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  1. Sylvaa [Hardcore Druid]

    Thank you. Yeah, it's a very "complete" album from the brief riff at the beginning all the way to the bonus track at the end (which is more of the riff at the beginning). It's right up there with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, which starts and ends with a heartbeat with all the tracks in between set to the rhythm of that heartbeat. Side note: I consider Peal Jam the greatest American rock band of my generation.
  2. Sylvaa [Hardcore Druid]

    Pearl Jam? Ten? If so, wow that's a great album. They never topped it. "Black" still gets me.
  3. Sylvaa [Hardcore Druid]

    Hmm... any clues?
  4. Annyshay - Book Two: Earth

    Well done @annyshay.
  5. Sylvaa [Hardcore Druid]

    LOL, woops. Sorry. And those two songs were my favorite Christian rock/alternative songs of the 90's, so there's that (and admittedly, I didn't listen to a lot then either). "Flood" still gives me chills of nostalgia.
  6. Wolfen Becomes a Warrior Elite

    Update (Wednesday): Alarm went off at 4:30. Said the Lord's Prayer, as well as a more personal prayer for my wife. Her biopsy is today. Went back to sleep until 5:30 because Arabella wanted to sleep with her mommy again, so I spent half the night tossing and turning on the couch. Drank a big glass of water. Today was the first fast for Soulcon, so no food for me. Which reminds me: my wife's biopsy was supposed to be last week, but they called and rescheduled it today...the same day as the Soulcon fast/prayer. I don't think that's a coincidence. Went outside shirtless and shoeless with Minnie; did some Primal Body Reboot stretches and joint movements. Hugged and kissed my wife and kids before leaving for work. Made some Ethiopian Yirgecheffe because without food I'm gonna need plenty of good coffee. Completed 40 push-ups at work. The university campus is still pretty much empty, and temps were just above 25 until later in the afternoon, but that did not keep me from walking around campus a few times, making a few trips to the library where I browsed the shelves and picked up a book my Anais Nin. Believe it or not, I knew nothing about her. Turns out she writes erotica. The writing is very direct (a common thing for that time period), but I only made it a few pages. Spent most of the day in my office communicating with a student and her mother about her final assignments for me. This is a student who should be making an A, but her grade dropped to a D because of attendance and not completing assignments near the end of the semester. She admitted that she knows how smart she is, and it scares her. I sent her this quote: Regardless, I did not hit my 10,000 step goal. Just shy of it (9,234). Did not call my mother. No excuses. Just didn't. Fast became harder at dinnertime because I had to cook cocktail weenies for tomorrow's faculty lunch, and my daughter made pizza for all of us; also, my wife brought me a pickled egg, but we put it in the refrigerator. Wife's biopsy went well, although she is sore. We will know the results next week. Studied scripture in the evening with the SPACE method. I think this is a better time because I am more awake, and I have more free time in the evening. New challenge idea: devotional in the morning, scripture study in the evening.
  7. Sylvaa [Hardcore Druid]

  8. Sylvaa [Hardcore Druid]

    @WhiteGhost was a swing dancer, @Tanktimus the Encourager plays guitar, I was lead singer in a grunge rock band...so many revelations on @Sylvaa's board. I feel like we're on the verge of a real breakthrough.
  9. Mastermind

    Glad it intrigues you. Your username has my full attention. InnerFire is the name of Wim Hof's company.
  10. Sylvaa [Hardcore Druid]

    Baby, baby it looks like it's gonna hail...
  11. Sylvaa [Hardcore Druid]

    Well, if that's the direction we're headed: Also, did anyone else dig on the swing revival during the 90's? Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Brian Setzer Orchestra, The Squirrel Nut Zippers. Granted, a lot of those were ohw, but still...
  12. Annyshay - Book Two: Earth

    It is great. But Hamlet is my favorite.
  13. Powering on to Curacao, Continues....

    Bad puns? You have the heart of a lion and a lifetime ban from the zoo. Speaking of zoos, some aquatic mammals escaped from their pen. It was otter chaos. Never borrow shoes from a drug dealer. You're never sure what he laced them with and you'll be tripping all day. You shouldn't trust stairs because they're always up to something. I'm sure a restaurant on the moon would be interesting and the food might be great, but it would lack atmosphere. I had a good pun about murder that would’ve really killed but I’m sure you’re all sick to death of those.