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  1. On 3/24/2023 at 3:01 PM, Teros said:

    I know I naturally have strength but when I get into the gym to do lifts, I feel kind of pathetic.


    Damn this feels so familiar. Like, I can lift logs and stones, carry buckets of sand and gravel, but put some plates on a bar, and my body goes, "Weights? No thank you. We're too weak for this."


    Here to support you, brother. Let me know if I can help in any way.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Artemis Prime said:

    This is...surprisingly chilling.


    Right?! In one of the last panels of the comic, the kitten's owners see her sleeping and one of them says, "It looks like she's chasing something." Uhh... yeah... you!


    3 minutes ago, Artemis Prime said:

    Although, considering how much I do to try and make her as comfortable as possible, I'm not convinced we aren't already living in that world.



  3. On 3/24/2023 at 11:44 AM, Artemis Prime said:

    I am not familiar with this. I struggle to read comics because I don't take pictures in well, I do better with text. So lay the TL;DR version on me!


    A kitten goes to a gathering of cats and hears an older, wiser cat (called the Prophet) speak about a dream she had in which the Cat of Dreams appears to her and tells her of an earlier world in which giant cats ruled over much smaller humans, and even domesticated them and hunted them for sport. Then thousands of the humans gather and collectively dream of a world in which humans rule and cats are pets. This collective dream is so powerful that it comes true. So the final premise of the comic is that all of the gathered cats hope to dream of a return to the world in which cats rule over humans.



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  4. Week 1, Day 1:




    Goal 1: Nourish My Soul

    • slept in since Sunday is a "rest" day; said a prayer of gratitude for the extra sleep

    • read a few pages of Braiding Sweetgrass; sat in quiet contemplation

    • wrote down three things I am grateful for today using the Presently app

    • held the door open for an elderly woman at the gas station

    • took my son hiking


    Goal 2: Nourish My Heart

    • hung out with the kids, played outside, cleaned house with them

    • reminded my wife how lucky our children are to have her as a mother after she took our daughter to get her ears pierced and bought a few new outfits for our sons; thanked her for taking our daughter to her dance competition 

    • cooked my wife hot wings when she said she was still a little hungry

    • spent some time on the trail with my son, remembering how important the ambiance of a good trail is to my spirit

    • listened to Arctic Monkeys, specifically their first album, which always makes me smile.



    Goal 3: Nourish My Body

    • hiked with my son; removed my shirt to feel the warmth of the afternoon sun; danced a little bit (badly) while cleaning

    • cooked breakfast for everyone: bacon egg and cheese biscuits; lunch: protein drink with milk, cottage cheese, egg, instant coffee, honey, mct oil; snack: blended apple juice with blueberries, grapes, and spinach; dinner: homemade cheeseburgers with lettuce and tomato 

    • enjoyed the process of cooking and preparing the food; also took my time eating and savored each bite 

    • drank four bottles or water, which is still not enough for me but is an improvement

    • ate when I was hungry; took a power nap after all the hard work cleaning; had to take a few deep breaths to ease frustration towards my children




    Goal 4: Nourish My Mind


    • continuing to read Devil in the White City

    • listening to No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert Glover per a friend's recommendation

    • read an article on JSTOR Daily about the unexpected benefits of mindfulness

    • did not do anything with Duolingo or Elevate; I will schedule a daily routine with both starting tomorrow

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  5. 1 hour ago, Artemis Prime said:

    I will stare down a 1200 pound horse until they admit that I'm in charge around here, but a 10 pound cat? She totally bosses me around.


    A friend of ours has a mastiff/pit bull mix, and I will wrestle with him until he snarls and growls like he is about to eat my face off. And then when I say "Settle!" he stops and sits like a good boy. But when my cat wants to play, I'm good until those claws come out and I shriek and even apologize to him like I was the one who started it.


    Side note: Have you read the "A Dream of a Thousand Cats" issue of Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics? The Netflix production isn't bad, but the comic is... wonderfully unsettling, in that it kind of explains why cats intimidate us. Let me know if you want a TL;DR version if you haven't read it.

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  6. 1 hour ago, RES said:

    I love these goals in particular, so important to nourish these connections in our lives. All too often we start to take them for granted over time.



    Thank you. I've lost a few loved ones that I regret not spending enough quality time with after they were gone. This became even more true after my grandfather passed away. I spent plenty of time with him, especially when I was a kid, but it didn't feel like enough after he was gone. I am doing my best to not take my loved ones for granted at all and to be present and mindful every chance I have with them.

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  7. On 3/21/2023 at 12:58 PM, DaemonCorax said:

    "What'll you have to drink?"


    "Breakfast burrito"




    "Breakfast burrito"


    The bartender backs away and makes for the kitchen. His return customer is grouchier than usual. Usually she settles after a nice beer and some stew. Her giant pack rustles and glows. She radiates hunger and grumpy-old-man vibes in spite of her form. Radiates aggressively. She removes her hood and he sees new gray in her haphazard hair and new hollows in her checks. He hopes there's still eggs and sausage in the skillet in the back.


