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  1. BOOOOOOOOMMMM http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/37868-starbucks-ladies-be-lifting-a-sisters-getting-swole-challenge/ Also, word to letting go of tiny clothes. I am realizing that if anything, I am just going to keep going up in pant sizes, because my quads and glutes are going to be out. Of. Control.
  2. Assassins, hear my rallying cry. My older sister, IrishAmazon, is rejoining the online Nerdfitness community for this challenge, which is great. But she is doing it to test me, to push the boundaries of my badassitude and to claim renown as Swolest of Them All. As her nemesis, Viper Pilot Extrordanaire, Boulder Monkey, High Inquistor of Cats, Pharoah of Phunk, and Captain of Team Me, I cannot allow this arrogance to grow unhindered and unchallenged. Worst of all, she's not even an assassin. Pfft! The winner of this challenge is awarded a prize, in the form of foam roller or lifting straps. Ne
  3. Excellent workout. Yes, I am pulling for you, because I am that magnanimous. And I haven't posted my thread yet, but only because I figured you could use a head start.
  4. Thank you!!! Last week was super great in terms of workouts, this past week not so much. But I'm not worried about it, because I am in DC visiting my parents and sister and am about to go to the gym with the latter to engage in some sisterly bonding with barbells. Last week I lifted four times, and felt way more confident in all of my lifts than I anticipated. There's some form stuff I need to work on, so I'll be having my sister help me with that tonight and also some of the trainers at work when I get back to NYC. I am also performing poetry on Sunday night for the first time at a v
  5. Thank you sir, yeah, I feel like my grasp on time is unsteady at best. I can't believe it's been five weeks. Preach! Incredibly relevant/applicable here. So I'm still here! I looked back over my goals and realized I made a rookie mistake in that I overloaded myself. I honestly didn't think I was, but I was. I am eating more, definitely, and I am seeing some progress in the upper body department (two shaky chin ups!). Obviously, there hasn't been a lot of consistency in my life of late, which has not helped, but things are starting to settle down. The new job is going really well, and I'v
  6. I love it Vector, good stuff! I definitely have a few friends who would reaaalllly dig your work, I will be sure to share it with them.
  7. WHOA. Two weeks just flashed before my eyes, what the what. Thank you, all, for the job congrats! I officially start tomorrow and I am utterly terrified. It's an incredibly detail oriented job that involves both data input and tracking and customer service and it's just a totally new dimension for me and I'm having tons of anxiety about it, and my life in general, but trying really hard to think positively. Bad news: I have to let my Brooklyn Boulders membership expire because I'm so broke. This really bums me out, but I will use that extra time to work on strength building. Good news: I'
  8. Whew, I had a super crazy weekend with lots of cool developments and rad-tastic workouts. I am very, very excited to announce that I got a new job, WORKING AT A GYM. That's right, yours truly will be officially moving away from the black hole that is nightlife service industry and will be starting a full-time job working at a really high-end gym. I will essentially be the person who reviews and maintains and edits all of the schedules between clients and their trainers (and this gym makes most of its money from personal training packages, so most of its clients have trainers, and thus my job
  9. Hey there! Love all the cold shower chatter. I wouldn't worry now about whether or not you'll stick with them; just focus on your day-to-day. Before you know it, the 30 days will be up, and you will know if you want to keep doing them. I personally found that I was just so used to it at that point that now hot showers are usually too hot and I don't like how relaxed I feel after them (so I almost only do them at night now, before bed, if at all). But that's just me! Your body might take longer to adjust, or faster. Most importantly, if after 30 days you feel really benefited, keep going! If yo
  10. Ahaha, silleh kittehs.... And this is! Though this guy's 90's boyband microphone slays me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBduPZ2GRAU
  11. Yesterday was Legs and Climbing, and oh sweet baby Moses. I has the sore again. I'm a little surprised but also incredibly pleased because that means I'm really busting behind in a way that I have not for some time. I did a two-circuit legs-centric bodyweight workout, Warm Up with jumpings jacks, leg swings, mountain-climbers, light stretching. BWSquat: 20, 20 Plyo DeadLift(this needs a better descriptor...I shall call it a Buzz Lightyear.): 35s R 40 s L; 35 L, 30 R (works out to approx 10-12 jumps per leg, but I'm measuring time instead of reps because it's more like an active yoga pose, i
  12. Sea Level returns....this pleases me. I've had a hard time with consistency and finishing my challenges, so I feel you. But the community is always here, which is so freaking awesome. Glad you're back! And kick ass workout! I look forward to a day that I type "crow-tripod-headstand" and don't shudder in fear, haha.
  13. Church, DOOD, it's good to see you on here. You're walking uphill in the snow this time around, but that's okay, it will just make you more of a badass than you already are. And OW re: shoulders....you just...popped them back? Hooray for home surgery, hahah. Glad they're feeling better, though. And word on goal #3, I haven't been active on the boards in ages and I know it helps me a lot when I am, so, that's an unofficial goal for me too!
  14. CHUURRCCCH MY MANZ! Thanks dude, and thanks for the message! I kept meaning to respond, but you know how it is. Anyway, much appreciated on all counts You rock.
  15. You're a beast! That's awesome; good call on your part to just avoid temptation all together and skip the beer tent. I've been working pretty hard to cut back my booze intake, but that is not easy. Also in part because in social situations I use sipping on something a way to calm my nerves if anxiety is kicking in (which combined with alcohol is usually a very poor method), so I basically just try to make sure I ALWAYS have a glass of water in my hand. Makes it easier. ^ yup x a thousand
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