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  1. Wolfen

    [Rebel Pilot Gar] Someday

    I know this feeling. It is only through consistently posting and staying active, both in the boards and through other mediums (Strava has really kept me accountable) that I'm staying out of my hole and into the light (does that sound too cheesy?) You're probably not a TStM fan, but your comment above immediately brought this song to mind: What I have always loved about your challenges is your raw honesty about your struggles. I know you feel like you've failed, but there are so many people who deny they struggle with anything or they wallow in their misery, or worse they wear it like a badge of honor. You don't fit in any of those categories (at least not based on what I have observed). Chin up, press onward. Let me know if I can help in any way.
  2. Wolfen

    [Sylvaa] Double Dips

    I'm being really careful in this area of my marriage, as well, because I have really selfish tendencies (don't most men? I don't know, really). She isn't a runner, and even though she has been supportive it can still be an inconvenience for us. 5k races aren't that expensive, so it's not the money, but it's the time and effort. If she needs me at home to help with the kids, I need to respect that and not let running get in the way. But the other day I was getting irritated because she had a honey-do list that she kept adding to as the evening rolled on, and I had not run yet. It wasn't until about 8:30pm that I had time to run. Well, then she tried to object to me running in the dark. I finally said, "I love you, but I did everything you needed me to do this evening. I have a reflective vest and a headlamp. I'm going for a run. You'll have to trust me." She sighed and agreed. I guess what I'm saying is marriage is sometimes a fair compromise and sometimes it's an unbalanced, unfair one-partner-getting-their-way-while-the-other-has-to-deal-with-the-consequences kind of thing. On a positive note, at least your husband agreed to put the tickets back up for sell. A lot of men would go to the game anyway, no matter whose job made it possible to get the tickets.
  3. Wolfen

    Wolfen Hits the Trails

    Just found out that Charity Miles is giving away a Garmin. It's free to enter and the contest ends on the 25th, so I entered. It's one of those contests where you increase your chances of winning if you share on social media. I go back and forth between really wanting to increase my chances and really not wanting to annoy my friends with a bunch of giveaway links. But I shared anyway because I really want a Garmin.
  4. Wolfen

    [Sylvaa] Double Dips

    Welcome to my club. Really, though, I'm glad things are going well, except for the meetings and work stuff...
  5. Wolfen

    DJH: Continuing to Build Momentum

    Welcome @DJH. I'm kicking it with the Rangers this challenge, but the Adventurers is my real home. I'm glad you're with us. Let me know if I can help you in any way.
  6. Wolfen

    NeverThatBored : You Are What You Repeatedly Do

    Glad you're here @NeverThatBored. Better late than never! Your challenge goals look great! Let me know if I can help in any way.
  7. Wolfen

    Wolfen Hits the Trails

    Week One Day 6 (Saturday) Update: The queen and I had a really good night Friday (nothing like that, just some great talking, laughing, and snuggling, so I set my alarm for 0600 because I knew I wouldn't want to leave our bed. I ended up sleeping in until 0730 decided that today would be an unstructured day in which I allowed for a break from my daily habits and routines drove to Kroger to get some coffee and a bottle of water for my queen; bought a can of coconut water with espresso (yes, that's a real thing, and it's also really good) Breakfast: skipped it 40 push-ups completed took princess Gracelynn to visit her great-grandparents in Teays Valley while I drove to Valley Park in Hurricane. ran 4 miles on mostly trails at Valley Park; the sky was overcast but temperatures were comfortable enough that I ran in a pair of Reebok joggers. Got a little emotional when this song popped up on Spotify during my run (and by emotional I mean I full-on cried--and I think this video just might get me crying again): Finished my run feeling great, even if my pace and time weren't as fast as I would like. I need to remember that trails really are more difficult than pavement, especially ones with plenty of elevation gain (this one had a total of 392 ft. of elevation gain). I started faster than I ended, which could mean I wore myself out too early in the run, but as I said a few of the sections of the trail were fairly steep. went to Bridge Cafe and Bistro after my run and had a cup of coffee with butter, cream, and chocolate protein and a pulled-pork sweet potato pancake topped with Sriracha maple syrup (which is exactly as delicious as it sounds). drank plenty of water (before my run, during my run, and after my run) brought Princess Gracelynn to my mother's while I worked on the house across the street where we will be living next year; a lot of vines and weeds have grown over and up to the house, so I had to climb a ladder to tear much of it down by hand. There is still a lot more work to be done, but I got a lot of it torn off and tossed to the back yard for disposal. Left Gracelynn with my oldest daughter at my mother's and went home to spend some time with my queen. We laid around in the bed and talked more. Dinner: pot roast Planning to relax and read a bit more of The Spartan Way before bed.
  8. Wolfen