    Wolfen peers at the customer who just entered and notices her grumpy demeanor. He chuckles at her request for a breakfast burrito and grins at her, holding up his pint glass in greeting.


    "A wise man once said, 'There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast food.," Wolfdreamer says.

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  8. WolfDreamer enters the tavern, pausing to note the contrast of birdsong outside with soft chattering inside. His wolf companion enters close behind and gets comfortable by the door. WolfDreamer steps up to the bar, carefully noticing the other travelers of all types, druids, warriors, half-elves, trolls, little folk, fairies. He smiles at the barkeep.


    "Pint of Oberon for me."




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  9. 59 minutes ago, Rhovaniel said:

    Hey WolfDreamer! Thanks for being here :)


    It is my pleasure since you are often there to support me.


    20 minutes ago, sarakingdom said:

    I think I'd recommend the Instant Pot and rice cooker method.


    I second Instant Pot meals. My wife has always made really good spaghetti the usual way (boil noodles, add sauce, etc.). She bought an Instant Pot and tried a spaghetti recipe with it. She has never returned to "the usual way." We also cook corn on the cob in the Instant Pot, and we have made soups, stews, and various chicken recipes in the Instant Pot. Very convenient, and if you do it right also very delicious.

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    Spring is near for those of us in the northern hemisphere, so I think a spring themed challenge is appropriate.


    The key word for this challenge is NOURISHMENT.


    An account I follow on Instagram, Noble King Wolf, posted a quote that has stuck with me: "I don't want satisfaction. I need nourishment." That is my overarching goal for this challenge: to be nourished.


    Goal 1: Nourish My Soul

    • speak gratitude: say a brief prayer of gratitude upon waking
    • re-instate a morning devotional practice (reading/listening, prayer/meditation)
    • daily gratitude journaling: write down at least three things I am grateful for every day
    • practice at least one act of random kindness every day
    • spend at least 30 minutes outside in nature, preferably near trees and water



    Goal 2: Nourish My Heart

    • spend quality time with wife and kids; include physical touch (hugs, high fives, snuggling, etc.)
    • speak at least one compliment to my wife daily
    • practice at least one romantic gesture for my wife daily
    • spend time daily reflecting on things that I love
    • listen to music that lifts my heart



    Goal 3: Nourish My Body

    • move my body in fun, dynamic, and challenging ways that feel good
    • eat foods that nourish rather than satisfy (i.e. nutritious whole foods with simple ingredients, no "empty calories")
    • savor what I eat and drink; use all of my senses to truly enjoy it
    • drink more water; no seriously, drink more water
    • listen closely to my body's signals: eat when I feel hungry, rest when I feel tired, be alert when I feel stressed/overwhelmed/irritated/anxious 



    Goal 4: Nourish My Mind

    • read something for at least 20 minutes per day
    • listen to informative and/or inspiring podcasts
    • read at least one scholarly/educational article every day
    • complete the daily requirements on Duolingo
    • complete the daily requirements on Elevate
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  11. Final challenge summary:


    While I wasn't faithful in posting my progress, all things considered I feel good about how I progressed through my goals this challenge. The only part of it I don't feel good about is my nutrition. I snacked far too often on stuff that would be considered empty calories and not conducive with my goals. I already have a plan in place for next challenge to focus on this as a major aspect of my goals.


    I am grateful to those of you who checked in to see how the challenge was going for me. Life continues to be a lot, but I am still in a good headspace to make it through and am looking forward to the next challenge.

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  12. 12 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    How did your week 3 go?


    Not great, at least as far as my challenge goals are concerned. Thank you for checking in.




    • The noise in my head has been overwhelmingly loud lately, but also neutral. I'm not hearing a lot of negative talk, just a lot of jumbled busy memories and sounds and words and voices. I'm assuming it is either my anxiety overwhelming my ADHD, or vice versa.
    • I don't think I meditated during Week 3 at all, unfortunately, which may also be the cause of the above mentioned issues.
    • I did manage to walk outside a few days during my break at work, but most days I was too busy to get out.
    • My diet has been... okay, I guess? I start out good with a simple breakfast and even a decent lunch. But as soon as I get home, I guess the comfort of home makes me hungry? I am more likely to snack and even borderline binge eat something like chips or crackers before dinner. It was exacerbated by the constant stress of keeping up with the kids, doing afternoon and evening chores, cooking dinner, etc. The good news is that dinner is the one meal I can actually slow down and war mindfully, since breakfast and lunch are often eaten at work.
    • I am continuing to read Consolations by David Whyte but also have been digging into The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard.
    • Been saying a mantra in the morning after I wake up: You are worthy of love every day.


