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  1. Good day, recruit. Since you have been given this recording, you have been carefully selected by the IMF as a potential agent. In order to be selected as a field agent and possibly a team leader, you must pass a series of simple but challenging daily tasks. The well-known fitness site Darebee conducts a "Daily Dare." There are usually two levels of difficulty: normal and extra credit, which usually consists of completing the physical challenge in one set. To prove yourself a capable agent, IMF has developed a scoring system based on completed dares. Each challenge completed equals 1 point; extra credit adds an additional point. Record your alias (Username), your rank goal, and your daily dare progress in the database provided in this file and your recruitment and rank will be determined accordingly. Because this mission can be difficult, it may be necessary to improvise as you complete these challenges. Use your judgement as you approach each daily dare. The agent ranks are as follows: Team Leader: 60 points. Field Agent: 45 points Intelligence Agent: 30 points Access Agent: 15 points You have thirty-five days to complete this mission, beginning September 16th and ending October 20th. At the end of this mission, the agent with the most points will receive a special message of gratitude from the Secretary and will receive the title Special Agent. There will also be a special title given to the recruit who modified the most challenges: Technical Agent. Should you or any of your fellow recruits fail this mission, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, recruit.
  2. How is everyone doing? Sorry for the lack of updates. My graduate courses are consuming a lot of my free time. I have had time, though, to keep up with the dares. I haven't completed today's yet, but it looks tough. And wow, those archer push-ups were tough. And the raised leg circles nearly broke me. The rest weren't so bad, and all w/ EC. Make sure to update the spreadsheet! We're nearing the end of the challenge, and I want to make sure everyone gets the credit they deserve.
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    Burpees, Books, and Brainwork

    Good day, fellow Adventurers and any guests to our guild. I have no clever theme this challenge, but regardless I can promise it's going to be a lot of fun. As always, I plan to continue my usual morning routine, which if you're interested you can view in the spoiler below: For this challenge, I plan to focus on three goals: Burpees: At least 30 burpees per day -- This is based on a physical challenge I saw online. As most of you know, the burpee is one of the best bodyweight workouts, an excellent "bang for your buck" kind of workout that can be integrated into other movements and moments throughout the day. It is permissible to change these up and try a variety of burpee types. Books: Read any book for at least 20 minutes per day -- Seriously, I love to read, and I love books, but in the midst of my busy life I often neglect to make time to just sit still with a book. No more. Brainwork: Learn about/study something every day -- As a teacher, I should be setting the example of the importance of lifelong learning. Articles, podcasts, websites, NPR, documentaries, Youtube videos, TED Talks, apps, anything that teaches me something. This goal can include schoolwork but must be separate from goal #2. And that's it. Short and simple and to the point. I will also be participating in the Darebee Daily Dare PVP. And of course I'll continue my consistent running routine, visiting the fitness center on campus, and integrating a variety of other movements throughout the day.
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    Burpees, Books, and Brainwork

    Sorry for my extended absence from the boards. If I'm honest, every time I logged in I just didn't feel up to posting an update. I'd look at the screen and think, I have a long list of other things I need to be doing right now. And then I wouldn't come back to the board until the next day only to repeat the process again. However, my challenge is continuing along. Most days, I get at least 20/30 burpees done. The 10 in the morning has been the most consistent, a great way to wake my body up before getting ready for the rest of my day. I paused my progress on reading IT and have decided to finish Go Tell It On the Mountain. I am also listening to The Troop by Nick Cutter. It's a book that Stephen King said scared the hell out of him and he couldn't stop reading. I can understand why. It's dark and kind of miserable, but it's also gripping, old-fashioned horror. I'm not sure what is more terrifying: the "thing" that is supposed to be the "horror" or the shitty teenage boy characters. I've listened to quite a few podcast episodes since my last post: Revisionist History (Malcolm Gladwell is freaking brilliant), Code Switch, Invisibilia, the TED Radio Hour, and lots and lots of NPR on the way to work. I've also been reading articles for my graduate classes and writing/submitting papers. I'm sorry. It's really no one else's fault but my own that I haven't been posting regularly. But by the time I sit down to my computer, I'm either drained or I'm restless to do something else, like go for a run or something. I appreciate your understanding and your friendship.
  5. Yeah, the hardest part of those for me was remembering to not use my arms. They just seem... wrong.