    Wolfen Hits the Trails

    Thank you. I am glad, as well. Week One Day 5 (Friday): 0445 wakeup; reset alarm until 0515 because my head was hurting said the Lord's Prayer, as well as a more personal prayer for my wife and daughters watched the Lumo Project videos for Luke Chapter 4. Did not journal. 40 push-ups completed. I've been neglecting the burpees, and today was no exception; I need to decide if I'm going to drop them from my challenge or take them seriously. took the dogs outside, and I was shirtless and shoeless took a shower (2 mins. warm, 4 mins. cold) Two WHM breath rotations, but I did not time them drank plenty of water Breakfast: skipped it took the little princesses to school and took Princess Bianca to my mother's. Read from one of my textbooks for one of my graduate classes; I won't say it was interesting, but it was useful. I also listened to a bit more of Running With Raven. Lunch: chocolate protein shake with peanut butter texted my buddy Rick to check up on his knee; he had just finished a run and said it barely bothered him during the run I intended to run in the afternoon during my lunch and planning, but my headache worsened to a migraine. I left work early and went home to rest. Took a binaural power nap in hopes that my migraine would ease. Thirty minutes later I did feel better. picked the little princesses up from the bus stop because my queen was on her way to get Princess Aryanna from the university to spend the weekend at home as soon as my queen returned, Princess Aryanna agreed to spend time with the other princesses while the queen and I went out for dinner and ran some errands. Dinner was a relaxing dinner at Red Lobster with my queen. I allowed myself one bottle of Sam Adams Octoberfest. Our appetizer was the Langostino lobster-artichoke-and-seafood dip and salads. I ordered the Southwest Style lobster tacos and the Dragon broccoli. My queen created her own combo with shrimp linguini Alfredo, shrimp scampi, and sirloin steak. I am grateful for: my queen and her smile, food that is much better than expected, seasonal beers.
  9. Wolfen

    Wolfen Hits the Trails

    Week One Day Four (Thursday) Update: My alarm went off at 0430, so I knelt and said the Lord's Prayer, as well as a more personal prayer for my family and for myself. Then I reset my alarm for 0530 wakeup because I was up late working on schoolwork and once again Princess Arabella woke us up, and I had to sleep on the couch. did not read scripture or journal but watched the Lumo Project video clips for Luke Chapter 3. took the dogs outside, and I was shirtless and shoeless 40 push-ups completed shower (2 mins. warm, 4 mins. cold) drank plenty of water 20,825 steps busy, busy, busy day between teaching, schoolwork, coming home to take care of my mentor's chickens, mowing the lawn, doing dishes, running errands, and then I had to take Princess Bianca to urgent care because she hurt her foot playing football with friends (no broken bones, just bruised). So I did not get to run until after dark. I managed 2.5 miles in just over 25 minutes. no brain break or WHM breathing today heard a song on XM Radio that I haven't heard in a while: "Bent" by Matchbox 20. It brought back memories. listened to more of Running With Raven. read a blog post about the risk than women face when running alone; it referred to the murder of Mollie Tibbetts, who was attacked and killed during her evening jog in July this year. The post was directed at men, calling on them to be decent human beings and just minding our own damn business, not approaching a strange girl and expecting her to stop her workout to give you her attention. greeted a few people on campus and most returned my greeting. wish I could say I went to bed on time, but... I won't...
  10. Wolfen

