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  1. I spent a year building up cardio and losing some weight before going into Muay Thai. The one thing I wish I had emphasized more is flexibility/mobility. I am 50 and while I know I can get better RoM, it's a struggle at my age. There is also the fact that by not making it part of my routine earlier on, I'm having to get past the idea that it's something "extra" instead of essential. I don't need to be able to do cold splits, but it would be nice to throw a half-decent round kick above waist level without having to warm up for 20 minutes first.
  2. Hi All, A very nice teenager in our school is moving to Texas later in the fall. She is hoping to continue her MT training. Any recommendations for a school in the El Paso area that teaches teens as well as adults? Thanks much!
  3. @otterbyte and I did fitness kickboxing for a year before starting Muay Thai. While I would argue the main benefit was getting into better condition for training, a lot of the basic techniques are the same (jab, cross, kicks, etc.). Of course, we took the fitness class at the same place that teaches Muay Thai, and the same instructors taught both classes. If you are going to take a similar MA style (like kickboxing) there should be little trouble. Some traditional arts might use different moves or variations that will require some altering of techniques, but that's OK; you're just getting started! In the end, I think getting into better shape is always going to be a net plus.
  4. If your gym has a bag, you might look for a personal trainer with boxing creds.
  5. The TKD/Muay Thai school we attend has a reasonable percentage, including some of the teachers. When I took Cardio KBox there initially, I wore a lot of nerdy T-shirts to class (no uniforms). I frequently got into conversations about whatever comic book character was on the shirt. Or D&D when I wore my Garycon shirts. The jiu-jitsu instructor left to start his on school (on friendly terms) about a year and a half ago. Apparently he runs a semi-regular D&D night that his former co-workers frequently attend. The younger teachers are heavily into console gaming as well.
  6. Sorry I didn't reply for so long. I haven't been lifting as much the last few months. Most of my training has been Muay Thai classes. I need to up my stretching game, no doubt. I did try some DLs with a relatively light weight yesterday, while concentrating on tightening my core before pulling. My back is a little tired today, but I didn't hurt myself, so I guess that's something. I'll see if @otterbyte can record a short vid of me lifting next time and I'll post it.
  7. My wife @otterbyte is 5' 2" and does Muay Thai with me. Apparently all the quality manufacturers of shin guards hate people that size. She wants a pair with the double-ended strap velcro design. Venum and Yokkao failed the sizing test. Most brands have a single strap + D ring (like Top King) the single straps double back on each other. Any other suggestions?
  8. I give up on DLs. I simply cannot maintain a neutral spine. I don't know if it's tight hamstrings or what, but I when I reach for the bar, the lower back curves and I end up in pain after trying. I try lighter weights to avoid straining, but then I am getting no kind of workout. It's not a question of learning the form, my back will not stay straight. I push out my chest and all the things YouTube tells me, but no luck.
  9. JT's channel on YouTube has excellent instruction: https://www.youtube.com/user/tripleVVV3
  10. The school is in suburban Maryland. It's called Black Belt Martial Arts. They do periodically offer a 1-day pad holding class. It's usually on Saturdays. I asked the instructor to consider holding it again as there are several new)ish) students in the MT class this fall.
  11. Last night @otterbyte and I officially left the conditioning class and stepped onto the mat for our first Muay Thai session! I've been working toward this for over a year now, getting back into some kind of shape and learning some basic techniques in the fitness class (heavy bag work and some glove drills). The warm-ups and conditioning portions are about the same as the fitness class', but the partner/pad drills are more intense than just smacking the bag. Holding the pads for your partner was harder than punching and kicking! (Shoulders say OW!) The Fitness KBoxing really helped ground me on the basic techniques, though. My footwork is terrible, as I'm too used to just standing in from the bag and whaling away instead of sticking & moving. The class is not traditional, old-school Muay Thai, but the instructors are great teachers and there is a very friendly vibe among the students. It's an adults (16+) only class (kids at the school take TKD). No big egos or BS, just folks interested in learning and getting a good workout. I'm too old for the testosterone-laden attitudes anyway. We'll be back on Saturday AM for class #2. We were doing 3x per week in the old class, but we'll stick with 2x for now and work up.
  12. It's Saturday and I finally did W2D2. Monday was when I hurt my back. Bad form and letting your ego choose the weight have got to be two of the biggest reasons folks get hurt and lose time lifting.
  13. I went too heavy -and with bad form- on some T-bar rows and my lower back is definitely unhappy. Yesterday was icepacks and ibuprofen. It will probably be tomorrow before I work out again. I think I may need to modify a few of the exercises until I can improve some hip mobility and hamstring flexibility.
  14. So I'm starting week 2 of phase 1. The biggest issue I am having is time. The workouts are solid, but I'm trying to do these at work's health center and taking a long break is not always feasible. For instance, today's workout was a total of 23 sets, with 60 seconds rest time between sets. Add in a few minutes mobility warmups, changing the weight plates, and then a bit of post-stretching, that's close to an hour. Add in changing/shower times and you're pushing 90 minutes. I've decided to skip the cardio and abs as part of the workouts because I get a lot of that at martial arts classes 2+/week.
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