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    so you guys drop a lot of e, dont you?
  2. you all seem very adamant about this. obviously im drinking juice with no sugar added, no 'natural flavours' even. its entirely composed of fruit parts, or sometimes i buy juice from concentrate which is fruit parts plus water. is the issue that it doesnt make me 'feel full'? maybe my lack of understanding is due to the fact that im not trying to lose weit. is that relevant? or is it the liver thing 1fever talked about? (sorry for getting your name backwards last time, dude.)
  3. howdy vancouverite. my hometown is victoria, tho im currently a rover. i want to live in vancouver next year and keep some urban bees. what neiborhood do you call home?

  4. abraki


    i have a growler (half full) of wine, and when i finish it im gonna make mead with honey pulled fresh from the hive. i think mead was the first alcoholic beverage, and may have even existed in the paleolithic age.
  5. thanks a lot, fever1! the bit about the liver disease is a revelation. quoted on wikipedia: ...every cell in the body can metabolize glucose. However, all fructose must be metabolized in the liver. The livers of the rats on the high fructose diet looked like the livers of alcoholics, plugged with fat and cirrhotic...When fructose reaches the liver, the liver goes bananas and stops everything else to metabolize the fructose. Eating fructose instead of glucose results in lower circulating insulin and leptin levels, and higher ghrelin levels after the meal. Since leptin and insulin decrease appetite and ghrelin increases appetite, some researchers suspect that eating large amounts of fructose increases the likelihood of weight gain. however, i wonder if the evidence for this is contaminated by the corn industry lobby. im still gonna eat fruit before refined sugar. but i think i will go back to grapefruit instead of orange. as for my current habits, all ive changed is that i try not to eat fruit after lunch. i usually eat 2 apples every day, one chopped into oatmeal for breakfast and one with peanut butter for lunch (or second breakfast). i pretty much just drink juice when i first wake up. like ive said before, im not worried about my weit at all. id like to gain a bit, and i think i have been since upping my meat dose-- im certainly getting more muscle definition. anyway, youve scared me enuf with the liver/insulin thing that im gonna involuntarily start to shift. just gotta find something to wake me up in the morning. also, as long as im in florida, fruit is seasonal year round.
  6. i havent worried about my weit since i was about 20 and cut down on the meat. its stable and healthy. im doing enuf physical labour that my soft winter belly is hardening up too. the only problem im having rite now is my skin is breaking out. it hasnt been this bad since i was a teenager. i blame the meat! i dont have to impress anybody with my face for a few months, so i will see if it stabilizes. but maybe im a natural vegan. eggs make me fart. i dont eat much nuts, im too cheap. i eat sunflower seeds, maybe a pound a week. thanks for your wisdom! i will start to think of juice as a 'vice' and see how it goes.
  7. abraki


    pistacho is the best flavour of ice cream.
  8. ive been vegetarian or mostly vegetarian for a lot of years. i decided to switch to paleo, or something approaching it, mostly because i dont have the kitchen facilities to cook the dishes im used to. so far, 'going paleo' means eating meat or eggs every meal-- with lots of carrots, yams, onions, and greens, as ive always done-- and skipping any notion of bread, rice, etc. (tho im gonna get to that quinoa on the shelf eventually.) problem: i find myself eating A LOT of fruit. juice (fresh orange or grapefruit) several times a day, 2 or more apples per day, raisins by the handful (with sunflower seeds). and ive started buying fruit ive never tried before (tomatillo, weird melons). thinking about the sugar content in all this fruit, im pretty sure im loading more carbs than i was with rice and beans. is this a good way to transition? shud i just gradually eat more and more meat, nuts, and seeds, and let the fruits fall from the diet naturally? if i need to cut it out, what do i replace fruit with? tea? i wonder if the issue wud resolve itself if i cut out juice. of course, im in florida and its orange season...
  9. hey folks. i didnt give up on my challenge, i just lost internet access. well, ok, i did give up on most of it. i still do trataka (not every day). it sounds dramatic to say it changed my life, but it has become one of my favourite forms of meditation. it feels like a big deal to find a new thing that has such heft to it. the best part was passing it on. i had a circle of, i think, 7 ppl staring at a candle in silence for 10 minutes; it was a fkn trip, man! i totally failed on the pushups. i cudnt complete week one, so i repeated it. after that, i kind of petered out. its happened before. once in a while, i feel like doing pushups, but doing them because i have to is *so* easy to forget. i did well on the walking (until it turned into biking), and yoga and qi gong happen about as frequently as they did before i came to this site (uh, once in a while-- when i feel like i need it). i changed the chinese goals: i met some chinese conversation partners and practiced my oral skills. im far from them by now, so i will probly study my dao de jing again. i think ive only done 1 chapter translation. im still not really online...i came back because im trying to eat paleo (due to restrictions on kitchen space, like no oven, and things like that). its going well so far. i got some decent meat at publix, tho not grass-fed. i eat a lot of onions and yams and apples and sunflower seeds. i cheat with peanut butter (natural/no sugar of course--i havent bott sugar-added food as a routine for about 7 years; i wont even buy juice if it contains 'natural flavours'). i didnt expect to miss salt most of all-- i think about seaweed a lot. am i allowed to eat cabbage? i thot i read somewhere that brassicas were out.
  10. abraki


