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  1. That's what I don't understand. There are so many people who have a great deal of faith in charter schools, even though they realize that their child might not qualify, the school is not required to make its expenses public, it can hire anyone it wants as faculty and staff, and it could close at any time if deemed unsuccessful (which basically means it costs more money than it earns). If they even knew how often charter schools trickle public funds to already wealthy individuals (i.e. rich white men) who lobby for politicians to make laws that maintain this system. In more affluent areas, charter schools may serve the community well, but in an already very poor state like WV, with most of the state's population either at or below the poverty line, they would do more harm than good. UPDATE: I misspoke. Teachers are striking again tomorrow because there is a rumor that tomorrow the House may call for a Motion to Reconsider, which would put the vote for the bill up again.
  2. Good news! The House killed the bill, so the strike is over. No clue if our Senate will ever revisit the issues in future bills, but for now this is a victory for our state.
  3. If you recall, WV teachers went on strike last year. This new bill was introduced and pushed by senators who were strongly opposed to last year's strikes. Within the bill, there is a raise for teachers, but there are also several elements that would defund several public school programs and open charter schools across the state. The bill also provides an Education Savings Account (ESA) of up to $3200 annually to parents who educate their child through various means other than public education. This includes private schools, online education, homeschooling, and tutoring. So essentially the bill devalues public education and pushes for and rewards privatized and charter schooling. Outside lobbying groups, including Americans for Prosperity (founded by billionaire Koch Brothers) have already spoken about their interest in charter schools in West Virginia. While I realize there are successful charter schools all over the country, in almost every state with a mostly rural population, the results have been negative. There is a really good article from Forbes titled "The Promises Charter Schools Don't Make" that lays out issues with charter schools that would be really harmful to West Virginia's students.
  4. Well... the teachers in West Virginia are on strike again. I won't be joining them, though, not because I don't support the strike but because our program partners with the university. If the university is having classes, we are having classes. Rather than typing everything out, you can read more about it here. Update: 0440 wakeup said the Lord's prayer, as well as a more personal prayer for guidance and to be present to the needs of others today listened to the daily prayer on the Pray as You Go app completed the daily dare: 2 minutes of raised arm circles (1 min. forward, 1 min. backward) three sessions of WHM breathing (2:10, 2:15, 2:24) and a cold shower (2 minutes warm, 3:45 cold) no push-ups today; I think I slept on my arm wrong, and my elbow has been hurting since this morning. I didn't want to exacerbate it. continuing to read All About Love and started listening to the audiobook version of The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning. listened to an episode of the Freedom Road podcast in which host Lisa Sharon Harper interviewed Civil Rights Movement legend Ruby Nell Sales; I was blown away by Ruby's authority and grace and I learned a lot about the movement and how its history should impact how we view civil rights and liberties today. I felt super-productive at work today. I sorted through our students' online accounts to determine who was behind on online work, made a list, and shared it with the other teacher mentors so they could touch base with the students. got my assignments submitted for this week; next week's might be a challenge if the teachers are still on strike, since one of the assignments is a field placement, and I would need to work with a principal.
  5. Thank you so much, @annyshay. It is always great to see you. And yes, a lot has been going on. So much that Week One was pretty much a fail. But I'll do a quick update of my goals: * 0445 wakeup Monday-Friday: 3/5 days * run at least three days a week: 3/3 days * complete a Darebee daily dare every morning: 5/7 days (goal: at least 50 daily dares in a row <--- reached), as well as an Epic Five workout 0/7 * be able to complete 50 push-ups in one go (still not there yet): 4/7 days of daily push-ups * continue Wim Hof breathing, exercises, and cold showers: 4/7 days * continue daily prayer/meditation: 5/7 days * study scripture daily: 5/7 days * post to Nerd Fitness and Darebee regularly (at least three days/week): 3/3 * work on Duolingo daily: 0/7 days So right now I'm sitting at 53% for goal success after this week. Not good. But I can celebrate some small victories. Yesterday I ran one of the toughest 5k workouts ever in the mountains above my home town where I will be moving this summer. It was only a 3.3 mile run, but I intentionally took a route that climbed almost 400 feet in the first mile with a total of 769 feet of elevation gain for the entire run. It was up, down, up, down for most of the run. I had to stop a few times because my heart was beating so hard. The entire run took 46 minutes, and my average pace was 13:51/mile. These mountains provide the best view of the town, the river, and parts of the other town across the river. I also started taking quick walks around campus when I have free time. Twice this week I walked across to Wallace Hall, which is the tallest building on campus with 9 floors and an elevator shaft. There are two sets of stairs, and one of them goes all the way up to the elevator shaft floor. It is a total of 20 flights of stairs. I walked all the way up to 10, then down to 9, then walked across to the other set of stairs and walked them down to the first floor. I helped diffuse a potentially volatile situation at work this week between a teacher and a student. They were both at fault in their own way; the student was being defiant, but the teacher also overreacted. I spoke with the student, and my supervisor spoke with the teacher. I think everything is smoothed out now. This teacher, though, she has some real issues that lead me to question whether she is fit for the classroom. She's smart and knows her content for sure, but her interactions with students can be... tense. She is very on edge and nervous, and the students can feel it. They either take advantage of it and see if they can push her buttons, or she makes them nervous, or she overreacts to a question they ask or to anything that resembles a challenge or defiance. I could say a lot more about this lady, but even on here I want to keep it professional. I don't like gossip because it often changes the attitude of the gossiper. I am fortunate to be working with teachers who know their content area really well, and they work hard to give students a unique learning experience that mimics a university setting. I said my own goodbyes to my uncle this week, even if I couldn't make it to his memorial service. I reminisced some of the times I sat by the lake with him and Papaw, fishing poles in the water, just relaxing and talking. I was a young'n then, but they both accepted me as one of the guys. Uncle Carl taught me an easier way to bait a nightcrawler. He laughed so hard at me after Papaw told me to catch a cicada and try fishing with it, and I almost fell in the lake trying to get one. I remember when he reeled in a fish that was pregnant with eggs, and it sprayed them all over him once it reached land. I remember the time he accidentally hooked a duck when he was casting, and even though we laughed I could tell it bothered him because he was worried he'd hurt the duck. I have one more assignment due tomorrow for one of my classes. I'm digging this program. I Skyped one of my professors Thursday, and he was really helpful and surprisingly hilarious. He joked about the workload and invited me to bring him coffee or breakfast sometime since his office is just across the river from mine. Well, here's to a better Week 2. Hope all is well with everyone else.
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    [Sylvaa] - EXTREME!!!!