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  13. 8 hours ago, Teros said:

    Imagine in 10th grade learning what taxes are and how to do them instead of what's pushed now?




    I try my best to make what I teach relevant to my students' lives, to the real world. I modify writing assignments to match something they may actually have to write outside of school, while also giving them opportunities to be creative and expressive.


    8 hours ago, Teros said:

    Honestly I look at EVERYTHING as 'hours worked'.  $30+ meal?  That's X number of hours worked.  $60 videogame? That's X number of hours worked.


    That's a solid philosophy.

  14. 18 hours ago, Rurik Harrgath said:


    Honestly some of Jocko's best work; as brilliant as it is powerful.


    This whole challenge is solid AF.  Giving me those motivational, feel-good vibes!


    Thank you. And I agree. And it is definitely one of the more practical tools he has offered. And thank you for the compliments. I'm sorry I haven't been more faithful with updates, but I appreciate that you are following.


    1 hour ago, Heidi said:

    I like your goals -- really digging under the surface to lay a solid foundation here. Kind of like feng shui of the soul.

    Feel free to jump into the Meditation Adventure Group chat and spreadsheet. It's a great place to air the "mental noise" 




    Thank you.  That is a very powerful perspective. And I will definitely check out the group.


    Week 2 Update:

    • My thoughts lately have been a steady balance of positive and negative. I reached out to a friend who is also a Rebel and part of this community, and he allowed me to blow up his Messenger with some recent struggles I have been having. Essentially, I am wrestling with some very real emotional dichotomies (if that makes sense), feeling torn apart by polarizing thoughts. I've been living in that tension between wanting to abandon everything and yet not. This is especially true when it comes to education. I still believe in its power, and I still love being a teacher, but damn it rough out there right now. Our kids are drowning in a sea not of their own creation, and they know they're drowning, but many of them have become so familiar with their pain and suffering that it's easier to remain in it than to crawl our or to accept help. And yet, YET I still believe that education (not the system but education/learning) is one of the best ways to heal this struggling generation.
    • Friday, I walked from the high school to my favorite church in the city. It is an impressive stone structure that always catches my eye, most especially because of its steeple, which can be seen from all over the city. I also go there because they have a Little Free Library, and I was curious what books were there. As I was considering grabbing a copy of Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, I heard the call of a red-shouldered hawk (my favorite species of bird) and looked up to see one perched on the steeple. He called a few more times and then flew off behind the building only to circle around and fly right overhead then turn again to land on a nearby tree, where he continued calling. Out loud, I said, "Okay. You got me." And right there I started weeping. I am not exaggerating when I say I almost knelt right there on the sidewalk (and perhaps I should have) as I watched this hawk, his silhouette stark against the vibrant blue sky, wispy clouds, and rising sun. But, to paraphrase Frost, I had promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.


    • I sat in silence for 10 minutes this morning while repeating the word NOSTALGIA in my head, which was the word discussed in the chapter of David Whyte's Consolations that I also read this morning. Some images of childhood memories and toys and people and songs kept creeping up as I sat. But there were also thoughts of both the value and the hindrance of dwelling on the past.
    • I am getting better at eating slowly and mindfully, as well as eating foods that nourish. I am still struggling to drink enough water, mostly because I just get busy and don't have a bottle with me or near me.
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  15. 194e1908dcc36a646a6dfcf8956baf9a.jpg


    Challenge Update:

    • This challenge is starting off rocky as I'm finding myself in a weird mental health place where I feel good until I start to doubt and question some things. This, of course, calls for me to consider the first part of the challenge: pay attention to the noise in my head. Lately, I have been feeling like my wife and kids deserve better. When I hear myself getting snappy or grumpy, I feel this distrust of my ability to be a good husband and father. As a solution, I openly expressed these feelings to my wife, not for reassurance from her but for the sake of stating it out loud and feeling whether or not I truly believe it or if it is simply my mind messing with me. I think what I said to my wife was, "It's one of those days when my mind is telling me you deserve better." She hugged me and said, "You know better than that." She's right. I do.
    • I have consistently sat in silent meditation every morning, paying close attention to my breath and to how my body and mind respond to this silent solitude. I get restless after a little more than 5 minutes, but I've learned that if I remain without judgement, it is possible to let the quiet and stillness really set in.
    • The weather has been unseasonably nice the past few days, so I have enjoyed a couple of mindful walks, including one barefoot walk.
    • My nutrition has been... a mix of bad habits and better habits, if that makes sense. I did eat too much this past weekend and regretted it will both a belly ache and with the scale reading higher than I'd like it to read. But I'm convinced the overeating and the mental health issues are connected.
    • I am continuing to read Consolations by David Whyte in the morning, as well as a few poems from Mary Oliver's collection, Devotions.
    • I plan to write down some mantras to say to myself in the morning during my devotional time, or possibly in the mirror after my shower.


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