    Wolfen Hits the Trails

    "... we discovered that we can do more than we ever thought we could do..."
  11. Wolfen

    Wolfen Hits the Trails

    Maybe it's a "home" thing? I'm not European, and I've never traveled out of the U.S., so what I mean is Europeans feel that tea is something you have in your home, and you serve it to guests, like it's an intimate friendship/family bonding kind of thing?
  12. Wolfen

    Wolfen Hits the Trails

    Good to know. I definitely recommend it. The girls are home from school today (teacher meetings all day, no school), so I actually had time to stop at Cafe Crema and get a cold brew and a banana/Nutella liege waffle. When I got to work I took a walk alone across campus to East Hall and read a bit of We Stood Upon Stars by Roger W. Thompson. If you've been following my challenges for a while, you know this was my usual morning routine until recently. It was nice to have some quiet time to myself, reading a book I really love, and listening to music that calmed my mind. I may be a ghost today because I have a lot of schoolwork to do. I'll have to squeeze in some time to run and hopefully get an update tonight.
  13. Wolfen

    Wolfen Hits the Trails

    Yeah, that makes sense. I'm also going to work on my core and do some upper-body work.
  14. Wolfen

    Students Gonna Ranger: The Back to School Ranger Mini Challenge

    Successfully completed 30 push-ups in one set rather than my usual 20-25 after doing a Wim Hof Method breath hold. This video explains a little more:
  15. Wolfen

    Wolfen Hits the Trails

    Don't be sorry! I love the conversation. That's why I posted the coffee shop discussion. So often our challenge boards can be one-sided or all about us; I prefer dialogue and conversation. Feel free to hijack anytime. :-) Week One Day Three Update: 0430 wakeup (and feeling really great!) said the Lord's Prayer by my bedside, as well as a more personal prayer for my wife and daughters and for guidance through my day read more of the Gospel of Luke and journaled after reading using the SPACE method watched two clips of the Lumo Project's production of the Gospel of Luke read the Soulcon daily challenge completed 40 push-ups Two rotations of WHM breathing (1:50 and 2:13) took the dogs outside, and I was not wearing a shirt or shoes drank enough water cold shower (2 mins. warm, 4 mins. cold) 15,465 steps I know I'm a little off my running schedule, but I decided to use today as a rest day since my thighs are sore from yesterday's workout. My buddy Rick recommended weighted lunges rather than doing squats with the Smith machine. I think @Sylvaa and I may have had a discussion once about the Smith machine and how it is not ideal. Another friend told me today that it's bad for your form because it moves in a straight line rather than allowing for balance and adjustments like when lifting barbells. I'm not a weightlifter, so I don't know the validity of this. This article calls the Smith machine "one of the biggest mistakes in strength training equipment" and offers some solid reasons. passed a few people while walking around campus and said, "Hello." Most returned my greeting, and a few even looked surprised. I always love that look, but it makes me both happy and sad because I can tell they're not used to a stranger greeting them in such a genuinely friendly way. Breakfast: four-egg omelet with spinach, mushrooms, turkey and cheese topped with salsa Lunch: whey protein shake made with water and added peanut butter Dinner: 10 buffalo wings (not breaded) dipped in bleu cheese dressing did not listen to Running With Raven today, but I did read some of The Spartan Way. listened to an episode of The Order of Man podcast; Ryan Michler interviewed Jocko Willink, and they talked about the dichotomy of leadership. also listened to the below playlist that I am in love with because of its 80's retro vibe: worked for a few hours at the movie theater cleaning auditoriums; it was another easy night until we got a small rush for the special showing of Dawn Wall, a rock climbing documentary. I am grateful for: artists that create music that makes me feel something, having an easy part-time job, being in tune with my body and knowing when to rest chatted with a friend from Portland, as well as my buddy Rick, who is eager to start running again but is having problems with his knee. ready for bed soon (it's currently 2150 in WV).