    i just learned about a wild green here in florida (and the rest of the southeast, afaik) called poke sallet. its toxic unless you boil it 3 times in salt water (sounds superstitious). after that, its delicious! anyone know other good wild greens? or uncommon greens you can boil the heck out of to render edible?
  11. i live in downtown toronto and my seasonal eating resembles what you described in the first post, oogiem: i buy whats cheap. i also eat what i find in dumpsters, which must somehow be seasonal based on what consumers are not buying, but is mostly random. i try not to buy too much imported food, but there are a lot of exceptions. like, i eat a lot of bananas all the time. i either get them from the dumpster or i buy overripe ones for 29c a pound in chinatown.
  12. trataka is really blowing my mind! last nite, i experienced particularly intense visuals when i closed my eyes. today i did my fitness routine in the morning. it was a bit annoying because it delayed the time i was able to go out. but tomorrow there will be no pushups, so it will be a bit faster. pushups are hard! im really having trouble using both my arms equally. im making progress on finding some conversation partners to practice chinese, but apart from that, im not working on my long-term goals yet. tomorrow i will do some online research on martial arts schools available here. what i did do today was visit the music store to buy strings, a bow, and a reed to fix the instruments i recently retrieved from my moms house. it mite be hard not to get distracted by music for a while, but as long as i keep up my daily exercise i will feel ok. day 3 A for finding conversation partners, getting my routine done in the morning, sticking with the pain of pushups, and how amazing i feel about trataka. i mite have to start my own website for wizard training (maybe i will use a skill system based on the chakras).
  13. today i did a lot of walking, and i attended a full yoga class. no pushups on the schedule today. i sent off a bunch of emails trawling for chinese conversation partners. i didnt get much else done because i have a friend staying from out of town. poor excuse, i know. i did make a nice tofu/veggie stirfry with quinoa for dinner. im off to bed now, but im gonna do my qigong and trataka first. i really shud do those in the morning, so i will endeavor to get it done early in the future. day 2 B- because im playing catchup at at midnite, but i give myself credit for the yoga class.
  14. great recipe! experiment with oven temperature and time...and thickness of your slices. if you have a slicer, try thin chips (like, potato chip style). theyre crispier and cook faster. i concede to unhealthful fat by making chipotle mayo for dip (canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, in blender, stirred into mayo).
  15. processed foods and low-quality meat is cheaper because you are buying filler. if you buy quality, you are buying what you want to eat. why pay for beef fat? why pay for refined flour and sugar? you get more food out of a 4oz lean steak than an 8oz cheap steak thats half fat and full of drugs. same goes for organic produce: youre usually buying less water, in addition to less poison. i dont know what strict paleo eaters use for cheap bulk. i use quinoa, brown rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, or plantains. if youre struggling with your budget, id suggest bending the rules that far. quinoa is an ancient grain that you cant get everywhere (and certainly cant get it cheap everywhere) but has a more complete protein than rice. i also encourage dumpster diving. good for your kids immune systems.
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