    He is precious. I'll bet he's a happy baby.
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    [Sylvaa] - EXTREME!!!!

    Pics! We want pics! If that's okay, of course.
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    [Sylvaa] - EXTREME!!!!

    That is a beautiful story. I remember after my grandmother died of Alzheimers, a lot of my aunts and uncles shared stories of growing up and how they didn't like my grandpa very much. He wasn't their real father, so there was some resistance there. But as they aged and they saw how devoted he was to my grandmother, and especially as they saw how he cared for her as the disease worsened, their feelings toward him changed. Thank you or sharing this. Hope all is well.
  9. Wolfen

    Gryffinkat returns to the fray!

    Welcome @gryffinkat! I love the direct simplicity of your challenge goals. No one knows what you need better than you. We're glad to have you. Let me know if I can help in any way.
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    Taming the Beast

    I'm so confused. So... your address is more important than your relationship with the church? I was going to type out a long rant about how, as a leader in the church, that's a pretty messed up way to represent the Jesus he claims to follow. But you already know that. I wouldn't have punched the man, but we would have had words for sure (after the ceremony, of course). I also would have gone above his head and spoken with someone else about his behavior and how it is impacting your decision of whether or not that church is the right place for you, your family, and your family's money (sorry, that last one may have come from a bitter place). In all seriousness, brother, I am glad the "worst" part is over and that your family had the opportunity to say goodbye. I both love and loathe funerals. I love them at their purest form when loved ones are allowed to express their grief in healthy ways, openly and unashamedly, whether through tears or anger or laughter, because they really can be a raw and honest way to find closure. But I also hate them because they're often so sanitized and controlled and organized and people get so worked up about upsetting other people, like if Aunt Gertrude wants to start bawling because she really is agonized over the loss, but someone shushes her or takes her into another room because her crying might upset Aunt Donna. I remember a scene from the show Six Feet Under that talked a bit about this: Hang in there, my friend. Message me if you need to talk more deeply about things but don't want to post them here.
  11. Hello fellow Adventurers! If you followed my last challenge, you know the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. I began well with the Darebee Hero's Journey challenge, while also composing a story to match the challenge. However, after starting work for my Masters degree and as the semester really got started, my schedule filled up quickly, so I had to pare some things down in order to stay active and still get things done. So, my goals are simplified and very much like last challenge: Short-Term Goals: * 0445 wakeup Monday-Friday * run at least three days a week * complete a Darebee daily dare every morning (goal: at least 50 in a row), as well as an Epic Five workout * be able to complete 50 push-ups in one go (still not there yet) * continue Wim Hof breathing, exercises, and cold showers * continue daily prayer/meditation * study scripture daily * post to Nerd Fitness and Darebee regularly (at least three days/week) * work on Duolingo daily (this one got away from me, as well) Long-Term Goals: * finish Educational Leadership Masters degree * train in a martial art * learn how to properly shoot a gun (possibly concealed carry training) * run a Spartan race and/or a long trail race (at least 25k) And if I have the opportunity to get back to Hero's Journey and the story, I promise I'll get back to it. Maybe a few chapters will trickle in during this challenge. Thanks everyone for your patience and support.
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    The Trading Post

    Welcome to the Adventurers guild. This is what we like to call the trading post. This is the place where Adventurers and guests can gather for general chat and for trading ideas, motivation, music, and stories of your adventures. If you're new to the Adventurers or here as a guest, welcome to our guild and please introduce yourself. The guild leaders are myself, @Sylvaa, and @Teros, so please feel free to message one of us if you have questions about the guild and the forum.