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  1. Survived class. We'll see about tomorrow. It think part of my current fatugue the #@$%&! heat. It's been miserable and muggy here in the DC area for the past several days,
  2. OK! It's been a week of rest. Time to start using muscles again! The neck is a little stiff, but not sore. I am going to try going to kickboxing class today (there's an AM class and I am teleworking, so I'll take an early lunch break). Assuming that doesn't mess me up, we'll try Saturday's class too and some limber 11 this weekend.Then maybe even back to the weight room on Monday. I am going to drop my % 1RM on the weights from 75% to 65% so I can keep stricter form.
  3. A bit of a setback. On my arm workout Wednesday, I apparently messed up my left shoulder a bit. Specifically the upper trapezius on the side of my neck. It's not crippling, but I've had to go easy on the exercise the last few days (Thursday's kickboxing class was probably a mistake). @otterbyte has been having some shoulder trouble too (more joint than muscular though), so we skipped Saturday's AM class. I'm hoping a few days' rest will set things right. It's a bit frustrating because it's very hard not to use my arm. It's not bad unless I lift it above the shoulder or twist my neck at certain angles. Which I tend to do without thinking. Repeatedly. I have been trying to keep records of workouts and the Lose It! food entries. The weight has been relatively stable. Hopefully when the workouts start up again, it will drop a little more. The arm/neck pain has slowed the basement work, but maybe this weekend!
  4. All right! Here we go again! So I've been away from the Challenges and NF for a bit, but I've still been working out and trying to be careful about diet/nutrition. Overall I've done OK I think. Until May. In May @otterbyte and the kids went to visit her family in Argentina for a month and I went down for a week in the middle of their stay. Baching for a couple weeks, then being in Buenos Aires did not help my weight. I was still working out, there was WAY too much food in BA and it was not exactly a lean cuisine. Long story short, I gained about 5 pounds, and not of muscle. On another note, I am planning to start Muay Thai soon. The fitness kickboxing classes have helped a lot with my conditioning, so I think I might be able to survive actual training. So! On to the challenges: Flexibility: I am still fairly stiff and limited in range of motion. I don't know that I'll ever do the full splits, but I need to emphasize this more in my own workouts. Goal: Go through the "Limber 11" routine 2/week. Record keeping: When I got my FitBit, I switched calorie tracking apps from MyFitnessPal to LoseIt. I had use MFP for a couple years, but since UA owns it now and has their own tracker device they want you to buy, the app just doesn't want to play nice with FitBit. LoseIt's interface is different enough that I've been sporadic in logging meals, etc. Another factor that has contributed to gaining some of the weight back. Goal: Consistently track my meals with LoseIt. Weight: While my "final" goal for weight loss is 180 pounds, my immediate goal is to get rid of the 5 or so I regained recently. Goal: I want to at least get back to the previous 185 over the next 4 weeks. Home workouts: We have a heavy bag, some barbells, a pull up bar, and a treadmill at home. So I have resources. What I would like to get for my birthday in August is an adjustable weight bench for more free weight exercises. To manage this, I need a bit more room (which is to say less crap) in the basement. I need to clear out some junk we don't need and find better places to keep the stuff we don't toss or give away. Once that's done, I can remove a couple shelves and mount the TV on the wall (it stands on a shelf now). That will give us some room for the bench (and @otterbyte more space to do her Fitness Marshall playlists). Goal: CLEAN ALL THE THINGS! Or at least get the basement cleared enough for the bench and hanging the TV screen.