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  1. Excellent work on Camel pose - you've made a big improvement!
  2. Update on progress so far: Sunday I did 75 minutes of Ashtanga in the morning although it was at 8:30, not 6:30 - I'm not too fussed on the timings for now but they'll be a focus for next month. I walked about 1hr30mins, though I kept forgetting to switch my stopwatch on, so may have been a little more than that. I ate paleo except I had a paneer (cheese) curry for dinner - not too bad really, it's hard for me here because I don't eat meat here and there was no fish on the menu this day so I picked the cheese option. No evening yoga as I was still out and about
  3. Thanks for the welcome! Great work on your progress so far - I like how you've assigned points to your goals. So, onto the yoga ... Your crow pose before and afters are actually two different yoga poses though a lot of people get them confused for the same. The 'before' picture is kakasana (crow 'kaka' pose 'asana'), the 'after' picture is bakasana (crane 'baka' pose 'asana). The difference in the poses is the arms - arms bent for crow, arms straight for crane. So you've actually learnt two poses - double points! For both poses the hips should be as high as possible with a slight c
  4. Hey, I'm new but have been reading your posts about your yoga challenge. It's really cool that your focusing on one asana at a time - how good is the feeling when you hold bakasana for the first time! It was one of the first poses in yoga that I saw and thought 'no way' but if you trust yourself it's completely do-able. Sure you'll be transitioning from bakasana into sirasana II in no time. How's your work on ustrasana? Your picture shows that you're already almost there in the pose. If you need any adjustment advice (what I can see from the pic) let me know Lizzie
  5. Hi, I'm brand new to the forums although I've been a long time NF reader. I'm a bit late to the party for this month's challenge but I'd rather start now than wait two weeks. A little background - I'm currently in India on a 7 month 'holiday', in February I'll be completing an intensive Yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh. My usual routine in the UK involves a yoga class 3/4 times a week, daily swimming, and weights. I mainly eat a paleo diet, although I've been gradually moving towards not eating land animals every day. So, here in India it's been really tough to
  6. Hey, I've just joined NF so I hope you don't mind me commenting. Your goals sound really good, I like the money challenge - it's amazing how much we spend on non-essentials. I know a good bedtime yoga routine you can do with little ones if it's something you'd be interested in? I do it with my friends kid all the time, who has behavioural issues, and he loves it. Good luck
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