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  1. otterbyte's third time pays all

    ya, it seems like the progression is: TKD: stay over there where I can kick you! MT: ok, now you're too close, I will elbow your face. BJJ: aaaaand we're on the ground now, so I'm just gonna kneel on your neck.
  2. otterbyte's third time pays all

    Yep, I'm in the USA, on the east coast near DC. The school we go to does TKD for the kids and Muay Thai for the adults. For the last almost 2 years, they've offered a fitness kickboxing class which does the basic MT punches and kicks on freestanding heavy bags, plus lots of conditioning work. @Bighara and I did that class for a little over a year, then switched to the MT class. We have a *lot* of pads. Usually after the warmup and conditioning, we pair off and one person puts on gloves and shin guards, and the other puts on a belly band and large muay thai pads. Then the striker practices combos (punches, kicks, blocks) while the catcher either just catches the punches or 'attacks' so the striker can defend. At the end of the class, we'll often have some free sparring (both partners with gloves and shin guards), but as a orange (2nd) belt, I mostly stick to practicing what we've done in class. The black belts will often go ahead and put on their headgear, chest protectors, and mouthguards and go to town. They are an enthusiastic bunch, even though most of them are 40+, and they go *fast*. It will be a while and I'll have to be a lot more certain of my technique before I even bother buying the extra protective gear, 'cause I don't plan on needing it anytime soon.
  3. Peelout restarts KH2

    I was! But a bit later in the day. The head instructor taught class last night and he is super intense (but also very sweet). There were a lot of junior belts in class for a change - usually it's just @Bighara and me and maybe one other - so he taught a fundamentals class. I was very grateful!
  4. Juliebarkley digs her way out

    Yay! So future you can thank past you for making such good choices.
  5. Starstuff Wars: Return of the Jedi

    Oh man, that's gotta be rough. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I'll look for the lightsaber but I'm afraid the kids took it...
  6. The Arruvia Conspiracy - Beast Mode

    Many times, in high school, mind you, I'd do something like a calculus problem and get all the math right except the part where I added 2 + 3 to get 6. And I was far from the only one. I think this is just a human thing?
  7. Peelout restarts KH2

    Ya, it's hard when you're getting that dopamine rush of watching the numbers go down to remember that the ultimate goal is a steady-state, and slow progress is the kind that has the most power to stick. Now I'm off to try to get that message pounded into my own head...
  8. Cataleya, Ninja Extraordinaire

    Hey! Congratulations to the bride and groom! And all the folks I know who've opted for a smaller, simpler wedding have been uniformly happy they made that choice.
  9. Asa Pond - Boot Camp

    +1 this. I tell my kids that growing up can be scary, and yes, there's a lot more responsibility, but with that comes the freedom of being able to "just do you" and not worry about how you look. And also, being a lot more tolerant of other people's foibles, because you know, we all have those, amirite?
  10. dancezwithkittehz finds some normalcy

    <spit-take> 185?!! I'm sitting here doing 70# and feeling virtuous! No wonder you guys rip your calluses! I bow down in humble admiration....
  11. Red1263 Chases the Mysidian Rabbit!

    Errrr... Riiiight.... Pharmaceutical drugs.... Not back alley drugs, like Eyes of Newt or Xanax.... Right.... While in our house, when we talk about 'front-loading', we mean taking our Advil before we go to Muay Thai instead of after. I seem to recall it once meant something else, but that was so long ago....
  12. RogueLibrarian: there is no try

    Apologies. Speaking of which...