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  1. Week 1, Day 6 (Friday): Took Minnie outside and did some movements that resembled very amateur tai-chi mixed with animal flow; finished with deep squat and breathing while looking up at the early morning stars. Breakfast: coffee with grass-fed butter Parked at the middle of campus so that I could walk across campus to my office; I anticipated a busy day and worried I might not get out of the office (I was mostly right, btw). A colleague and I had to travel to the board office and meet with our boss to finalize our evaluations. I offered to drive and even picked her up right next to the building where our office is located. She wanted to give me gas money, but I declined. After our meeting, she bought me lunch instead. My colleague is older than my mother, but it was nice to chat with her about her youth and learn that while we are generations apart, both of us came from families who struggled financially but managed to make it work. She told me I have a lot in common with her own children who are only a little older than me. Lunch: a Wendy's double-stack burger with spring mix, onion, pickle, tomato, mustard and ketchup. Also ordered a cup of Honest tropical green tea (green tea, mango, pineapple, and light sugar). At work I snacked on some trail mix with cashews, pecans, almonds, cranberries, pineapple, coconut chips, and beef jerky. Held a navasana (boat) pose for 60 seconds (although I think my boat looked like it was sinking). Did not get a chance to walk across campus today, but we opened the blinds and windows in the office to enjoy the warm spring air and sunshine. Worked with my mentor today: used the leaf blower to blow off his front and back porches, as well as the garage and driveway. Took Arabella (5) to her gymnastics class; I rarely get to do this since I usually work Friday evenings at the movie theater. However, today my wife had class and I got to take Arabella to gymnastics. She does really well on the balance beam and loves doing backbends and attempting handstands and cartwheels (which she can almost do perfectly). After gymnastics, I took the little ones, Arabella and Gracelynn (6) and Bianca (13) to my grandpa's. They are all aware of the news (although the little ones don't quite understand), so we will probably be visiting him more often. He is still his usual self, other than the congestion in his lungs that won't go away, and he is back on oxygen. But as soon as we opened the door, he was the first to say "Hello!" I wish I could demonstrate how he says this in typed words, but I can't. He kind of draws the word out and here's a stress and rise in pitch just before the "L" sound that just can't be shown in text. You'd have to hear it to love it like I do. He's said it that way for as long as I've known him (which is my entire life). Made some tea from freshly-picked peppermint with ACV, honey, and ginger. Took a hot bath because I needed to soak. Listened to "Broken Photosynthesis" by Kyle Preston as part of my mindful music challenge against the Doodlies.
  2. Thank you. We actually spent some time with him this evening. As of right now he is his usual self with the exception of some chest congestion that he just can't cough up. But we talked, watched a bit of East of Eden on TCM, and he worked a word search puzzle while the girls played in the back room.
  3. I more meant that I'm terrified that someone trusts my judgement enough to call me their sensei. Just kidding. I am honored. Thank you.
  4. Wow. Thank you. I don't know whether to feel honored or terrified. It's really good. I've read it before, and I'm a big fan of Frank Forencich. The set-up and theme are really interesting. He very much embraces the "life as a dojo" metaphor and teaches a lot of great lessons on embracing life (especially physically). If you're not familiar with Frank's idea of the "long body" you should look that up. He touches on that, as well.
  5. Thank you! The catch is that most of the time when I'm in my yard I am barefoot.
  6. Woo!
  7. Woot!
  8. You're damn right it is.
  9. Every win is one step closer to victory! Well done!
  10. Week 1, Day 5 (Thursday): Took the dogs for a short barefoot walk; did some "tai-chi" exercises and squatted low to the ground while looking up at the early morning stars. This time of year, you can see the Big Dipper early in the morning. Breakfast: oatmeal with quinoa and barley, drizzled with a bit of honey. Sat quietly alone in my office in the dim morning light. Did 10 clapping pushups next to my desk to get my day started. Managed a brief outside workout, sprinting in minimalist shoes, vaults over benches, dips, and used a low (just above waist height) brick wall for muscle-ups, crawls, and various other body-weight exercises. Walked across campus, smiling and greeting people, focusing on the feel of my feet and legs while walking. Today was the health/fitness expo: sampled some Young Living essential oils, got a mid-back and shoulder massage, climbed a rock wall, shot a bow, and learned a lot about heart health, cancer research, and how to cook healthy on the cheap. Late lunch/early dinner: leftover soup with turkey broth, diced tomato, corn, peas, carrots, onion, turnip greens, sausage with feta cheese and spinach, and spices. Made some tea with sorrel, dandelion, ACV, honey and ginger. Listened to and sang "Simple Man" (the Shinedown version) as part of my challenge against the Doodlies. I freaking love that song, and I can karaoke the $#!+ out of it. Worked with my mentor, hauling stones from his dirt pile and tossing them over the hill to the riverbank (upper-body workout, yeah!). Mowed my yard, breathing deeply and focusing on that crisp smell of freshly cut grass. Watched the sunset while standing barefoot in my backyard. BONUS POINTS: Read the first chapter of Beautiful Practice by Frank Forencich.
  11. I'm actually going to the beach in early June...but it's a family trip, so no offense to you guys...
  12. Wedding is still on though, right? It's not been THAT rough of a week, right?
  13. Woah. That's one heck of a heads up. Possible side effect: hallucinations (and not the fun kind).
  14. Well done @Bouncer the Resilient.