Thank you." Pray/meditate in silence at least 10 minutes/day. Integrate prayer throughout the day. Treat each person you meet as spiritually connected and as image-bearers of God; treat all lifeforms as God's creation. Practice agape love (unconditional love). Bonus Challenges: Practice another language (Duolingo) Spend at least one night outside (in a hammock, if possible). Take a long hike deep into the woods (off trail, if possible). Ride a horse. Harvest spring water. Climb the Hallelujah Mountains: Go rock climbing (freestyle).