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  1. Thanks @RedStone I am transitioning to a Primal diet, started doing the bodyweight workout, elliptical, and yoga twice a week each. I also want to get back into kickboxing and archery. I think my SO's issue is that when I was fit he felt I was out of his league. Never mind the fact that we asked each other out at the same time and have been together exclusively for 8 years.
  2. I'm a noob and I've never been officially diagnosed but I have some serious self hate that is getting in the way of my weight loss goals. I went from my dad forcing me to overeat- to living a healthy lifestyle with my mom- to adopting my husband's life of take out and no exercise. I've cycled between only eating when I'm being watched and eating everything in the house. I usually start bingeing when I decide I want to lose weight and if I tell my husband he brings home all kinds of junk food and wants nothing but fast food. I really want to stop the cycle and live a healthy life to b
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